Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Filler List contains the list of filler and canon episodes in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime series.

After Naruto Shippuden now Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is premiering. Boruto is a story of Naruto Next Generations and is also popular among fans. It has a total of 243 episodes. There is a total of 27 fillers in Boruto.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

Naruto Next Generations have a comparatively low filler percentage. There are 11% fillers in anime.

Want to know! what are filler episodes and why they are made?

Canon episodes in Boruto Anime.

Canon episodes are directly related to manga and the main story of anime. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations canon episodes are

1-15, 18-39, 42-47, 51-66, 70-95, 98-111, 120-137, 141-151, 155, 157-243

Totally Filler episodes in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

If you like you can skip the episodes of Boruto Filler. They have not related to the main story some are not enjoyable. You can watch them

16-17, 40-41, 48-50, 67-69, 96-97, 112-119, 138-140, 152-154, 156

List of Boruto fillers and canon episodes.

1Boruto Uzumaki!Anime Canon05/04/2017
2The Hokage's Son!Anime Canon12/04/2017
3Metal Lee Goes Wild!Anime Canon19/04/2017
4A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes!Anime Canon26/04/2017
5The Mysterious Transfer Student!Anime Canon03/05/2017
6The Final Lesson!Anime Canon10/05/2017
7Love and Potato Chips!Anime Canon17/05/2017
8The Dream's RevelationAnime Canon24/05/2017
9Proof of OneselfAnime Canon31/05/2017
10The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!Anime Canon07/06/2017
11The Shadow of the MastermindAnime Canon14/06/2017
12Boruto and MitsukiAnime Canon21/06/2017
13The Demon Beast Appears!Anime Canon28/06/2017
14The Path That Boruto Can SeeAnime Canon05/07/2017
15A New PathAnime Canon12/07/2017
16Crisis: The Threat of Failing!Filler19/07/2017
17Run, Sarada!Filler26/07/2017
18A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki FamilyMixed Canon/Filler02/08/2017
19Sarada UchihaManga Canon09/08/2017
20The Boy With the SharinganManga Canon16/08/2017
21Sasuke and SaradaManga Canon23/08/2017
22Connected FeelingsManga Canon30/08/2017
23Bonds Come in All ShapesManga Canon06/09/2017
24Boruto and SaradaAnime Canon13/09/2017
25The Turbulent Field TripAnime Canon20/09/2017
26The Mizukage's SuccessorAnime Canon27/09/2017
27A Shinobi Bout of FriendshipAnime Canon04/10/2017
28Declaration of WarAnime Canon11/10/2017
29The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen!Anime Canon18/10/2017
30The Sharingan vs. the Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang!Anime Canon25/10/2017
31Boruto and KaguraAnime Canon01/11/2017
32The Quest for SouvenirsAnime Canon08/11/2017
33The Super Beast Scroll Slump!Anime Canon15/11/2017
34The Night of the Shooting StarsAnime Canon22/11/2017
35The Parent Teacher Conference!Anime Canon29/11/2017
36The Graduation Exam Begins!Anime Canon06/12/2017
37A Shinobi's ResolveAnime Canon13/12/2017
38Formation of the Three-Man Squad?Anime Canon20/12/2017
39The Path Lit by the Full MoonManga Canon27/12/2017
40Team 7: The First Mission!Filler10/01/2018
41Strength in UnityFiller17/01/2018
42A Ninja's JobAnime Canon24/01/2018
43The Byakuya Gang Surfaces!Anime Canon31/01/2018
44Shikadai’s DoubtsAnime Canon07/02/2018
45Memories From the Day of SnowAnime Canon14/02/2018
46Go! The Crest of Night StrategyAnime Canon21/02/2018
47The Figure I Want To BeAnime Canon28/02/2018
48The Genin Documentary!Filler07/03/2018
49Wasabi and NamidaFiller14/03/2018
50The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation MeetingFiller21/03/2018
51Boruto's BirthdayAnime Canon28/03/2018
52Sasuke's ShadowAnime Canon04/04/2018
53Himawari's BirthdayManga Canon11/04/2018
54Sasuke and BorutoManga Canon18/04/2018
55The Scientific Ninja ToolManga Canon25/04/2018
56Rivals, Gather!Manga Canon03/05/2018
57The Reason I Can't LoseManga Canon10/05/2018
58The Tournament Begins!Manga Canon17/05/2018
59Boruto vs. ShikadaiManga Canon24/05/2018
60The Hidden Leaf vs. the Hidden SandManga Canon31/05/2018
61The Iron Sand User: ShinkiManga Canon07/06/2018
62The Otsutsuki InvasionManga Canon14/06/2018
