Drum Island Arc

Drum Island Arc cover
Drum Island Arc cover

In this arc, Straw hats meet with their medical doctor named Tony Tony Chopper. This happens because Nami fell ill. Nami got a deadly fever in Little Garden Island. Therefore, Straw hats have to stop on an island that has no king. This island’s name is Drum Island.

SagaArabasta Saga
Total Episodes14
Manga Chapters25

Drum Island

While going toward that island they are attacked by a pirate crew. The caption of the crew’s name is Wapol. He has the power of Baco Baco no Mi devil fruit. Which is Paramecia type Devil fruit. He has the power to eat anyone and then accumulate that thing in himself. After fighting for a while Luffy threw him away with his punch. On reaching drum island. Again, there is an attack on them. But this time they are attacked by the military forces of that island. After the explanation of Luffy and crew members, Dalton who is captain of that force takes them to the town of hounds. He also tells them about the ongoing situation of the island. Some years ago, this town Wapol rule as king. Wapol threw out all doctors except the twenty best doctors of the town.

Drum Island
Drum Island

Isshi-20 The Best Doctors

These doctors are named Isshi-20. Island people need to beg in front of him for their treatment. After some time, a pirate group named Black beard attack the island. Wapol along with the cabinet except Dalton ran away without even fighting back with him. Now only one doctor is left on the island named Dr. Kureha. Town people call her Witch. Because she came to town when she wants to. She lives in Drum Castle which is at top of Drum Rockies. After knowing all this Luffy and Sanji take Nami on their back and move toward that mountain. A giant rabbit attacks them. While fighting with those rockets an avalanche came. Sanji was also injured. But it is very important to take Nami to that doctor.

Dr. Kureha

So, Luffy takes Sanji and Nami both on his back and goes towards that mountain. After reaching the top his feet and hands are badly injured. Luffy fainted in front of Dr. Kureha and her assistant Tonny Tonny Chopper. In between that Wapol and his crew came back to drum Island. They start attacking the city. To tell each one of the cities that they are back. Dalton tries to stop them but fails. After giving proof of his presence, he moves towards Drum castle which was his home. Dr. Kureha and Chopper are treating Nami, Sanji, and Luffy. There are also some comedic scenes in between that. Luffy and Sanji try to catch Chopper so that they can cook him.

Tony Tony Chopper


After that Dr. Kureha tells them about the tragic past of Chopper to Nami and Sanji. Luffy is still following Chopper. He is trying to convince him to join his crew. When Chopper was very small he ate Hito Hito Devil fruit. Which is Zoan type devil fruit. Due to its results, he developed human features in himself. Due to Devil’s fruit powers and his blue nose, other reindeer were not accepting him. His species outcasted him. Finally, Chopper met with a friend named Hiriluk. He wants to treat town people but most of the time he creates a mess. He found Chopper in a critical condition with bullet wounds. After his treatment Chopper gets inspired by him. Chopper also wants to become a doctor. Although their friendship does not last long. Dr. Hiriluk throws Chopper out of his house without any reason. But Chopper knew afterward that Hiriluk did that because he knew that he is going to die in the next 10 days. Although Chopper did his best he can not save Hiriluk and Hiriluk sacrifices his life for the town. And till that day Chopper is living with Dr. Kureha and learning about the art of doctoring. In all this Wapol and crew reaches the castle. His two head crew mates Chess and Kuromarimo are in town.

Wapol Fights Luffy

Kuromarimo throws fuzzy black balls on Straw hats. Which are stuck in Sanji’s body. Due to this Wapol has some time to enter in weapon room. He wants to eat canon to convert himself into it by using his devil fruit powers. Here another thing is revealed about Wapol that the thing which he eats is converted into it. After converting into the canon, he shoots on the Hiriluk flag. That flag is placed by Dr. Kureha in the memory of Dr. Hiriluk. When Chopper does not give a response, Luffy goes and stands in front of cannonballs. So, that flag cannot be damaged. Then Wapol applies another strategy and eats Chess and Kuromarimo and converts into a house which is formed by their combination. He calls it Chessmarimo. Sanji tries to participate in the fight but Kureha attacks his spine and stops. By saying that he is not fully recovered. Chopper finally starts fighting by using his skills.

Chopper Fights

He gained it by his invention Rumbel ball.  By using it he identifies Chessmarimo’s weakest point and defeats him. Wapol went to the castle to find some other weapons to eat. He sees Nami there. He starts following her and came to know that she is Luffy’s friend. While following her he got stuck on the stair and then he eats himself. He then appears very weak. Luffy came to Nami at right time. So that Wapol could not kill her. But Wapol ran away from there. Luffy follows him. But he reaches the tower where there is a giant and powerful canon. Wapol tries to attack Luffy by it. But as it is not used for along time. So, birds make their nest inside it. He fails to attack Luffy. Then Wapol tries to attack Luffy by already eaten canon but Luffy dodges him. By using his pistol attack Luffy throw him to the castle roof. Wapol then realizes that he is weak than Luffy. So, he begs for his life. But Luffy does not listen to him and by his Gum-Gum attack, he threw him to another island. When everything gets normal. Then Luffy tries to convince Chopper to join his crew.

Hiriluks Ideology

Chopper then thinks about his savior Hiriluk that who wants that Chopper should go to the sea and explore the whole world. Chopper decides to join his crew by thinking about that. When Chopper goes to tell Kureha about it she refuses him to do this. She starts following him by using different weapons so that Chopper can run away with Straw hat pirates. Kureha does not want to give him a sad goodbye. Kureha and town people point Canon toward the sky and use doctor Hiriluk Cure for the Country’s Cold heart. It produces a falling cherry blossom image. It is a sweet goodbye from Kureha and Hiriluk to their beloved student. Straw hats pirates move towards Alabasta. In the closing moments of the arc, Dr. Kureha and Dalton are talking to each other. Then a villager came with a poster of Luffy and tell them about the bounty on his head. They also came to know that Luffy’s full name is Monkey D. Luffy. His student is with a dangerous man. Then two more villagers arrive and tell them that they want to convey a message to him by Ace. He is in a Blackbeard search, and he will meet with Luffy in Alabasta within 10 days. But Luffy already left the town.

Main Events in Drum Island Arc

  • Chopper Joins as Ship Doctor
  • Hiriluk Dream of cherry blossom is achieved
  • Ace Luffy Brother delieves message

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