Looking for a top-notch anime recap scriptwriter for your YouTube channel?

Then, let me enter the game.

With years of writing anime recaps on YouTube, I am the best anime content scriptwriter you’ll ever find.

As your key player, I aim to create engaging and entertaining anime recap scripts for your target audience.

Here’s what I can help you with:

✔️Humorous Recap Scriptwriting

✔️Serious Recap Scriptwriting

✔️Custom Recap Scriptwriting

Here are the channels that I have worked with:

Anime Recapped


Anime Otaku


First Flower

Take note: Unlike other scriptwriters, who are simply rewriting someone else’s work, I take pride in my own original content!

I work hard on every script from the beginning down to the ending, so I can assure you of quality and authenticity.

Take the lead over the competition, and let’s make this project a big success!

Rizal Cosme Jr

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