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Dragon Ball Z (commonly abbreviated as DBZ) is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation. The story follows five years after winning the World Martial Arts tournament, Gokuu is now living a peaceful life with his wife and son. This changes, however, with the arrival of a mysterious enemy named Raditz who presents himself as Gokuu’s long-lost brother. He reveals that Gokuu is a warrior from the once powerful but now virtually extinct Saiyan race, whose homeworld was completely annihilated. When he was sent to Earth as a baby.

In total 291 episodes of Dragon Ball Z were aired. With a total of 39 reported filler episodes, Dragon Ball Z has a low filler percentage of 13%. Dragon Ball Z Filler List covers everything you need to know about fillers.

Want to know! what are filler episodes and why they are made?

1The New ThreatManga Canon26/04/1989
2ReunionsManga Canon09/05/1989
3Unlikely AllianceManga Canon10/05/1989
4Piccolo’s PlanManga Canon17/05/1989
5Gohan's RageManga Canon24/05/1989
6No Time Like the PresentManga Canon07/06/1989
7Day 1Manga Canon14/06/1989
8Gohan Goes Bananas!Manga Canon21/06/1989
9The Strangest RobotFiller28/06/1989
10A New FriendFiller05/07/1989
11Terror on ArliaMixed Canon/Filler12/07/1989
12Global TrainingFiller19/07/1989
13Goz and MezFiller26/07/1989
14Princess SnakeFiller02/08/1989
15Dueling PiccolosFiller09/08/1989
16Plight of the ChildrenFiller16/08/1989
17Pendulum Room PerilMixed Canon/Filler30/08/1989
18The End of Snake WayMixed Canon/Filler06/09/1989
19Defying GravityManga Canon13/09/1989
20Goku’s AncestorsManga Canon20/09/1989
21Counting DownManga Canon27/09/1989
22The Darkest DayManga Canon11/10/1989
23Saibamen Attack!Manga Canon18/10/1989
24The Power of NappaManga Canon25/10/1989
25SacrificeManga Canon31/10/1989
26Nappa's RampageManga Canon08/11/1989
27Nimbus SpeedManga Canon22/11/1989
28Goku's ArrivalManga Canon29/11/1989
29Lesson Number OneManga Canon06/12/1989
30Goku vs. VegetaManga Canon13/12/1989
31Saiyan Sized SecretManga Canon20/12/1989
32Spirit Bomb Away!Manga Canon17/01/1990
33Hero in the ShadowsManga Canon24/01/1990
34Krillin's OffensiveManga Canon31/01/1990
35MercyManga Canon07/02/1990
36Picking Up the PiecesManga Canon14/02/1990
37Plans for DepartureManga Canon21/02/1990
38Nursing WoundsManga Canon28/02/1990
39Friends or Foes?Filler07/03/1990
40Held CaptiveFiller14/03/1990
41Friends or Foes?Filler21/03/1990
42The Search ContinuesFiller04/04/1990
43A Friendly SurpriseFiller11/04/1990
44Brood of EvilFiller18/04/1990
45Frieza Strikes!Manga Canon25/04/1990
46Defying OrdersManga Canon02/05/1990
47Namek's DefenseManga Canon09/05/1990
48The HuntedManga Canon16/05/1990
49The Prince Fights BackManga Canon23/05/1990
50Unexpected ProblemManga Canon30/05/1990
51Vegeta has a BallManga Canon06/06/1990
52The Past and FutureManga Canon20/06/1990
53Zarbon's SurpriseManga Canon27/06/1990
54Guru's GiftManga Canon04/07/1990
55Piccolo vs. EveryoneManga Canon18/07/1990
56Zarbon's MissionManga Canon01/08/1990
57Gohan, the HuntedManga Canon08/08/1990
58Unknown EnemiesManga Canon22/08/1990
59Destination: GuruManga Canon29/08/1990
60Bulma's Big DayManga Canon05/09/1990
