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Arlong Park Arc Details:

SagaThe East Blue Saga
Total Episodes14
Manga Chapters27
Arlong Park

Nami’s Hometown

After Nami steals Going Merry Johnny, Zoro and Usopp go behind her. And after some time Luffy, Yosaku, and Sanji also went behind them in Cocoyasi village. Cocoyasi village is the hometown of the Nami. The town is in control of Fishman Arlong. In this arc, we will discover about the past of Nami and also the reason behind stealing the ship. Luffy, Sanji, and Yosaku accompany each other in a small boat. They move towards Arlong park. Yosaku tells them about the seven War Lords of the sea. He also discloses that Johnny was doubtful about Nami already. Because Nami was showing great interest in Arlong’s poster which make Johnny suspicious of her. And in that time Nami reached Arlong park by ship. After reaching the park Nami meets a little boy. The boy is going to fight with Arlong.

Arlong Park

Arlong Park

The boy is going to take revenge for his father’s death. Nami slapped him and give him some money and ask him to go back. After that Nami meets Arlong. She is a member of the Arlong crew.  Zoro, Usopp, and Johnny reached the park. Usopp and Johnny tie-up Zoro so that he will not fight with them. Meanwhile, Usopp and Johnny discover that two fishermen spotted them, so they left the ship and Zoro behind. Due to this Zoro got caught. After some time they realize that they are in Gosa village where all houses are inverted. A fisherman spotted them again and he follows them to catch them. But Johnny ran away somehow and Usopp get caught by that earlier boy. 


The boy thinks that he is a fisherman until he sees a fisherman coming towards them. He prepares to attack him, but a girl appears and hits him on his head and he gets fainted. Meanwhile, Luffy, Sanji, and Yosaku take a break to eat something. A sea cow appears to attack their food. Luffy begins to fight but Sanji stops him and gives the sea cow their food. But later he realizes that the cow is looking at them for food. After that Sanji kicked the cow and tie it to the boat to be reached to the island. Meanwhile, Usopp wakes up in the house of that girl. She says that her name is Nojiko. She also tells them that she is the sister of Nami, and it is their hometown, also Nami is a member of the Arlong crew. Usopp remembers that Zoro was caught earlier by them.

Usopp’s Death in Arlong Park

Arlong proudly says that Nami is one of them who betrays her family for the sake of money. After hearing this Nami gets disturbed but does not express it at all. Zoro fell himself in the sea to test Nami. Nami saves him but also beats him up to assure that she is still part of the Arlong group. Arlong group goes into Cocoyashi village and confronts the Sheriff of the village to collect new weapons. Meanwhile, Nojiko tells Usopp that every house member needs to pay a monthly fee to keep them safe from Arlong. Arlong is about to kill Genzo but Usopp saves his life and ran away. After some time Nami came to the village. Except for her sister and Genzo, no one treats her well. Then sisters went to the grave of their adopted mother Bellemere. There Nami tells Nojiko that she almost gathers money to buy Cocoyashi from Arlong.  Zoro is free and hence he kills all fishermen in Arlong Park. But octopus fisherman meets with Hatchan who sees the condition of the park. He thinks that who did this. He thinks that Zoro is a corrupt fisherman and gives him a lift up to Cocoyashi village. After reaching the village he came to know that Usopp is also been caught by Arlong members. He again went back to Arlong park, but it is already late. Arlong members threaten to kill Usopp. Nami says that she will kill Usopp by herself. Usopp tries to run away by throwing smoke bombs but all in vain. Nami stabs Usopp with a knife before throwing him into the sea for drowning. This scenario makes Arlong believe that Nami is still their crew member. Johnny is also looking at this and was very scared.

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Nami’s Past In Arlong Park

Finally, Luffy reaches the Island to meet Zoro but he first met with Johnny. Johnny tells him the whole story. After that Nami meets with Luffy and reminds him that she joined his crew for a short period of time. Nami ask them to leave that place, but Luffy denied that which makes Nami infuriated, and she left. Johnny and Yosaku also split away to save themselves from fishermen. Then Usopp reaches there and tells them that  Nami stabbed his hands to save him. They all meet Nojiko. Then Nojiko tells them about the real motives of Nami. Luffy and Zoro are not listening to this. But Yosaku, Sanji, Usopp, and Johnny listens to her carefully. She tells that when Nami was a little kid they both live with their stepmother. They were poor but still happy.

