blood demon art featured

Having supernatural abilities might be one of the most common wishes we have on our bucket lists. But what if you’ll be a demon in exchange for it? Would you still take it?

Demon Slayer won’t be complete without the demons, and each has unique abilities that’ll make your skin crawl. But first, let’s learn about Blood Demon Art and its origin.

What is a Blood Demon Art?

When a demon eats humans, it develops its powers. Becoming stronger eventually results in supernatural abilities known as Blood Demon Art.

Each Blood Demon Art is unique. It can be based on a demon’s past, hobbies, or jobs in their former human lives. 

More so, it doesn’t only manifest a single ability; it can reproduce multiples of it, making the demon untouchable and indestructible.

Unique Blood Demon Art Of Every Demon

blood demon art swamp demon
Blood Demon Art: Swamp Demon

Swamp Demon

The Swamp Demon’s Blood Demon Art lets him create portals made from puddles. He can clone himself into three and intimidate his enemies by number.


Hairo’s Blood Demon Art is about shadow production and control. They can form wolf-like shapes, or artillery weapons.

Some of his abilities are Shadow Wolves and Warwolf of Horror.

blood demon art susamaru
Blood Demon Art: Susamaru


Susamaru’s Blood Demon Art allows her to control Temari handballs. A single touch can destroy her enemy’s target body part. Be sure you can play dodgeball when you meet her.


Yahaba’s Blood Demon Art can easily control red arrows every time he blinks the eyes on his palms. He can be intimidating, especially when he uses his Chaser Arrow, Smack Down, and Boulder Toss.

blood demon art kyogai
Blood Demon Art: Kyogai


Kyogai’s Blood Demon Art is Drumming. He has six drums attached to his body, each with lethal abilities.

Each one can rotate the room in any direction, create a 3-claw slash attack, or teleport himself and others to another area. You might love music, but surely not his.


His Blood Demon Art allows him to produce and manipulate thin threads from his cells. His techniques are Cutting Thread Cage, Murderous Eye Basket, and Cutting Thread Rotation.

If Sleeping Beauty has fallen unconscious from a needle, Rui’s enemies will surely perish from his threads.

blood demon art enmu
Blood Demon Art: Enmu


Enmu’s Blood Demon Art includes hypnosis, dream manipulation, flesh puppet creation, and shape-shifting. 

His techniques are called Whispers of Forced Unconscious Hypnosis, and Eyes of Forced Unconscious Sleep. He’s truly a living nightmare.


Kaigaku’s Blood Demon Art lets him use and manipulate lightning with the help of his Thunder Breathing Technique.

His skills are characterized as Rice Spirit, Thunder Swarm, Distant Thunder, Heat Lightning, and Rumble and Flash. Thor would fall short for his evil weather control.

blood demon art daki
Blood Demon Art: Daki


Daki’s Blood Demon Art is the creation of flower-patterned obi sashes from her flesh, known as the Eight-Layered Obi Slash. She uses them as shields, food storage, and lethal weapons.

She’s pretty in the eyes, but her sashes would surely suffocate you to your death.


Gyutaro’s Blood Demon Art is his blood. It allows him to regenerate quickly and create barricades and weapons whenever he wishes.

His techniques are known as Flying Blood Sickles, Rampant Arc Rampage, and Rotating Circular Slashes. He’s a truly a foe you wouldn’t want to encounter.

blood demon art gyokko
Blood Demon Art: Gyokko


Gyokko’s Blood Demon Art revolves around his porcelain vases. He can summon them anywhere, transport himself, and captivate his enemies.

His techniques are the Thousand Needle Fish Kill, Water Prison Pot, Octopus Vase Gell, Ten Thousand Gliding Slime-Fish, and Killer Fish Scales.


Hantengu’s Blood Demon Art is emotional manifestation. He can clone himself into four, and each possesses equal powers.

His known techniques are Weeping Spears, Crazed Cry of Thunder Death, Countless Striking Tress, and Compressed Sound Waves.

blood demon art nakime
Blood Demon Art: Nakime


Nakime’s Blood Demon Art allows her to open portals and manipulate space to destroy and confuse her enemies.

She’s a former musician in her past life, so her demon art is related to her four-stringed Biwa. She strums the instrument to generate attacks to her opponents.


Akaza’s Blood Demon Art is known as Destructive Death, where he uses his martial arts skills to produce lethal shockwaves.

Some of his abilities are known as Compass Needle, Air Type, Disorder, and Annihilation Type. His body language will surely make you run for your life.

blood demon art doma
Blood Demon Art: Doma


Doma’s Blood Demon Art is cryokinesis, or the manipulation of ice. If one of his icebergs enters your breathing system, it’ll be the end for you.

His techniques are known as Frozen Lotus, Barren Hanging Garden, Freezing Clouds, Lotus Vines, Cold White Princess, Wintry Icicles, and many more.


Kokushibo’s Blood Demon Art focuses on his Moon Breathing Technique. They are shaped like Crescent Moon Blades that can change forms.

Some of his abilities are Evening Palace, Pearl Flower Moongazing, Loathsome Moon, Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy, Perpetual Night, Mirror of Misfortune, and a lot more. Living for 500 years surely gave him all the fighting experience any opponent will struggle to match.

blood demon art muzan
Blood Demon Art: Muzan


Being the Demon King, Muzan’s Blood Demon Art is a powerful biokinesis. He can manipulate his appearance and body organs that can adapt to his desired abilities.

His techniques are Black Blood Brambles and Shockwave Energy Blast. He can also transform his body, gaining seven hearts, and five brains.


Tamayo’s Blood Demon Art is casting spells by drawing her blood. She also created a medicine to prevent their enemies’ abilities from progressing.

Some of her techniques are Scent of Illusory Blood, and Magical Aroma of Daylight. Her flesh seeds are also a threat to her enemies.

blood demon art yushiro
Blood Demon Art: Yushiro


Yushiro’s Blood Demon Art is producing paper talismans, allowing him to either hide an object or reveal its presence. His techniques are called Knifehand Strike, Spinning Attack, Debilitating Blow, and Blood Bewitchment.

It’s not advisable to get close to him, as he can put his enemies in close proximity under hypnosis and mind control.

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art is a powerful pyrokinesis. She can create and control special demonic flames, which are harmful to demons, but not to humans.

Her technique is called Exploding Blood. Once it splatters from her body, the flames can be lethal to her demon enemies.

The Bottom Line

Blood Demon Art varies from one demon to another. It can be combat-oriented, controlling, or manifesting abilities. Some are easily seen by the naked eye, while others are invisible and hard to detect. Whatever they are, they make demons powerful, agile, and hard to capture.


What’s the counterattack for Blood Demon Art?

Even if demons have different Blood Demon Art, it has a common weakness: sunlight and Nichirin weapons. Demons also find it hard to use them when their bodies are depleted.

Can demons share their Blood Demon Art?

Yes, they can. Rui has proven this when he shared Blood Demon Art to his Spider Family.

What has the strongest Blood Demon Art?

Since he’s the demon king, Muzan probably has the strongest Blood Demon Art. His raw skills are difficult to match, but some of his subordinates like Doma and Kokushibo are near his greatness.