Drum Island Arc featured image
Drum Island Arc featured image

Main Events in Drum Island Arc (Save Time Recap)

  • The crew gains Chopper as the crew’s Doctor
  • Hiriluk’s Dream of cherry blossom is achieved
  • Fire Fist Ace (Portgas D Ace) delivers a message to Luffy
  • BlackBeard pirates mentioned and a potential danger to the Straw Hat Pirates
  • Dr. Kureha is the first character to mention of the ‘WILL OF D” and drops the bombshell of the legendary pirate king’s full name GOLD D. ROGER
  • The conflict between Blackbeard and Ace leads to the Marineford Arc is foreshadowed
  • Zoan-type is the last introduced type of devil fruit of the three devil fruit types

Nami becomes sick with a deadly fever after leaving the jungles of Little Garden, so the crew changes course to Drum Island, a kingdom blanketed in snow.

The only medical professional on the island is a witch that lives in a castle up one of the mountains.

Luffy and Sanji offer to go to the castle to get Nami treated. However, they are met with difficulty when the island’s king, Wapol, who is a tyrant, arrives back on the island.


One Piece Drum Island Arc, The Winter Island

Drum Island Arc Central Characters

Drum Island Arc Central Characters

Drum Island Arc – Previous Arc – Little Garden Arc

Next Arc – Alabasta Arc

What episodes is the Drum Island Arc?

Episode 78-91 with 14 total episodes

What chapters is the Drum Island Arc?

Chapters 130-154 with 25 total chapters

The Drum Island Arc is the fourth story arc in the popular Alabasta Saga, which continues from the Little Garden Arc.

This is the tenth story arc of the One Piece manga and anime.

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As they journey to the island, they are assaulted by a band of pirates whose captain is Wapol, later we find out is the king of Drum Island.

As they keep an eye out for any island, the Going Merry is assaulted by a band of pirates whose captain is Wapol, later we find out is the king of Drum Island.

Wapol ate the Munch-Munch Fruit (Baku Baku no Mi) and his power allows him to eat anything, and assimilate it into himself.

Wapol demands that the Straw Hats give him an Eternal Pose to a place called Drum Island, and when they refuse, he starts eating the going merry itself.

When Luffy sends Wapol flying, the rest of the attackers are quickly repelled. Vivi recognizes Wapol from somewhere, but can’t quite remember.

Upon making a landing on Drum Island, the Straw Hats are attacked by the island’s militia.

After Dalton, the former captain of the guard hears about their situation, he calls off the attack and leads them to Bighorn.

He takes them to bighorn, leaving Zoro and Carue behind to watch the ship.

Dalton explains that Drum Island has only one doctor and she is an old woman named Kureha. She is currently at the top of Drum Mountain and only comes down whenever she wants to.

No one knows how she gets down from the top of the mountain, but some rumors suggest she has some sort of strange creature helping her.

Since Nami’s condition is serious, Luffy decides to take his navigator to see the witch doctor with Sanji tagging along for protection.

Luffy and Sanji with Nami on Luffy’s back came under attack by dozens of ferocious Lapahns, rabbits the size of a human.


The fight ends up triggering an avalanche. Sanji gets hurt, so Luffy must bring both Nami and Sanji up the mountain to get medical treatment.

By the time Luffy reaches the top, his hands and feet are so damaged that he can barely stand. He falls to the ground in front of Dr. Kureha and her assistant Tony Tony Chopper.

Drum Island Covered in Snow

Drum Island Covered in Snow

Isshi-20 The Best Doctors

Dalton informs Vivi and Usopp that, before the Blackbeard Pirates’ raid, Drum Island had an abundance of doctors.

Up until recently, the island was governed by Wapol, a heartless king whom the Straw Hats met not long ago.

Wapol banished all but the 20 best doctors from the island.

If you needed medical treatment, you would have to beg for the help of one of the remaining doctors. Wapol called his doctors the “Isshi-20.”

However, a powerful pirate named Blackbeard attacked the country.

