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In contrast to Hollywood animated movies/series, anime often strives for unique character designs, such as using different hair colors than what you would see in real life or having muscular bodies.

One of the key aspects that sets anime apart from western animated movies is the focus on strong female characters.

What is the criteria for a female anime character with white hair?

The cells in your hair follicles that produce color, called melanocytes, create the pigment melanin. With age, these cells die off and are no longer replaced.

This is why your hair gradually becomes white, silver, or gray over time.

But in the awesome world of anime, our favorite characters experience all types of hair colors, from the typical black and brown to the more atypical blue and green. And of course, white.

Female anime characters with white hair are often thought of as being wise beyond their years or possessing a certain level of sophistication.

They also tend to be independent and strong-willed, which is why they’re such fan favorites.


1. Elizabeth Liones

Seven Deadly Sins

  • Species: Human Body & Goddess Soul
  • Profession: Queen of Liones
Elizabeth Liones (2)_10_16_22

Elizabeth is the third adoptive princess of Liones, the current incarnation of Elizabeth the Goddess, and lover to Meliodas, captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. She plays a vital role in the series as its deuteragonist.

Elizabeth is an iconic character from the anime genre and is very recognizable. Her long white-blonde hair, luminous teal eyes, and curvaceous body make her attractive, and a beauty.

The bravery of this woman definitely gives her awesome character points and she has the special white hair anime girl look.

Some people even say she is Waifu material!

Although at the initial stage she is somewhat vulnerable, she develops into an incredibly strong person who willingly takes the right kind of actions to protect those they love.

Her determination inspires people around her and earns her admiration.

2. Mirajane Strauss

Fairy Tail

  • Species: Human
  • Profession: S class Mage & Fairy Tail Head Waitress
Mirajane Strauss 10_16_22

Mirajane Strauss is an extremely powerful Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild and is often featured in Sorcerer Magazine. She has two younger siblings, Elfman and Lisanna.

After the loss of her parents, she took on the role of mother for Elfman and Lisanna.

Mirajane has a long white-blonde ponytail that hangs down to her waist and blue eyes. She is tall and has a thick girl hourglass figure.

3. Koneko Toujou

High School DxD

  • Species: Nekoshou & Reincarnated Devil

  • Profession: High-Class Demon & Rias Gremory’s Rook

Koneko Toujou 10_16_22

Koneko Toujou, originally named Shirone, is one of the female protagonists of High School DxD.

First, she is a first-year student at Kuoh Academy, before becoming a second-year, and a member of the Occult Research Club.

Koneko is a Nekoshou, a rare species of Nekomata. She is also the younger sister of Kuroka, and Rias Gremory’s first Rook.

Koneko is a small girl with white hair and gold eyes. The front of her hair has two long bangs framing her face, while the back is cut short in a bob style.

4. Kanade Tachibana

Angel Beats

  • Species: Deceased Human & Servant To A Higher Being
  • Profession: Student Council President of Afterlife High School
Kanade Tachibana 10_16_22

Kanade, the Student Council President of her school, is always looking out for other students and their problems.

However, this goes against Yuri’s mindset that God is to blame for her hardships which leads Kanade to become a target of the Afterlife BattleFront.

Kanade is a beautiful young woman with pale skin and waist-length white hair.

Her bangs cover her eyebrows, and she has gold eyes with hints of auburn or brown in certain lighting.

She often gives off a mysterious or kuudere feel thanks to her slightly cat-eyed appearance and calm vibes.

5. Kosame Amagai

Magical Girl Site

  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Student Council
Kosame Amagai 10_16_22

Kosame is a beautiful girl with pale skin, violet eyes, and silver hair that falls just below her shoulders.

She has a small bow in her hair on the left side, which is mint and purple colored. And she wears a white eyepatch over her left eye.

Kosame is a very shy girl, and it takes her some time to open up to people. However, once she does, she is a very loyal and reliable friend.

6. Misha Necron

The Misfit of Demon King Academy

  • Species: Demon
  • Profession: Student
Misha Necron female anime character with white hair

Misha is a young girl with very pale skin, almost white hair, and big blue eyes that fade to a lighter color at the tips.

Her hair is cropped short, with long bangs framing her face. She’s also slightly taller and curvier than Sasha.

Misha’s school uniform consists of the standard white blouse and skirt.

She has a Hexagram badge pinned to her shirt, two hair ribbons with blue diamonds at the tips, long gray socks pulled up to her knees and sturdy white boots.

