I want to eat your pancreas (君の膵臓をたべたい)

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kimi no suizou wo tabeta

Initially written in form of a novel by Shinichirō Ushijima. I want to eat your pancreas was first printed and published in 2015. It was premiered as an anime movie across the globe in 2017.

I want to eat your pancreas is widely popular as one of the most emotional anime movies around. The main story of anime is a short love story of a boy named Haruki Shiga (志賀春樹). and a girl Sakura Yamauchi (山内桜良) both come across by chance. The start can be boring to some audiences but as the movie progresses the interest peaks. In the end the reader is fully absorbed in the story and the ending, without doubt, leaves some impact on the audience. This shows that the most invested you are the more reality bounces around your head.

Main Characters:

The main character in the movie is Haruki a boy with good grades. Haruki is an introverted person and takes a minimum interest in their surroundings. Considers himself boring but the sakura is quite opposite. The girl is quite enthusiastic and optimistic.She is very popular and cherishes the life in the best possible way. The nature of the boy can be seen as a blank canvas as the reader can easily imprint his own feelings as if we are the boy. The girl on other hand is the color that adds to that canvas. in end the final impression of the main character on reader’s mind changed is changed which really proves that the girl was really something to Haruki. he felt that she will never leave her but the reality is sour.

The story Starts when Haruki finds a book in a waiting room of a hospital.He later finds out that the book belongs to his classmate Sakura and finds out about her illness. Having no chance sakura tells him about her health condition. Sakura’s lifestyle attracts Haruki towards her. Haruki sees that Suffering from such a illness doesn’t impact her life and she lives a normal and promising life. No one knows about her illness on college. Even her best friend Kyouko is unaware. they start spending time together and become good friends.


Eventually Sakura invites haruki on train trip during vacations at Fukuoka. They spend more time together and get to know more about each other .She tells her about her bucket list. Shares the experiences and events she wants to enjoy in her life. This sudden closeness of a introverted person like haruki with person like sakura make her friends suspicious . Due to illness sakura becomes suddenly hospitalized . to fulfill her request Haruki comes to hospital. they both sneak out together to see the fireworks. It was without doubt the most satisfying and picturesque scene of the movie .

After discharging from hospital Sakura leaves a message to have a lunch together. Haruki goes there for lunch waits but no one comes. Haruki tries to contact her but gets no answer. Later that night while watching news he finds out about her death. Showing that someone stabbed her on way to meet him and Sakura is now dead. This was an unexpected news that hit him hard he breaks down mentally and even doesn’t gather strength to go to her funeral.

After some time Haruki visits Sakura’s home see her mother. Mother recognizes him gives him sakuras dairy and a letter to give to her best friend as see was unaware of the illness and hated Haruki .after reading the letter haruki breaks down into tears. Before leaving the house, Sakura’s mother asks for his name. He replies “Haruki”. To which she replies, “so you two were meant to be,”. Explaining that the meaning of names speak the truth, Haruki (spring tree) and Sakura (cherry blossom). Haruki meets kyouko tells the truth she denies but after reading her dairy she run away. Movie ends with Haruki and Kyouko visiting Sakura’s grave.


What “I want to eat your pancreas” conveyed to Us:

In order to fully enjoy you need to connect to movie .I want to eat your pancreas gives us message make every second count tomorrow could be your last your time is valuable. Am I living like I should be ?Enjoying like i should be? Fulfilling the responsibility of my life here?


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