Fillers in anime are so popular that here is what to know all about filler episodes

Filler in anime is simply those episodes that are originally not written by the author or storyline which is not related to Manga. Fillers are basically used to give time to Manga artists/Mangaka to create content that can be animated for the Anime version.

What is Anime Canon?

Filler Episodes are those episodes that are not canon i.e Canon episodes are those which contain the main storyline from the manga. While another form of canon is Anime Canon which is canon for those watching Anime only but manga readers can skip these. Actually, there are four types of episodes

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Why are Filler Episodes in Anime?

2. Sora

Sora No Game No

Fillers are basically just to give some extra time to match up with manga and in this completely different storylines are observed as these are not by the original artist. That’s why there is so much hatred about filler.

Why do they make Filler Episodes?

Gintama explains it in a very beautiful way

When anime is produced in conjunction with manga there is a possibility that it approaches manga so anime has to take a detour using filler but it comes with the risk that either manga is canceled or it again catches up and now story build can't be matched.
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