7. Nao Tomori


  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Student Council President
Nao Tomori anime girl with white hair

Nao has long gray-white hair which sometimes looks pale blonde or white. It is tied in two tails with dark ties, and she has big blue eyes.

Nao often wears her school uniform of a red blazer with a yellow bow tie and reddish-brown pleated skirt. The uniform also includes gray knee-length socks and brown boots.

8. Chaika Trabant

The Coffin Princess

  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Wizard
Chaika Trabant has white hair anime girl

At 14 years old, Chaika Trabant is a sorcerer who Toru and his sister Akari Acura meet on their travels.

What makes Chaika particularly special is that she’s a mage with an impressive coffin always in tow. Not to mention, her huge eyebrows. She uses precision spells that are unrivaled!

Her waist-length white hair and large purple eyes are her most striking features.

She usually wears a slightly frilly white dress with a black skirt and puffed sleeves, along with a frilled white headband.

However, when traveling or during combat, Di-Ali also has specially made camouflage sleepwear which helped her evade notice before meeting the Acura siblings.

9. Tsukishiro Hitomi

Iroduku: The World Of Colors

  • Species: Witch
  • Profession: Time Traveling Witch
Tsukishiro Hitomi female character with white hair

Hitomi is considered to be a very beautiful girl. She has waist-length silver-white hair that is swept to the right side and dark-yellow eyes.

In the future, as a high school student, she wears Minamigaoka High School’s uniform: a white collared shirt with a turquoise bow tie and skirt.

However, when she visits the magic house in the past, her clothing consists of a pink sweater over a white blouse and skirt.

10. Kei Shirogane

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Wizard
Kei Shirogane female anime character with white hair

Kei is a 14-year-old girl with long white hair styled in bangs that are swept to the left side. She has blue eyes and fair skin, and she normally wears her school uniform.

However, on special occasions or when she’s not at school, Kei likes to wear fashionable casual outfits instead.

To accessorize her look, Kei often puts on a frilly headband along with some pearly jewelry.

11. Ririka Momobami


  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Gambler
Ririka Momobami female anime character with white hair

Ririka’s face is hidden for most of the show by a white mask that changes her voice.

Ririka and Kirari Momobami are identical twins, so they share the same facial features.

Both of them have pale skin, long platinum-white hair (gray-white hair in the anime) styled with peach/pink tinted lip balm, and light blue eyes.

In contrast to Kirari, Ririka leaves her long hair down and doesn’t wear lipstick or nail polish unless she is pretending to be Kirari.

Ririka wears the standard female uniform at Hyakkaou Private Academy, which includes a red blazer with black trim lining the cuffs and collar.

Ririka also dons a white button-up dress shirt, dark pleated skirt, tie, and black/gray colored stockings. Lastly, the academy requires brown loafers with black soles to be worn as footwear.

12. Shiro

No Game No Life

  • Species: Immanity (Human)
  • Profession: NEET & Queen of Commonwealth Of Elkia
Shiro female anime girl with white hair

Shiro is the level-headed sister and main protagonist of the No Game No Life series.

Shiro is an 11-year-old shut-in gamer who lives with her step-brother Sora.

They form the online gaming team Blank/Kuhaku. Shiro’s mom and Sora’s Dad married, making the two step-siblings.

Shiro is a beautiful girl with very long, messily-tinted white hair and large golden eyes.

She is rather slim and of average height for an eleven-year-old. She often wears a purple sailor uniform which may be a bit oversized, along with blue thigh-high stockings.

Shiro is an emotionally stunted genius who relies on her stepbrother Sora to help her understand and defeat opponents with emotions.

She rarely shows any emotion herself and speaks in short, stilted sentences almost always referring to herself in the third person.

13. Illyasviel von Einzbern

Fate/Stay Night

  • Species: Homunculus, Magus, Master
  • Profession: Magi
Illyasviel von Einzbern anime girl with white hair

Illyasviel, like the other Einzbern homunculus, has short white hair, fair skin, and dark red eyes.

Like her mother before her, Illya takes after distant ancestor Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern in both looks and temperament.

The woman’s outfit consists of a purple long-sleeved shirt with a light purple scarf, a white skirt, and purple boots.

14. Origami Tobiichi

Date A Live

  • Species: Human (Formally A Spirit)
  • Profession: Student
Origami Tobiichi female anime character with white hair

Origami is a beautiful young woman with blue eyes and short silver-white hair styled in a bob. Three hair clips hold her right side bangs away from her face.

