Twelve Kizuki

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you read or hear the word “demons”? Probably the devil, darkness, or anything scary. 

Those terms might be an understatement when it comes to Demon Slayer’s Twelve Demon Moons or the Twelve Kizuki. They’re the secondary antagonists under the rule of the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji.

The Twelve Kizuki Origins

Each of the Twelve Demon Moons received Muzan’s blood. It gave them supernatural powers, including the use of Blood Demon Art.

They are divided into two equal groups: the Upper and Lower Ranks. They might be allies, but drama boils when Muzan reveals the Upper Ranks despise the Lower ones.

For over a hundred years, Upper Ranks are yet to be defeated. Contrary to the Lower Ranks, which were replaced numerous times.

Now, before a hundred years pass, let’s dive in to see their ranks from weakest to strongest!

#12 Kyogai

demon slayer kyogai
Twelve Kizuki: Kyogai

Kyogai, also known as the Drum Demon, was the first one to appear and die in the series. He can change the room’s orientation and mess up the enemy’s balance.

His talent for playing the tsuzumi drums became his Blood Demon Art. He has six drums attached to his body, and each one has a specific attack.

When he escalates his drumming speed, his skills and claws increase too. However, his power isn’t enough against Tanjiro. Because of his defeat, he was eliminated from the Twelve Kizuki.

#11 Rui

Among his peers, Rui appears to be civilized despite his obsession with having a perfect family. He killed his own parents yet formed the Spider Family, his collection of demons from Mount Natagumo.

Rui possesses incredible strength and infinite stamina. He can clone himself and his power by sharing it with other demons who drink his blood.

His Blood Demon Art allows him to produce and manipulate thin threads from his cells. Despite his indestructible skills, he was overpowered by Tanjiro and beheaded by Giyu Tomioka.

#10 Enmu

Enmu is a sadistic demon who loves giving pleasurable dreams before turning them into nightmares. He’s the only survivor among the Lower Ranks since he finds joy in dying at Muzan’s hands.

Aside from his sleep-based Blood Demon Art, he can also shapeshift. Receiving more blood from Muzan lets him combine with large vehicles.

Having powers of hypnosis, dream manipulation, flesh puppet creation, and bone awl production surely makes Enmu an enemy you don’t want to mess with.

#9 Kaigaku

Growing up as an orphan, Kaigaku is a selfish boy who only thinks about his best interests. What’s good and evil for him depends on how people perceive him.

Kaigaku uses Thunder Breathing, in which he gains extreme speed and reflexes. Aside from his enhanced swordsmanship, he can also control lightning and electricity.

Kaigaku owns a flesh katana with a black lightning pattern on both sides of his yellow-tinted blade. By channeling his blood through it, he can easily release all his techniques.

#8 Daki

demon slayer daki
Twelve Kizuki: Daki

Despite existing for over a century, Daki is an immature and arrogant woman. She enjoys toying with her victims, yet throws a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way.

If there’s someone she truly cares about, it’s her brother, Gyutaro. She shares being an Upper Rank Six with him.

Daki’s Blood Demon Art is the creation of flower-patterned obi sashes from her flesh. She uses them as shields, food storage, and lethal weapons.

#7 Gyutaro

Gyutaro is Daki’s twin brother, and they hold the Upper Rank Six position. He can detach his “core” from his body and transfer it to his sister to enhance her power.

Since they have a psychic connection, Gyutaro can possess Daki’s body and manipulate it. His Blood Demon Art is his blood, allowing him to regenerate quickly and create barricades and weapons to his liking.

Gyutaro carries a pair of Kama he created using his flesh and blood. What’s more threatening is that he can control them with his mind.

#6 Gyokko

demon slayer gyokko
Twelve Kizuki: Gyokko

Gyokko is a shallow narcissist who constantly praises himself for his “art.” His artworks depict his morbid and sadistic nature.

His Blood Demon Art revolves around his porcelain vases, which he can summon anywhere. He also uses them to transport himself or capture his enemies, regardless of their size.

Gyokko can also spawn monstrous sea creatures with different killing abilities. He can also create a vase made from water that can suffocate his enemies.

#5 Hantengu

Hantengu may look frail and weird, but his abilities put him in the Upper Rank Four. Compared to his arrogant colleagues, he is a coward with paranoia.

He can clone himself into four, and each possesses equal powers to him. He also has a durable body that bullets can’t penetrate.

It is said that Hantengu’s clones are centered around a core emotion. It’s impossible to eliminate them as long as Hantengu’s main body is still alive.

#4 Nakime

demon slayer nakime
Twelve Kizuki: Nakime

Unlike his colleagues, Nakime is very obedient and loyal to Muzan. She doesn’t talk much, but when she does, she’s very straightforward.

Nakime has the ability to detach her eyeballs and spy on her enemies. Her Blood Demon Art allows her to open portals and manipulate space to crush and confuse her enemies.

She carries a four-stringed wooden biwa on her lap. She uses a Bachi pick to strum it and channel her powers through it.

#3 Akaza

Akaza has the desire to become the strongest, so he doesn’t get along well with other Upper Ranks. Because of his jealousy, he has sworn to kill Kokushibo someday.

Akaza has immense martial arts skills and the ability to predict his opponent’s next move. He can also sense how much murderous intent his enemy possesses.

Apart from his unlimited strength and speed, he has a dauntless spirit. He’s numb to pain, causing him to fight even if you cut his head off.

#2 Doma

demon slayer doma
Twelve Kizuki: Doma

Before becoming the Upper Rank Two, Doma held the sixth position until he turned Daki and Gyutaro into demons. He’s also the leader of the Eternal Paradise Faith cult.

His abilities include the absorption of physical bodies, extrasensory perception, inhumane durability and strength, and instant healing. It’s nearly impossible to kill him.

Doma’s blood demon art is cryokinesis. His ice power is so lethal that anyone who inhales it will instantly meet death.

#1 Kokushibo

Kokushibo’s greatness flows through his blood, as he is the older twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikini, the strongest Demon Slayer of all time. He has lived for over 500 years, so his skills have been honed for centuries.

He has access to the Transparent World where he obtains the power to control and understand his enemies. He can also consume demons, giving him a faster alternative to devouring humans.

Kokushibo’s Blood Demon Art looks like Crescent Moon Blades that can change forms. He can also regenerate himself and turn into a monstrous form.

The Bottom Line

The Twelve Kizuki are all ruthless killers with only two missions: find the Blue Spider Lily, and eliminate the Demon Slayer Corps. However, because of their succeeding failures, Muzan decided to oblige demons to serve him with suicidal devotions. Despite being ranked from weakest to strongest, these twelve demons surely possess immense abilities that can make their enemies’ lives a living hell.


What are the privileges of the Twelve Kizuki?

Having Muzan’s blood flowing through their veins, they’re considered his favorites. Upper Rank demons have permission to transform humans into demons, later converting their blood into Muzan’s.

Who are the other Lower Rank demons Muzan slayed?

Because of Rui’s failure, Muzan destroyed all the Lower Ranks except Enmu. These demons are Kamanue, Mukago, Wakuraba, and Rokuro.

How do they get promoted?

The Lower Rank demons can challenge the Upper Ranks into a Blood Battle if, and only if, the latter’s performance is dissatisfactory. If they fail to follow the rules, they’ll receive serious punishment, either amputation or death.