Arlong mocking Nami

Nami Saving The Money

When Arlong arrives they demanded  100,000 berries in exchange for adults life and 50,000 for children. As Bellemere was not that rich so she only managed to collect 100,000 berries. She decides to save the life of those girls in exchange for her own life. So that they could live freely on which Arlong agrees. Arlong shoots their stepmother in front of them. They also take Nami with them. After some time Nami and Nojiko meet at the grave of their mother. Nami tells her about the deal with Arlong that she will soon buy this village in exchange for 100 million Berries. In present times Marine forces land on the island and their leader’s name is Nezumi. Nezumi asks Genzo to take him to Nami’s house where she placed her illegal money.  Nami tries to stop them but all in vain. They succeed in finding the money. Genzo tells them this money is to save the village. But marine forces still taking the money with them.

Luffy Helps Nami

Luffy Helps Nami

Nami again tries to stop them, but she fails and Nojiko gets shot while saving Nami’s life. Nami then went to Arlong and accuse him that he reveals that to the marines. But Arlong denies this and tell that if she wants to take her village back, she should start again. And laugh at her Nami left that place and move towards the village. Genzo encourages the villagers to attack Arlong park. Nami tries to stop them, but villagers move towards the park. Nami is very sad, and she stabs herself on the arm with a knife where a tattoo of Arlong is carved. Luffy appears and Nami asks him for help. Luffy put his hat on Nami’s head and went with his crewmates Sanji, Zoro, and Usopp to Arlong park for a fight. Johnny and Yosaku who are already fighting with Arlong are defeated. They both stop villagers at the gate and ask them to wait for the Straw hats. Luffy enters the park by breaking its door.

Strange Game in Arlong Park

All fishermen attack Luffy and there is also Sea cow in that. Luffy catches the sea cow and fell everyone by swinging it. Now only Arlong and his 3 subordinates are left. During the fight, Luffy’s feet are stuck in the ground. Arlong take advantage of that and fell him in the sea. Arlong tell that consider this a game situation and if Straw hats defeat my crew members, then they can save Luffy. Zoro is injured but still, he manages to defeat Hatchan with help of Johnny and Yosaku.  Sanji fights with Kuroobi but he is almost on the verge of defeat when he is going to the ocean to save Luffy. Sanji when seeing that Genzo and Nojiko are helping Luffy then Sanji takes Kuroobi to dry land and kills him. At that time Usopp is fighting with Chew outside the park. Initially, he fakes his death so that Chew left him. But then he remembers that how other members are fighting with Arlong for Nami, this gave him strength. He fights and defeats chew.

Luffy Fights

Luffy vs Arlong

Finally, Nojiko and Genzo save Luffy and then Sanji breaks the rock of Luffy’s feet so that he can fight with Arlong. A tough fight starts between Arlong and Luffy. During the fight, they went into the top room where Arlong tell Luffy at this place Nami worked like a slave for making maps. When Arlong tells Luffy that he could not take advantage of Nami completely. This makes Luffy infuriated he starts throwing the furniture. Arlong tries to stop him, but Luffy defeats him and destroys the whole park.

Luffy’s Bounty

Firstly, everybody thinks that Luffy is dead, but he came out of that destroyed park yelling that “Nami you are my friend”. This makes Nami very happy. Villagers start celebrating their freedom, but Nezumi is about to destroy that. But straw-hats crew fight him away on which he threatens them that he will take revenge. Villagers arrange a party for their heroes. Genzo meets with Luffy at the grave of the stepmother of Nami and asks him to promise that Nami’s smile will never disappear. Nami makes a new tattoo on Arlong’s tattoo. The next day Yosaku and Johnny leave because they are Bounty hunters, and they believe that they will not look good with pirates.  Straw hats prepare to leave but they are waiting for Nami, she asks them to leave from the dock. On which villagers try to stop her but she jumped into the boat and shows the villagers that she steals their wallets. But all these villagers say goodbye to them. Then Straw Hat Pirate leaves for Grand line.

Main Events In Arlong Park

  • Nami’s Past is Shown
  • Fishman are Introduced
  • Luffy Defeats Arlong
  • Luffys First Bounty is 30 Million Berries
  • Nami Joins As Navigator

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