Baratie Arc Featured Cover
Baratie Arc Featured Cover

Baratie Arc Featured Cover

Main Events In Baratie Arc (Recap)

  1. Usopp’s excellent marksmanship leads to his role as the sniper of the Straw Hat pirates.
  2. Nami’s betrayal and her relationship with the fish-man pirate Arlong.
  3. Sanji joins the crew, later known as the “Big Three” with Luffy and Zoro.
  4. Sanji’s past with Zeff is shown, and more will be revealed in the Whole Cake Island Arc.
  5. Dracule Mihawk, World’s Strongest Swordsman Makes His Power Known.
  6. Zoro loses his duel with Mihawk, he vows never to lose again. This leaves Zoro with a massive wound and two unnamed swords destroyed. (Luckily, he acquires some named blades in the Loguetown Arc).

The Straw Hat Pirates are up to the typical mayhem and this time they’re in for one hell of a fight.

After picking up two bounty hunters, Jonny and Yosaku, the crew sets sail for the Baratie, a floating restaurant that just so happens to have a cook onboard that fits Luffy’s typical oddball crew member style.

But things take a turn for the worse when the restaurant is attacked by Don Krieg, one of the most ruthless pirates in East Blue. This is one arc you don’t want to miss!


Finding A Cook, East Blue Arc, And Bounty Hunters

The Baratie Arc, The Sea Restaurant

The Baratie Arc, The Sea Restaurant

The very popular Baratie Arc is the fourth story arc in the East Blue Saga, when the crew sales from the Syrup Village Arc. It came out in the year 2000.

Baratie Arc – Previous Arc – Syrup Village Arc

Baratie Arc – Next Arc – Arlong Park Arc

What Episodes is the Baratie Arc?

Episodes 42-68 which is a total of 27 episodes

What Manga chapters is the Baratie Arc?

Chapters 19-30, which is a total of 12 chapters

After christening their ship the Going Merry and making a Jolly Roger from Usopp’s surprisingly good art skills, the Straw Hats set sail.

While exploring their new vessel, Luffy and Usopp come across a cannon, naturally, they decide to test the cannon out with some good ole fashion explosions.

Usopp takes a shot at a nearby rock and manages to hit it.

The crew then meets in the main cabin to discuss what else they’ll need for when their journey ahead is suddenly attacked by an assailant.

Johnny, a fellow bounty-hunting friend of Zoro’s, is soon identified after Luffy confronts and beats him following a scuffle.

As it turns out, he and his partner, Yosaku (who is suffering from scurvy) were resting on the rock that Luffy and Usopp shot.

After Nami cures Yosaku by feeding him some citrus fruit, the crew discusses their dire need for a cook.

The bounty-hunting team agrees to take them as payment to a well-known ship restaurant in the area, the Baratie.

The group arrives at the destination soon enough, but just as they get there, a Marine vessel led by Lieutenant Iron Fist Fullbody arrives too. Fullbody orders the Going Merry sunk after a discussion.

The Marines fire on the Straw Hats, but Luffy manages to bounce the cannonball back with his rubber-rubber devil fruit powers.

Unfortunately, he accidentally redirects it into the Baratie which damages part of Zeff’s beloved restaurant.

When meeting Zeff, the captain, and head chef, he demands they pay for

the damages they caused to his property.


Baratie Arc Cover

The Baratie Story Arc The Restaurant, Krieg Pirates, And Sanji’s Devotion

Baratie Arc Don Kreig Close up

Baratie Arc Don Kreig Close up

In the dining area, Fullbody gets into an argument with another person, Sanji.

After some arguing, Fullbody makes the mistake of wasting food in front of him, leading to Sanji beating him up.  

The fight is stopped when Luffy and Zeff fall through the ceiling into the area. Zeff also beats up Sanji and throws out Fullbody.

However, as Fullbody is leaving, one of his Marines comes in to tell him that their prisoner has escaped.