She is often said to have the pretty face of a doll, but with an emotionless stare.

Once she became a Spirit, the colors in her eyes shifted from blue to pale blue and white.

At first, Origami is shown with significantly longer hair in the new timeline before cutting it shorter again after having her Spirit powers sealed.

15. Shiraki Meiko

Prison School

  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Third-year student, USC Vice-President
Shiraki Meiko female character with white hair

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During the two months that the boys of the prison school are incarcerated in the school’s Prison Block.

Meiko’s best friend Mari Kurihara puts her in charge of guard duty. Mari is the president of USC.

Meiko is a tall woman with long white-grayish hair styled in a bun, accented by bangs swept to the right.

She also has neck-length brown hair hanging down on both sides of her face. Meiko has Brown eyes and a slim waistline, and is quite voluptuous overall, with large breasts.

16. Laura Bodewig

Infinite Stratos

  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Student
Laura Bodewig female anime character with white hair

Class One transfer student Laura Bodewig is the IS Representative Candidate of Germany and commander of Schwarzer Hase.

Laura has very pale skin, shining white-silver hair, a fiery red right eye, and a darkness-obscuring black Eye Patch over her left eye which would be gold or yellow in coloration if it were visible.

Laura is the shortest and most petite of the female heroines in the show, resulting from a failed experiment to make her a better IS pilot.

17. Kanna Kamui

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

  • Species: Dragon
  • Profession: Maid
Kanna Kamui female anime girl with white hair

Kanna is a young girl whose long white hair is styled in two ponytails. With the ability to hide her four horns, she easily blends in with humans.

Furthermore, she has a long thin tail that terminates in a puffy ball, replicating that of a poodle.

Kanna is also able to sprout wings when taking human form, permitting her to fly without having to entirely shift.

18. Noelle Silva

Black Clover

  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Magic Knight for the Black Bulls Squad
Noelle Silva female anime character with white hair

Noelle Silva is a woman of high ranking (royalty) and the second daughter of Clover Kingdom’s House Silva, one of its renowned families.

Noelle is a young girl with silver-white hair, pink eyes, and a slender build.

She has long hair which she usually ties into pigtails, with her center bangs over her forehead. In addition to this, she wears purple stud earrings and a silver bracelet on her left wrist.

19. Elaina

Wandering Witch

  • Species: Witch
  • Profession: The Ashen Witch
Elaina female character with white hair

Elaina is the central character of the Wandering Witch series also known as The Ashen Witch and she has a very kawaii look to her.

Elaina has ashen hair, the source of her witch name. She has been often described as pretty, and cute. Minus her hairstyle, Elaina is shockingly similar to her mother.

20. Alice Nakiri

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Chef
Alice Nakiri female anime character with white hair

Due to her family’s prestige, Alice holds herself in high regard.

Alice, a major character in the series, is the former 6th seat of the Elite Ten Council as well as the heiress to the Nakiri family.

Alice was born to Soe Nakiri and Leonora Nakiri. She is also a 92nd Totsuki Generation student and alumna. Moreover, Alice has a younger cousin named Erina Nakiri.

Alice is a fair-skinned girl who takes after her mother in looks, with short silver-white hair and one long strand on the left side that reaches down to her chin.

21. Lisanna Strauss

Fairy Tail

  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild
Lisanna Strauss female anime girl with white hair

Lisanna Strauss is a young woman who is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. She has two siblings, Elfman and Mirajane, and was childhood friends with Natsu Dragneel.

She wasn’t a big part of the first half of the show as it was believed she had died in an accident when she was younger.

Lisanna is a youthful girl with delicate features and blue eyes. She has short, white hair that compliments her pale complexion.

22. Orphelia Landlufen

The Asterisk War

  • Species: Strega & Genestellar
  • Profession: Student
Orphelia Landlufen female character with whitehair

Orphelia has long white hair with red eyes. She wears a Rewolf female uniform along with some elbow-length gloves and white tights.

When she was younger, Orphelia’s hair was brown, but it changed to its current color after she turned sixteen.

23. Isla

Plastic Memories

  • Species: Giftia
  • Profession: Marksman
Isla has white hair anime girl

Isla usually has long, silver-white pigtails. She has red eyes and wears a short white uniform. At only four feet tall, she is one of the shortest characters in the series.