After watching Blackbeard’s strength, Wapol and his cabinet fled to the ocean rather than put up a fight.

The island’s only remaining doctor, Dr. Kureha, is commonly referred to as a witch by the locals and is the only hope for Nami.

Dr. Kureha And Sick Nami

While Dr. Kureha and Chopper treat Nami, Sanji, and Luffy, Wapol and his companions return to Drum Island and begin to attack the city.

Dalton attempts to stop them using his devil fruit, the Ox-Ox fruit: Bison Model but is defeated. Afterward, they head back home to Wapol’s home, Drum Castle.

There are some seriously funny scenes as Luffy and Sanji notice Chopper.

Luffy and Sanji make it their primary goal to catch Chopper. Luffy wants to make Chopper part of the crew and Sanji wants to cook him, he is a reindeer after all.

When Nami finally wakes up she is greeted by Chopper and Dr. Kureha.

Kureha explains that Nami had contracted a virus from a mosquito in Little Garden, and is extremely lucky she was brought to her before it progressed any further.

The Blue Nosed Reindeer, Tony Tony Chopper’s Backstory

Chopper sitting on the going merry

Chopper sitting on the going merry

After that Dr. Kureha tells them about the tragic past of Chopper to Nami and Sanji. When Chopper was very small he ate Hito Hito Devil fruit (Human Human Fruit).

This is a Zoan-type devil fruit and can let any creature transform into a hum hybrid.

Due to Devil’s fruit powers and his blue nose, other reindeer refused to accept him into the herd.

Being an outcast from his species led Chopper met a man named Doctor Hiriluk one fateful day.

Doctor Hiriluk wants to treat town people but most of the time he creates a mess and is known as a quack doctor. He found Chopper in critical condition with bullet wounds in his back.

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After his treatment Chopper gets inspired by him. Chopper also wants to become a doctor. Although their friendship does not last long.

Dr. Hiriluk throws Chopper out of his house for no reason, but afterward, Chopper realizes that Hiriluk did it because he knew he was going to die within the next 10 days.

Even though Chopper tried his best, he couldn’t save Hiriluk and Hirulik sacrificed himself for the people.

Since then, Chopper has been living with Dr. Kureha and learning to be a doctor. At this time Wapol reaches the castle with Chess and Kuromarimo.

Battle For Drum Kingdom, Wapol Fights Luffy

Kuromarimo throws black, fuzzy black balls that stick to Sanji and distract the other. This gives Wapol time to enter the weapon room and eat a canon, which he can convert into using his devil fruit powers.

Wapol, feeling sure of his victory, tries to begin his new rule by shooting Hiriluk’s Jolly Roger off the top of the castle where Chopper had hung it out of respect. Luffy stops him though, catching the shot and saving the flag.

He shouts at Wapol and angrily explains how he does not understand what the Jolly Roger represents.

Then Wapol applies another strategy and eats Chess and Kuromarimo and converts them into a house which is formed by their combination.

He calls it Chessmarimo. Sanji tries to participate in the fight but Kureha explains he can not due to a hairline fracture in his back.

Although Luffy is fighting Wapol, Chessmarimo is still left unattended. Chopper says he’ll take care of him, but the fusion laughs at Chopper.

They know they can outlast Chopper’s three forms without much difficulty because they are familiar with the fighting styles of Zoan Devil Fruit users like Chopper and Dalton.

Chopper Fights And The Rumble Ball

Drum Island Arc Chopper with rumble ball

Drum Island Arc Chopper with rumble ball

Chopper tells Chessmarimo that he will take them both down in three minutes, before eating a small ball.

The ensuing fight showcases Chopper’s enhanced forms, much to the shock of Chessmarimo who questions why he seems to have more than three forms.

Chopper explains that the ball was a Rumble Ball- a drug he created which allows him access to seven different Zoan points for three minutes.

Just as the effects of the Rumble Ball began to wear off, Chopper utilized what time he had left to land a knockout blow after learning about his opponent’s weaknesses.