The prisoner then shoots the Marine. Gin walks in and demands some food but is beaten up and thrown out by Patty.

As the commotion dies down, Sanji secretly serves Gin some food so he does not die.

The two men become friends before Gin leaves. Luffy sees this and asks Sanji to join his crew, but Sanji says no.

Although Sanji was kind to Gin, he told Don Krieg about the Baratie when he returned to his ship.

After hearing about the ship, Don Krieg thought that taking over the Baratie would help him resurrect his fleet.

This is the first time we can see what the grand line can do to pirates that venture there.

A week went by and Luffy was stuck working as a chore boy at the Baratie to compensate for the damages he had caused.

This forced the Straw hat Pirates crew to remain there while he worked off his debts.

Kreig’s Galleon arrives at the Baratie and is in nearly sinkable condition.

Krieg came into the restaurant, pretending that he wouldn’t hurt anyone if they gave him food. Once he ate though, he attacked the cooks and took over the Baratie.

We surprisingly learn his original ship had been destroyed, along with his armada only seven days into their voyage on the Grand Line by a “mysterious man” and his crew was close to starving to death.

Zeff knew that if he gave food to the Don Krieg Pirates they would attack after they ate, but he went ahead and provided food to the crew with a sack of food.

There is a deeper story covered through the Arc where Zeff and Sanji’s past with them being stranded for a long time staving after both their ships sank.

All those that are hungry will be fed at the Baratie.

The World’s Strongest Swordsman Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk And Zoro’s Pledge

Baratie Arc Zoror vs Mihawk Dual

Bararie Arc Zoror vs Mihawk Dual

As soon as conflict breaks out, Don Krieg shows off his hidden weapons as he boastfully brags about his crew, armada, and weaponry.

His act of bravado is weak because of the condition of his ships and staff, but he still has an intense presence that stands out compared to Alvida, Buggy, and Kuro.

By attacking Baratie, Luffy can establish a deal with Zeff to get rid of the pirates in exchange for forgiveness.

In the thick of battle, Luffy and company try to move the Going Merry to safety, only to realize Nami has betrayed them, taking their treasure and ship.

Zoro, Usopp, Johnny, and Yosaku immediately go after her but are quickly stopped when Krieg’s galleon is suddenly cut in half by a familiar figure.

In Epic fashion Dracule Mihawk, who is one of the Seven Warlords of the sea and the world’s greatest swordsman emerges from the wreckage.

One of the things that Oda does well is to use fight scenes to advance the story.

While Luffy and Sanji have some great fights in the Baratie arc, Zoro’s conflict with Dracule Mihawk shows how effective a fight scene can be.

Mihawk is introduced as a very powerful opponent, and his entrance on a tiny coffin-shaped ship is both eerie and impressive for one of the seven warlords of the sea.

He sets a high bar for what we can expect from the One Piece power scaling throughout the series.

We find out that Mihawk was the one who destroyed Kreig’s Armada and followed them to the Baratie on the Grand Line because he thought it would be fun.

Just as he prepared to finish off Kreig’s men, Zoro challenged him to a duel. Mihawk didn’t seem impressed at first and used a small dagger in their fight.

However, when Mihawk sees that Zoro is determined to continue fighting despite being injured, Mihawk seems to get a feeling that Zoro is a man that can grow much stronger.

Zoro in typical Zoro fashion explains that scars on a swordsman’s back are a shame and await his fate.

Mihawk draws his enormous black blade to give honor to Zoro, impressed with his monster endurance.

Mihawk defeats Zoro but lets him live, as he wants to fight him again someday.

As Usopp and the bounty-hunting duo help Zoro get bandaged up, Zoro promises Luffy that he won’t lose again and shame his captain.

Mihawk is now bored and leaves the area, seemingly losing interest in everyone else.