 Isla is a Giftia who is a veteran in the department and is first seen serving tea.

24. Najenda

Akame Ga Kill

  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Assassin
Najenda female anime character with white hair

Najenda is the leader of an assassin group known as the Night Raid.

She was at one point a General for the Empire, but she defected to join the Revolutionary Army after an expedition led by her and Esdeath to eliminate the Ban Tribe she defected.

Najenda is a woman with short, silver-white hair and a light purple eye. She has an eyepatch over her right eye.

She wears a black suit that shows her cleavage, as well as a green and black mechanical arm.

25. Sorano (Code Name Angel)

Fairy Tail

  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Mage
Sorano (Code Name Angel) female anime lady with white hair

Sorano is a beautiful young girl. She wore a dress with white frills on the skirt and collar, topped with a dark short-sleeved blouse and a light bow tied around her collar that fell upon her chest.

Sorano has light hair that reached just below her shoulders; the front was cut at nose level.

26. Uni (Black Sister)

Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

  • Species: Goddess
  • Profession: Long-Range Assault
Uni (Black Sister) female anime character with white hair

Uni in human form has black hair.

When she takes on the role of Black Sister, her hair lightens to a very pale gray/white. She wears it in drilled pigtails with spiky bangs and short, curled side parts. Her eyes become a bright green.

Her typical outfit includes a leotard with neck and chest armor.

27. Seitenshi

Black Bullet

  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Governor of Tokyo Area
Seitenshi female anime girl with white hair

Seitenshi is a beautiful young woman with porcelain skin and a slender build. She has delicate, white eyebrows and thick, luxurious white eyelashes framing her large eyes, which have light-colored irises.

Most of her forehead is obstructed by her hair, which is in a messy style. A few pieces fall over her nose and between her eyes.

I think we can also safely say she might be on some people’s list of best anime girls.

28. Neferpitou (AKA Pitou)

Hunter X Hunter

  • Species: Chimera Ant
  • Profession: Royal Guard To The Ant King
Neferpitou (AKA Pitou) female anime girl with white hair

Neferpitou was the firstborn of the Chimera Ant King’s three Royal Guards. They were a cat-humanoid Chimera Ant.

Neferpitou was a humanoid cat with wavy white hair. Neferpitu was very loyal to the king and later would clash with Gon Freecss after enraging Gon.

This was a very one-sided battler as Gon was able to age himself, and his power to unseen levels.

29. Kamyu


  • Species: Thaumaturge
  • Profession: Princess
Kamyu female anime character with white hair

Kamyu wears a simple brown dress with puffy dark blue sleeves and white cuffs. To accessorize, she tied two pieces of red-trimmed white cloth to her waist with a light blue belt.

She wears chocolate brown boots that came up a few inches below her knees, with crisp white edges. Her silver-white hair flowed down gracefully to just below her ears.

Unusually for her usually white-winged race, Camyu had black wings. Check out her captivating deep blue eyes staring back at you, so cool!

30. Yunohana Yuuna

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

  • Species: Human & Ghost
  • Profession: Student
Yunohana Yuuna female anime girl with white hair

At first glance, Yuuna appears to be a normal high school girl with long white hair and red eyes. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that she is a ghost!

She is typically seen wearing a hot spring yukata. Her clothes are part of her spiritual body and she can change their appearance at will.

Being a ghost, she is draped in a sankaku no Shiroi Nuno (a triangular-shaped white cloth) and has what appears to be a blue wisp floating above her head.

31. Eris

God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World

  • Species: God
  • Profession: Goddess
Eris female with white hair

Eris is a beautiful young lady with long, silvery-white hair and blue eyes. In the anime, she is shown to have purple eyes and silver hair that has a violet tint. She looks like she could be fifteen years old.

Eris’s long silver-white hair has a light purple ombre and reaches down to her ankles.

FAQ’s About White-Haired Anime Girls

What does a white-haired anime girl symbolize?

White-haired anime girls usually symbolize peace, positivity, and purity. They are often shown as kind and caring individuals who are always ready to help others in need.

Are all anime girls with white hair good people?

No, not all white-haired anime girls are good people. Some are evil or have dark pasts that they are trying to overcome. However, the majority of white-haired anime girls are shown as being kind and caring individuals.

Do all white hair anime girls have magical powers?

No, not all white-haired anime girls have magical powers. While some do have special abilities, such as telekinesis or super strength, many are just regular people with white hair.