63Sasuke's Secret WeaponManga Canon28/06/2018
64Rescuing Naruto!Manga Canon05/07/2018
65Father and ChildManga Canon19/07/2018
66My Story!Manga Canon26/07/2018
67Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode!Filler02/08/2018
68Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode!Filler09/08/2018
69Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval!Filler16/08/2018
70The Other Side of AnxietyAnime Canon23/08/2018
71The Hardest Rock in the WorldAnime Canon30/08/2018
72Mitsuki’s WillAnime Canon06/09/2018
73The Other Side of the MoonAnime Canon13/09/2018
74The Enemy, Ino-Shika-Cho!Anime Canon20/09/2018
75The Trials of Ryuchi CaveAnime Canon20/09/2018
76Incurring WrathAnime Canon07/10/2018
77A Fierce Enemy: Garaga’s Ferocious Attack!Anime Canon14/10/2018
78Everyone’s MotivesAnime Canon21/10/2018
79Reunion With MitsukiAnime Canon28/10/2018
80Mitsuki’s FriendAnime Canon04/11/2018
81Boruto's WishAnime Canon11/11/2018
82Infiltrating the Hidden Stone VillageAnime Canon18/11/2018
83Ohnoki’s JusticeAnime Canon25/11/2018
84Ohnoki's Thoughts, Ku's ThoughtsAnime Canon02/12/2018
85The Heart StoneAnime Canon09/12/2018
86Kozuchi's WillAnime Canon16/12/2018
87The Sensation of LivingAnime Canon23/12/2018
88Clash: Kokuyou!Anime Canon06/01/2019
89A Piercing HeartAnime Canon13/01/2019
90Mitsuki and SekieiAnime Canon20/01/2019
91Ohnoki's WillAnime Canon27/01/2019
92A New OrdinaryAnime Canon03/02/2019
93Family DayMixed Canon/Filler10/02/2019
94A Heaping Helping! The Eating Contest!Mixed Canon/Filler17/02/2019
95Tactics for Getting Along With Your DaughterMixed Canon/Filler24/02/2019
96Blood, Sweat and NamidaFiller03/03/2019
97Shikadai's DecisionFiller10/03/2019
98The Cursed ForestAnime Canon17/03/2019
99Jugo and the Curse MarkAnime Canon24/03/2019
100The Predestined PathAnime Canon31/03/2019
101Jugo’s ReinforcementsAnime Canon07/04/2019
102Melee!Anime Canon14/04/2019
103Migration SeasonAnime Canon21/04/2019
104The Little RoommateAnime Canon28/04/2019
105A Wound on the HeartAnime Canon05/05/2019
106The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The S-Rank Mission!Mixed Canon/Filler12/05/2019
107The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Dog and Cat War!Mixed Canon/Filler19/05/2019
108The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Haunted Inn!Mixed Canon/Filler26/05/2019
109The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Potato Chips and the Giant Boulder!Mixed Canon/Filler02/06/2019
110The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Resurrection Hot Springs!Mixed Canon/Filler09/06/2019
111The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Mirai's King!Mixed Canon/Filler16/06/2019
112The Chunin Selection ConferenceFiller23/06/2019
113The Qualities of a CaptainFiller30/06/2019
114X Cards Proxy War!Filler07/07/2019
115Team 25Filler14/07/2019
116Konohamaru and RemonFiller21/07/2019
117Remon’s SecretFiller28/07/2019
118Something That Steals MemoriesFiller04/08/2019
119Konohamaru’s Ninja WayFiller11/08/2019
120With Sasuke as the GoalAnime Canon18/08/2019
121The Entrusted Mission: Protect the One Tails!Anime Canon25/08/2019
122The Puppet Battle!Anime Canon01/09/2019
123Urashiki ReturnsAnime Canon08/09/2019
124Decision TimeAnime Canon15/09/2019
125Boruto and ShinkiAnime Canon22/09/2019
126Shukaku's TrickAnime Canon29/09/2019
127Make-Out TacticsMixed Canon/Filler06/10/2019
128Urashiki’s TargetAnime Canon13/10/2019
129The Village Hidden in the LeavesAnime Canon20/10/2019
130Genin, Assemble!Anime Canon27/10/2019
131The Power of the Nine TailsAnime Canon03/11/2019
132Jiraiya's AssignmentAnime Canon10/11/2019
133A Village Without SasukeAnime Canon24/11/2019
134The Power To See the FutureAnime Canon01/12/2019
135The Last Battle, UrashikiAnime Canon08/12/2019
136Crossing Time!Anime Canon15/12/2019
137The Samurai Exchange StudentAnime Canon22/12/2019
138Hiashi's BirthdayFiller29/12/2019
139The Terror! Enko OnikumaFiller12/01/2020
140The Mind Transfer Jutsu That Lost to Potato ChipsFiller19/01/2020
141The Shinobi Prison: Hozuki CastleAnime Canon26/01/2020
142A Test of WillpowerAnime Canon02/02/2020
143The Criminal Targeting KokuriAnime Canon09/02/2020
144Kokuri's SecretAnime Canon16/02/2020
145Breaking Out of Hozuki CastleAnime Canon23/02/2020
146Executing the Prison Break!Anime Canon01/03/2020