61Hidden PowerManga Canon12/09/1990
62New Ally, New ProblemManga Canon19/09/1990
63Guldo's Mind BindsManga Canon26/09/1990
64Recoome UnleashedManga Canon24/10/1990
65Let the Battle BeginManga Canon31/10/1990
66Goku's New PowerManga Canon07/11/1990
67A Legend RevealedManga Canon14/11/1990
68Ginyu AssaultManga Canon21/11/1990
69Incredible Force!Manga Canon28/11/1990
70Frieza ApproachesManga Canon05/12/1990
71Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is GokuManga Canon12/12/1990
72Calling the Eternal DragonManga Canon19/12/1990
73Gohan-Defeat Your Dad!Manga Canon16/01/1991
74Captain Ginyu... The FrogManga Canon23/01/1991
75Password is PorungaManga Canon30/01/1991
76Piccolo's ReturnManga Canon06/02/1991
77The FusionManga Canon13/02/1991
78Fighting Power: One Million??Manga Canon20/02/1991
79Gohan AttacksManga Canon27/02/1991
80Piccolo the Super-NamekManga Canon06/03/1991
81Deja vuManga Canon13/03/1991
82Frieza's Second TransformationManga Canon20/03/1991
83Another Transformation?Manga Canon27/03/1991
84Dende's DemiseManga Canon03/04/1991
85The Renewed GokuManga Canon10/04/1991
86The End of VegetaManga Canon17/04/1991
87The Ultimate BattleManga Canon24/04/1991
88Clash of the Super PowersManga Canon01/05/1991
89Frieza's BoastManga Canon08/05/1991
90Bold and FearlessManga Canon15/05/1991
91Embodiment of FireManga Canon22/05/1991
92Trump CardManga Canon29/05/1991
93Keep the Chance AliveManga Canon05/06/1991
94Power of the SpiritManga Canon12/06/1991
95Transformed at LastManga Canon19/06/1991
96Explosion of AngerManga Canon26/06/1991
97Namek's DestructionManga Canon03/07/1991
98A Final AttackManga Canon10/07/1991
99Approaching DestructionManga Canon17/07/1991
100Gohan ReturnsFiller24/07/1991
101The Last WishManga Canon31/07/1991
102Duel on a Vanishing PlanetFiller07/08/1991
103Pathos of FriezaManga Canon14/08/1991
104Frieza Defeated!!Manga Canon21/08/1991
105Mighty Blast of RageManga Canon28/08/1991
106Namek's Explosion... Goku's End?Manga Canon04/09/1991
107Goku's Alive!!Manga Canon11/09/1991
108The Heavens TrembleFiller18/09/1991
109Black Fog of TerrorFiller25/09/1991
110Battle in Kami's LookoutFiller02/10/1991
111Fight With PiccoloFiller09/10/1991
112Call For RestorationFiller16/10/1991
113Suicidal CourseFiller23/10/1991
114Extreme MeasuresFiller30/10/1991
115The World AwakensFiller06/11/1991
116Brief Chance for VictoryFiller13/11/1991
117Krillin's ProposalFiller20/11/1991
118Frieza's CounterattackManga Canon27/11/1991
119The Mysterious YouthManga Canon04/12/1991
120Another Super Saiyan?Manga Canon11/12/1991
121Welcome Back GokuManga Canon18/12/1991
122Mystery RevealedManga Canon15/01/1992
123Goku's Special TechniqueManga Canon22/01/1992
124Z Warriors PrepareFiller29/01/1992
125Goku's OrdealFiller05/02/1992
126The Androids AppearManga Canon12/02/1992
127A Handy TrickManga Canon19/02/1992
128Double Trouble for GokuManga Canon26/02/1992
129Upgrade to Super SaiyanManga Canon04/03/1992
130The Secret of Dr. GeroManga Canon11/03/1992
131More Androids?!Manga Canon18/03/1992
132Follow Dr. GeroManga Canon25/03/1992
133Nightmare Comes TrueManga Canon01/04/1992
134Goku's AssassinManga Canon08/04/1992
135Deadly BeautyManga Canon15/04/1992
136No Match for the AndroidsManga Canon22/04/1992