Baratie Fight with Krieg Pirates

Baratie Arc, Gin, Don Krieg, Luffy, And Sanji

Baratie Arc, Gin, Don Krieg, Luffy, And Sanji

Kreig and his group of pirates assault the Baratie, but the cooks put up a decent fight. They are outnumbered though, and things aren’t looking good until Sanji finally decides to intervene. He beats many of them off…until Krieg’s right-hand man, Pearl, enters the fray.

This is the first time we get to see Sanji and his all-legs fighting style (It protects his chief hands).

Despite this disadvantage, Sanji holds his own against him, that is until Gin reveals he has Zeff hostage at gunpoint. At this point, Sanji is forced to stop fighting and take a beating from Pearl.

Sanji recalls his story of when he was a child and an apprentice cook on a ship called the Orbit. The notorious pirate Zeff attacked their ship for treasure, but Sanji fought back even though he didn’t stand a chance.

After a violent storm threw both the Orbit and Zeff’s ship, a tsunami struck them. Sanji has knocked overboard but thanks to Zeff, he didn’t drown. Unfortunately, they were now stranded with no food or water on an isolated rock structure.

Zeff gave Sanji a small bag of food, telling him to watch for ships on the other side of the formation while he kept a bigger one for himself. (Adults need more food right?)

Weeks later, Sanji ran out of food. He was so famished that he went back to Zeff, assuming that he must have plenty since he hadn’t eaten his share yet.

However, when Sanji confronted Zeff with a knife and slashed open the bag, all that was inside was a treasure.

Zeff had sat there starved down to the bone the whole time waiting for help.

Sanji felt guilty that he nearly killed the man who saved his life. To make amends, Sanji vowed to help Zeff achieve his dream of making a floating restaurant.

Luckily for them both, a ship happened to pass by and they were saved in time.

As we jump back to the Baratie, even though Gin stated he wanted to kill Sanji himself, he kept the cook away from Pearl.

The two fought for a while, but Gin had the advantage due to Sanji’s previous injuries from fighting Pearl.

However, Gin couldn’t go through with killing Sanji, which made Krieg livid. So Krieg attempted to poison and gas Gin along with everyone else with the MH5 poison gas.

Luffy was angry when Krieg attacked, so he fought back. Krieg tried to kill Luffy with his armor’s weapons, but Luffy was too strong and blocked each attack.

He finally finished off Krieg by slamming him into the side of a ship with his legs. In this battle, we see that Luffy has seemingly inhuman determination and endurance to injuries.

Luffy is shot into the ocean with an iron net by Don Kreig knowing we can’t swim due to his devil fruit.

Sanji saved Luffy from the ocean and Gin sailed away with the rest of Krieg’s pirates on a small dinghy.

The Ships Cook Sanji

Baratie Arc Sanji face profile

Baratie Arc Sanji face profile

Zeff insists Sanji go with Luffy. All the cooks on the Bartie explain to Sanji that the soup he cooked is terrible and he should just leave.

No one wants Sanji around anyway (All of this is because the cook’s love him but is trying to let Sanji live out his dreams).

Sanji’s desire to be a great chef like his mentor, Zeff, is born from the respect he has for him. When they were both stranded on an island and nearing starvation, Zeff saved Sanji.

And that was after Zeff loses his leg saving Sanji from drowning in the ocean.

When he joins Luffy and the Straw Hats crew as a “new family,” pursuing their dreams together under one banner. This theme of found family runs through much of Oda’s work and is represented well by these two characters.

Yosaku returns on a panda shark and warns Luffy that Nami is headed toward a dangerous island with a dangerous Pirate crew there. Zeff and the cooks at Baratie gave Sanji a touching send-off before the Straw Hats set sail.

While exploring the next story arc, Arlong Park Arc, Sanji, and the crew realize that Nami is under the thumb of the very dangerous Fishman Pirate crew. Their mission is to rescue her so that Luffy will have their navigator back as they enter the Grand Line.

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