147The Fateful Moonlit BattleAnime Canon08/03/2020
148A New Mission!!Manga Canon15/03/2020
149Friends!!Manga Canon22/03/2020
150The Value of a Hidden AceManga Canon29/03/2020
151Boruto and TentoManga Canon05/04/2020
152Developing One's Medical NinjutsuFiller12/04/2020
153Harmony in GoldFiller19/04/2020
154Himawari's Ninja Trial SessionFiller26/04/2020
155Mitsuki's Rainy DayAnime Canon05/07/2020
156I Can't Stay in My Slim FormFiller12/07/2020
157Kara's FootprintsAnime Canon19/07/2020
158The Man Who DisappearedAnime Canon26/07/2020
159The Hashirama CellAnime Canon02/08/2020
160To the Land of SilenceAnime Canon09/08/2020
161The Castle of NightmaresAnime Canon16/08/2020
162Escaping the Tightening NetAnime Canon23/08/2020
163The PursuersAnime Canon30/08/2020
164The Forbidden Jutsu of DeathAnime Canon06/09/2020
165The Quadruplets' DutyAnime Canon13/09/2020
166Death MatchAnime Canon20/09/2020
167Their DecisionAnime Canon27/09/2020
168Training Begins!Anime Canon04/10/2020
169A Joint Mission With the SandAnime Canon11/10/2020
170A New RasenganAnime Canon18/10/2020
171The Results of TrainingAnime Canon25/10/2020
172A Signature of FearAnime Canon01/11/2020
173The Secret Behind the Underground RoomAnime Canon08/11/2020
174The Revival of the Divine TreeAnime Canon15/11/2020
175Beyond the Limits!Anime Canon22/11/2020
176Blockade the A-Un Gate!Anime Canon29/11/2020
177The Iron Wall's Sensing SystemAnime Canon06/12/2020
178Our Fathers' ExampleAnime Canon13/12/2020
179Victor's SchemeAnime Canon20/12/2020
180The Assassin, MuginoAnime Canon27/12/2020
181The VesselManga Canon10/01/2021
182AoManga Canon17/01/2021
183The HandManga Canon24/01/2021
184PuppetsManga Canon31/01/2021
185ToolsManga Canon07/02/2021
186How You Use ItManga Canon14/02/2021
187KarmaManga Canon21/02/2021
188AwakeningManga Canon28/02/2021
189ResonanceManga Canon07/03/2021
190EscapeAnime Canon14/03/2021
191Stray DogAnime Canon21/03/2021
192The PastMixed Canon/Filler28/03/2021
193CoexistenceManga Canon04/04/2021
194The Uzumaki HouseholdManga Canon11/04/2021
195A VaseManga Canon18/04/2021
196A Binding ForceManga Canon25/04/2021
197DeltaManga Canon02/05/2021
198MonstersManga Canon09/05/2021
199OverloadManga Canon16/05/2021
200Becoming a StudentManga Canon23/05/2021
201Empty TearsManga Canon30/05/2021
202The CultManga Canon06/06/2021
203Suprise Attack!Manga Canon13/06/2021
204He's Bad NewsManga Canon20/06/2021
205ProofManga Canon27/06/2021
206The New Team SevenManga Canon04/07/2021
207RegenerationManga Canon11/07/2021
208Momoshiki's ManifestationManga Canon18/07/2021
209The OutcastAnime Canon01/08/2021
210Clues to KaraAnime Canon08/08/2021
211The ChaseAnime Canon15/08/2021
212Amado's DefectionManga Canon22/08/2021
213True IdentityManga Canon29/08/2021
214Predestined FateManga Canon05/09/2021
215PreparedManga Canon12/09/2021
216SacrificeManga Canon19/09/2021
217DecisionManga Canon26/09/2021
218PartnerManga Canon03/10/2021
219ReturnManga Canon10/10/2021
220Remaining TimeManga Canon17/10/2021
221The Chunin Exams ResumeAnime Canon24/10/2021
222The Night Before the Final RoundAnime Canon31/10/2021
223Inojin vs. HoukiAnime Canon07/11/2021
224The Legend of the Monster CatAnime Canon14/11/2021
225Showdown Between Best FriendsAnime Canon21/11/2021
226Samurai vs. ScienceAnime Canon28/11/2021
227Team 7's Last Mission?!Anime Canon05/12/2021
228Kawaki's Path To Becoming a NinjaAnime Canon12/12/2021
229Breach of OrdersAnime Canon19/12/2021
230A WishAnime Canon26/12/2021
231The Rusty SwordAnime Canon09/01/2022
232Captain Denki's First MissionAnime Canon16/01/2022
233The New Team 7 Jumps Into ActionAnime Canon23/01/2022
234The Unleashed VillianAnime Canon30/01/2022
235Infiltrating Dotou IslandAnime Canon06/02/2022
236Cut and RunAnime Canon13/02/2022
237The Mobile FortressAnime Canon20/02/2022
238A Killer on the ShipAnime Canon27/02/2022
239The Boy From the Isle of ShipbuildersAnime Canon06/03/2022
240Ikada's DreamAnime Canon13/03/2022
241Ikada's SecretAnime Canon20/03/2022
242SeirenAnime Canon27/03/2022
243Where I BelongAnime Canon03/04/2022
244RiftAnime Canon10/04/2022
245Funamushi's ObsessionAnime Canon17/04/2022
246A Serious InjuryAnime Canon24/04/2022
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You can also see Naruto Shippuden Filler list with details.


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