137Last Ditch EffortManga Canon29/04/1992
138Closing InManga Canon06/05/1992
139Unwelcome DiscoveryManga Canon13/05/1992
140Seized with FearManga Canon20/05/1992
141The ReunionManga Canon27/05/1992
142Borrowed PowersManga Canon03/06/1992
143His Name is CellManga Canon10/06/1992
144Piccolo's FollyManga Canon17/06/1992
145Laboratory BasementManga Canon24/06/1992
146Our Hero AwakesManga Canon01/07/1992
147Time ChamberManga Canon08/07/1992
148The Monster Is ComingManga Canon15/07/1992
149He's HereManga Canon22/07/1992
150Up to PiccoloManga Canon29/07/1992
151Silent WarriorManga Canon05/08/1992
152Say Goodbye, 17Manga Canon12/08/1992
153SacrificeManga Canon19/08/1992
154Saiyans EmergeManga Canon26/08/1992
155Super VegetaManga Canon02/09/1992
156Bow to the PrinceManga Canon09/09/1992
157Hour of TemptationManga Canon16/09/1992
158Krillin's Decision.Manga Canon23/09/1992
159The Last DefenseManga Canon30/09/1992
160Cell is CompleteManga Canon14/10/1992
161Vegeta Must PayManga Canon21/10/1992
162Trunks AscendsManga Canon28/10/1992
163Saving ThrowManga Canon04/11/1992
164Ghosts from TomorrowManga Canon11/11/1992
165The Cell GamesManga Canon18/11/1992
166What is the Tournament?Manga Canon25/11/1992
167The Doomsday BroadcastManga Canon02/12/1992
168Meet Me in the RingManga Canon09/12/1992
169No Worries HereManga Canon16/12/1992
170A Girl Named LimeFiller13/01/1993
171Memories of GohanFiller20/01/1993
172A New GuardianManga Canon27/01/1993
173Dende's DragonManga Canon03/02/1993
174The Puzzle of General TaoFiller10/02/1993
175The Games BeginManga Canon17/02/1993
176Losers Fight FirstManga Canon03/03/1993
177Goku vs. CellManga Canon10/03/1993
178Cell's Bag of TricksManga Canon17/03/1993
179No More RulesManga Canon31/03/1993
180The Fight is OverManga Canon07/04/1993
181Faith in a BoyManga Canon14/04/1993
182Gohan's PleaManga Canon21/04/1993
183Android ExplosionManga Canon28/04/1993
184Cell Juniors Attack!Manga Canon05/05/1993
185AwakeningManga Canon12/05/1993
186The Unstoppable GohanManga Canon19/05/1993
187Cell's Break DownManga Canon26/05/1993
188A Hero's FarewellManga Canon02/06/1993
189Cell Returns!Manga Canon16/06/1993
190The Horror Won't EndManga Canon23/06/1993
191Save the WorldManga Canon30/06/1993
192Goku's DecisionManga Canon07/07/1993
193One More WishManga Canon14/07/1993
194Free the FutureManga Canon21/07/1993
195Warriors of the DeadFiller28/07/1993
196Tournament BeginsFiller11/08/1993
197Water FightFiller18/08/1993
198Final RoundFiller25/08/1993
199Goku vs. PikkonFiller01/09/1993
200Gohan Goes to High SchoolManga Canon08/09/1993
201I am Saiyaman!Manga Canon15/09/1993
202Gohan's First DateFiller29/09/1993
203Rescue VidelFiller20/10/1993
204BlackmailMixed Canon/Filler27/10/1993
205I'll Fight Too!Manga Canon03/11/1993
206The Newest Super SaiyanManga Canon10/11/1993
207Take Flight, VidelManga Canon17/11/1993
208Gather for the TournamentManga Canon24/11/1993
209Camera ShyManga Canon08/12/1993
210The World TournamentManga Canon15/12/1993
211Trunks vs. GotenManga Canon22/12/1993
212Best of the BoysManga Canon12/01/1994
213Big Trouble, Little TrunksManga Canon19/01/1994
214Who Will Fight Who?Manga Canon26/01/1994
215Forfeit of PiccoloManga Canon02/02/1994
216A Dark and Secret PowerManga Canon09/02/1994