Luffy is so impressed that he completely ignores Wapol and allowed the tyrant to sneak back into his palace.

Wapol goes in search of his arsenal, but on the way, he sees Nami (having recovered enough of her strength to get out of bed).

Wapol attacks Nami, but Nami goes down a flight of stairs too narrow for Wapol to enter.

Wapol then eats himself and uses his Devil Fruit to rebuild himself smaller.

He chases Nami to the arsenal, wapol mentions his intent to go and eat all the weapons inside and return with so many guns that even Luffy’s Gum-Gum Fruit will be overwhelmed.

Unfortunately for him, Nami stole his keys while he was monologing, which gives Luffy the chance to finish what he started by catching up with him.

Wapol runs further into the castle in search of a weapon more powerful than Luffy. He comes across his Gatling cannon and trains it on Luffy’s head, cocking the trigger… but nothing happens.

The cannon is rusted from exposure to the elements and roosting birds, leaving Wapol vulnerable yet again.

Luffy knocks him into the ceiling where he becomes stuck before hitting him with a classic anime Megaton Punch that sends Wapol flying to another island with Gomu Gomu no Bazooka.

Team rocket blasting off again! Wait wrong series.

Hiriluks Ideology

Drum Island Cherry Blossoms Tribute to Hiriluk

Drum Island Cherry Blossoms Tribute to Hiriluk

Afterward, Luffy continues trying to convince Chopper onto his crew.

Choppers recall his old mentor Dr. Hiriluk wanted him to journey out and see the world, he decides to join the Straw Hats Crew as the ship’s doctor.

However, when he goes to tell Kureha this decision, she immediately refuses and chases after the reindeer wielding all sorts of weapons until Chopper finally escapes down the mountain with straw hats on a sled.

It turns out that Kureha’s initial refusal was all an act to prevent a tearful goodbye with Chopper.

Dr. Kureha then has most of the villager’s load cannons pointed toward the sky and uses “the cure for the country’s cold heart” that Dr.

Hiriluk had developed before he died; this creates the image of falling cherry blossoms against the snow, as a sendoff to her beloved student.

After witnessing this display, Straw Hats finally set sail for Arabasta and we jump into the Alabasta Arc.

Goodbye Drum Island – Fire Fist Ace And The Will of “D”

In the closing moments as Kureha and Dalton are finishing their discussion, one of the villagers interrupts with a bounty poster for Luffy. Kureha realizes that his full name is Monkey D. Luffy.

Luffy when she sees the poster and reveals that it seems her student is sailing with a very dangerous man and reveal Gold Roger’s true name, the king of pirate’s full name is GOLD D ROGER.

Dalton suddenly remembers that he forgot to mention something earlier- a man came to town about a week before the Straw Hats arrived.

He asked if Luffy was around, and Dalton told him no. The man said that when Luffy did come, he had a message for him.

He said he would be in Alabasta for ten days and hoped they could meet up soon before leaving.

When the stranger turned to leave, Dalton called out after him and asked what his name was “Ace” introduced himself before continuing on his way.

Facts and Questions

  • With Wapol having been banished from Drum kingdom and through circumstance, he would invent a new type of metal called Wapometal. He then become a huge success and regain his previous position. His Wapometal is used by Franky in creating the Iron Pirate Franky Shogun which was showcased in the Fishman Island Arc.

What episode is the Drum Island arc?

The arc spans from episodes 78 to 91, 14 episodes of the anime, and chapters 130 to 154, 25 chapters of the manga.

What is the cure for the country’s cold heart?

The Drum Island arc introduces the concept of the “cure for the country’s cold heart”. This is a medical procedure invented by Dr. Hiriluk that involves producing a falling cherry blossom every in the sky.

Can I skip the Drum Island arc?

No, the Drum Island arc introduces us to the Straw Hats crew Dr. Tony Tony Chopper, Zoan devil fruit types, and the foreshadowing of the Black Beard pirates.

What did Blackbeard do to Drum Island?

The Black Beard Pirates attack Drum Island and focus the tyrant king there to temporarily flee.

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