317 3176463 one piece arc alabasta

Alabasta Arc details:

SagaThe Arabasta Saga
Total Episodes39
Manga Chapters63
Alabasta Arc

Alabasta Arc Begins With A Thrill

317 3176463 one piece arc alabasta

In this Arc, Straw hat reaches Alabasta which is in the revolution era, and they consider Crocodile as their hero as he saves them from pirates but, he is running a secret organization Baroque works which are making people go against country king Cobra who is Vivi’s father. The throne of the Kingdom of sand and its secrets of them is the sole purpose of the crocodile. To stop Baroque works and to defeat crocodile is the Straw Hats mission so they can save the lives of thousands of people. But Crocodile is one of the 7 warlords and is very powerful.

Bon Clay Friend Or Foe Who is To Decide?

They save the life of Bon Kurei who is a devil fruit eater Mane Mane no Mi also known as Clone-Clone Fruit. He then tells them he can change his appearance to one which he touches he also shows them some other faces. When his crew came, he left. Vivi tells them he is a Baroque work agent and can transform a shape into his father Cobra. Which makes Vivi very tense. She tells them Alabasta is facing drought currently. People are alleging Cobra that he is using Dance powder, that’s why there is no rain happening in other parts of the kingdom. Now Vivi tells them as Mr2 Bon can change into their shape so they should mark an X on their wrist so they can identify the real person. Now they reach Yuba which is full empty due to Sandstorm and most of the people joined the rebellion.

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Rebel Army What’s The Purpose

There they met Koza’s father who was a friend of Vivi’s childhood friend Koza. But now he is a leader of the rebellion army. Now crocodile want assurance from their agents that there should be civil war and Vivi doesn’t meet with Koza. Luffy wants to end the problem by fighting crocodile as if rebels are faced and they understood the main problem will be there. Ace is now being introduced as he was finding Luffy. Later, we get to know he is Luffy’s brother and a member of the whitebeard Pirates. Their bonding was amazing. Smoker and navy were following Luffy and his crew s they enter a casino and there they meet Miss All Sunday and tells to take them into the VIP room which is a pathway to the cage which is made up of Sea Stone. Vivi is saved by Pel. Miss All Sunday defeats Pell. The rebellion starts moving toward the capital to attack it and on the other hand, royal guards and the army was on standby and to protect the capital. But Mr. 2 Bon ordered them as he changed his appearance to Cobra that eliminate the rebels.

Sea Prism Stone Cage How will they escape?

Now Sanji and Chopper are outside and the Luffy and his crew and inside where the water level is rising now Sanji makes entry and saves them with help of Mr. 3. Now chopper makes friends with Crab which will help to cross the desert easily. Now Crocodile makes entry and attacks Luffy, now they fight but Luffy’s attacks don’t work on the Crocodile because he is a Logia-type user. Now crocodile attacks him with a sharp hook and we see blood as Luffy is going to die as he is in quicksand, but Luffy was saved by Miss All Sunday. Now Vivi goes there so he can meet and stop Koza. Now Zoro fights Mr. 1. Sanji is fighting Bon Clay.

The Fight is On What will be the Outcome?

Chopper and Usopp fight Mr. 4 and the women who make moles Usopp attacks Mr. 4 with a fake 5ton hammer which Mr. 4 thinks is real then the dog which is attacking them by throwing explosives is defeated by chopper. Mr. 4 becomes very angry and starts hitting balls with the bat very fast which gives damage to Usopp. Chopper defeats the women by tacking with his horn and Usopp defeats Mr. 4 by attacking with his hammer using Chopper’s horn.

Sanji’s Weakness and Nami’s Weapon

Sanji is fighting Bon when Bon sees Sanji is overwhelming him in a fight. Then he uses a trick and changes shape into Nami then Sanji stop hitting him and Bon Clay attacks Sanji in the meanwhile. Now Sanji says to Bon that there is something on his face as soon as he touches his face his appearance changes and Sanji attacks him and defeats him also, the fight between Nami and Double finger starts with who is a devil fruit user and can make spikes. Nami remembers Usopp made him the weapon Clima-Tact, but she is unable to use it which makes double fingers laugh. But as Nami understands the weapon she makes an illusion, which is not understood by her opponent, so Nami gives her damage.

Zoro Fights How will he cut Steel?


Zoro fights Mr. 1 but his attack on Onigiri and others is not as effective. In the battle hypes he learned to cut steel and iron then both attack at the same time but this time Zoro attacks work he defeats Mr. 1. There is a baroque work member in royal guards who shoots Koza despite the fact he is waving a White flag which makes rebels furious, and the fight is hyped again.

Luffy’s Final Strategy Will it works?

Now Luffy comes and attacks Crocodile but this time his attacks work because he is making his hand wet which in turn hits the sand and affects him. The crocodile says that he planted the bomb that will go off in 10 minutes. All members start to find the bomb. Crocodile attacks Luffy to store water Luffy drinks it all and attacks by making water bubbles and Attacks with Gomu Gomu Bazooka. Now Crocodile becomes furious and attacks Luffy and absorbs his all water but saved by a big drop of water he follows the Crocodile in the Tomb raid where poneglyph is. Miss All Sunday who is Nico Robin reads poneglyph and says there is nothing on it. Crocodile is not satisfied with it. Nico Robin attacks him but he inserts his hook into her. The bomb is found by Vivi it is in a clock tower. Luffy attacks Crocodile but he then makes his hook poisonous which is so powerful and attacks Luffy.


The Rain is pouring and Victory is here!

Vivi sees the bomb, but it is impossible to stop it, so Pel grabs it and takes it high in the air and it blasts in the air. Luffy attacks and breaks Crocodile’s hook and now the battle intensifies and crocodile says he is going to end him with this building, but he furiously attacks crocodile, and his attacks work because his hands are legs in blood and uses attacks Gomu Gomu Gatling and his attacks make building roof collapse and the crocodile is in air defeated seen by everyone. Koza also woke up and it started raining in Alabasta. Ingram is also shown to be alive with a child that tells the king was not real it was what Baroque works doing. Now whole crew enjoys the banquet. Now they leave and as the navy is behind them and Bon clay who became friends with Luffy saves them as a decoy.

Now Vivi runs to see them as she can’t join them, but they will remain friends forever and Straw hats respond by using x made on their hands. Now we see Nico Robin has joined the crew she is an archeologist who wants to know the history of the world.

Alabasta arc vivi fairwell

Main Events In Alabasta Arc

  • Nico Roin Joins the crew
  • Crocodile Defeated
  • The first fight with Logia User
  • Poneglyph
  • Whitebeard pirates Introduced

Alabasta Arc sure was thrilling here is our complete review guide and info on One piece.

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