217Videl Is CrushedManga Canon16/02/1994
218Identities RevealedManga Canon23/02/1994
219Energy DrainManga Canon02/03/1994
220The Wizard's CurseManga Canon09/03/1994
221King of the DemonsManga Canon16/03/1994
222Vegeta AttacksManga Canon23/03/1994
223Next Up, GokuManga Canon13/04/1994
224Battle SupremeManga Canon20/04/1994
225Eighteen UnmasksManga Canon27/04/1994
226Pay to WinManga Canon04/05/1994
227Heart of a VillainManga Canon18/05/1994
228The Dark Prince ReturnsManga Canon25/05/1994
229Vegeta's PrideMixed Canon/Filler15/06/1994
230The Long Awaited FightManga Canon22/06/1994
231Magic Ball of BuuManga Canon29/06/1994
232Buu is HatchedManga Canon06/07/1994
233The Losses BeginManga Canon13/07/1994
234The Terror of Mr. BuuManga Canon27/07/1994
235Meal TimeManga Canon03/08/1994
236The Warrior's DecisionManga Canon17/08/1994
237Final AtonementManga Canon24/08/1994
238Evil Lives OnManga Canon31/08/1994
239Find the Dragon BallsManga Canon07/09/1994
240RevivalManga Canon21/09/1994
241Global AnnouncementManga Canon28/09/1994
242Learn to Fuse!Manga Canon12/10/1994
243The Z SwordManga Canon19/10/1994
244Race to Capsule Corp.Manga Canon02/11/1994
245Super Saiyan 3?!Manga Canon09/11/1994
246Buu's MutinyManga Canon16/11/1994
247The Fusion DanceManga Canon23/11/1994
248Goku's Time is UpManga Canon30/11/1994
249Return to Other WorldManga Canon07/12/1994
250Out from the Broken SwordManga Canon14/12/1994
251Gotenks Is BornMixed Canon/Filler21/12/1994
252Unlikely FriendshipManga Canon11/01/1995
253I Kill No MoreManga Canon25/01/1995
254The Evil of MenManga Canon01/02/1995
255Buu Against BuuManga Canon08/02/1995
256Empty PlanetManga Canon15/02/1995
257Time StruggleManga Canon22/02/1995
258Super Moves of GotenksManga Canon01/03/1995
259Trapped In ForeverManga Canon08/03/1995
260Feeding FrenzyManga Canon15/03/1995
261Gotenks Is Awesome!Manga Canon22/03/1995
262Unlucky BreakManga Canon26/04/1995
263A Whole New GohanManga Canon03/05/1995
264Search for SurvivorsManga Canon17/05/1995
265Majin-Buu TransformsManga Canon24/05/1995
266The Old Kai's WeaponManga Canon31/05/1995
267Ready to Fuse?Manga Canon07/06/1995
268Union of RivalsManga Canon28/06/1995
269Meet VegitoManga Canon05/07/1995
270Rip in the UniverseManga Canon12/07/1995
271Vegito... DownsizedManga Canon19/07/1995
272The Incredible Fighting CandyManga Canon26/07/1995
273The Innards of BuuManga Canon02/08/1995
274Mind TrapFiller09/08/1995
275Deadly VisionManga Canon16/08/1995
276Evil Kid Buu!Manga Canon23/08/1995
277End of EarthManga Canon06/09/1995
278True Saiyans Fight AloneManga Canon13/09/1995
279Battle for the Universe BeginsManga Canon20/09/1995
280Vegeta's RespectManga Canon18/10/1995
281Minute of DesperationManga Canon01/11/1995
282Old Buu EmergesManga Canon08/11/1995
283Earth RebornManga Canon15/11/1995
284Call to ActionManga Canon22/11/1995
285People of Earth UniteManga Canon29/11/1995
286Spirit Bomb TriumphantManga Canon13/12/1995
287Celebrations with Majin BuuMixed Canon/Filler20/12/1995
288He's Always LateFiller10/01/1996
289Granddaughter PanManga Canon17/01/1996
290Buu's ReincarnationManga Canon24/01/1996
291Goku's Next JourneyManga Canon31/01/1996

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