Art Tools For drawing/sketching Anime/manga

Tools like paper and other certain Art Tools For drawing/sketching Anime/manga are required. Here is a list of some of the Art Tools needed to draw/sketch Anime & manga as a beginner that is recommended by artists. You can draw/sketch anime and get the best result using the following set of tools.

List of Art Tools For drawing/sketching ANime/manga

list of Art Tools For drawing/sketching ANime/manga includes are essebtail items needed by you to prperly draw anme and manga. These items of Art Tools For drawing/sketching ANime/manga will increse your pleasure and interest in drawing. 14
List of Art Tools For drawing/sketching ANime/manga.

Comic Paper

Comic paper is essential item in list of Art Tools For drawing/sketching Anime/manga. Comic papers are specially designed for professional manga creators and comic artists. They are to be used with pencils and also with markers. The comic paper has a smooth surface specially designed to be worked with pen and ink. They are thinner than ordinary paper so they can be used with a lightbox. Comic papers are stand reworking and erasing well and endure less dam. age than ordinary papers.

There are many companies that produce comic paper you can buy them from Amazon and many other stores.

As a beginner, we would recommend you to start Drawing anime on ordinary paper until you learn the basics and become good at drawing anime sketches and anime characters. 7
Comic Paper for drawing.


Second imprtant thing you need in list of art Tools For drawing/sketching ANime/manga is pencil. For good result no ordinary pencil. Non Photo blue is a lead color used for sketching. Artists generally use it to draw initials and mark boundaries to assist them in the drawing. Because of its many advantages over any other color for sketching.

Advantages of using Non-Photo Blue Mechanical Lead

  • It can erase more easily than any other lead.
  • It is soluble in graphite and in ink. It helps us to redraw things on it without making a mess.
  • It is almost invisible to Copy machines.
  • On a computer, it can be removed easily using editors and by using simple techniques.
you can use ordinary pencils of different grades for your practice as a beginner. 1 e1650996130392
Mechanical Pencil


Brush pens are a step forward from conventional brushes. They are easy to use/handle and are excellent for Beginners. Bush pens create no mess. They have ink filled in them like ink pens. Brush pen-safe artists from the work to dip them every time in ink before use. There is a variety of pens from fine tips too thick tips. Ink cartridges in Brush pens can be replaced when required. 4
Brush Pens


Nibs with inks are used to redraw the previously made sketch using a pencil. There are simple and Hard G nibs. Simple nibs are more flexible. Beginners are recommended to use Hard G nibs due to easy handling.

Nib holders are used for holding Nibs to draw. Nobs are attached to nib holders and they also provide a comfortable space to hold and grip. 6
Nib and Nib holder with Black Ink for Manga Drawing.

Black Ink

As we know the majority of anime drawings and anime manga are in black & white. Black ink is used to Draw the final Art using nibs and brushes.

White Ink

Pigmented acrylic calligraphy ink is used to cover the black ink if a mistake is made. It covers ups so that we can redraw.


They use alcoholic colors in them. Alcoholic markers are the primary tool for Manga creators to Color anime/manga. The colors mix with each other so they help create new colors. they are also used for making gradients isn’t it interesting!

Alcohol Markers for Anime Drawing.


Screen toon consists of a pattern engraved in an invisible paper. they help artists in making patterns that are difficult like in dresses in anime. They can be simply cut and pasted on drawing.

Smudge Guard Glove

it is used so that while drawing your previously drawing doest smug and mix up with other parts of the drawing. it is a great tool for all types of drawing as we know that it can be a big problem. It can mess up all your hard work.


It is a basic element in all drawings and so in Art Tools For drawing/sketching Anime/manga. It helps us to remove our mistakes. Wish it could happen in real life too! it is generally recommended to use a 2B eraser. 2B removes lead with low grades. 2B is also effective against colored pencils. 15 e1650997021645


Eraser shield provides a type of template to assist in erasing. It has special shapes inscribed in it that help to remove the specified areas of the drawing, Eraser shield helps save the perfect part of the drawing.


These rulers are used to draw curves that are the backbone of an anime drawing. they hold their shape to have minimum human error while drawing curves in anime drawings.

Hopefully you liked Art Tools For drawing/sketching ANime/manga If you want to add tour experience and some useful tip or tool let us knwo in cooments. You can contact us for any contributions.

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