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I Want to Eat Your Pancreas was first published in 2015 as a novel by Shinichirō Ushijima. The anime movie adaptation premiered across the globe in 2017.

“I want to eat your pancreas” is a highly popular anime movie that has emotional undertones throughout the story.

The main plot follows Haruki Shiga and Sakura Yamauchi, two high school students who meet by chance.

Though some audiences may find the beginning of the movie slow, it gradually builds interest until readers are fully absorbed in the story.

The ending is sure to leave an impact on viewers and makes them think about the events long after watching it.

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This just goes to show that movies that require more investment from viewers tend to be more memorable overall.

I want to eat your pancreas characters:


The story’s protagonist is Haruki, a high school student, and a high-achieving but an introverted young man.

He doesn’t find much interest in the world around him and regards himself as boring. Sakura, on the other hand, couldn’t be more different.

She’s outgoing and optimistic, very popular among her peers, and cherishes life to its fullest potential.

Because of his blank slate nature, readers can easily project their feelings onto Haruki as if they were experiencing everything firsthand.

The girl, on the other hand, is the color that fills in the empty spaces of his life and the polar opposite.

In the end, Haruki’s final impression of her changes–he feels she will never leave him but then reality smacks him in the face.

Haruki’s story starts when he finds a book in a hospital waiting room.

He later discovers that the book belongs to Sakura, his classmate.

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When Haruki confronted her about it, she took the opportunity to tell him about her illness.

What struck Haruki was how Sakura lived such a normal and promising life despite suffering from an incurable disease; not even her best friend Kyouko knew anything about it.

The more time they spent together, the closer they became friends.

I want to eat your pancreas climax:

I want to eat your pancreas fire works

Eventually, Sakura invites Haruki on a train trip during their vacation at Fukuoka.

 They spend more time together and get to know more about each other.

She tells her about her bucket list.

She Shares the experiences and events she wants to enjoy in her life.

This sudden closeness of an introverted person like Haruki with a person like sakura makes her friends suspicious.

Due to her illness sakura becomes suddenly hospitalized. To fulfill her request, Haruki comes to the hospital. They both sneak out together to see the fireworks.

It was without a doubt the most satisfying and picture perfect scene of the movie.

After being discharged from the hospital, Sakura sends a message to Haruki asking to have lunch together.

I want to eat your pancreas Romance

When he arrives at the restaurant and waits for her, she never shows up. He tries contacting her but gets no response.

Later that night, while watching the news, he sees a report about her death–she was stabbed on her way to meet him.

This unexpected news hits him hard; he’s so shaken up that he can’t even bring himself to attend her funeral.

Sakura’s mother recognized Haruki when he came to visit her and gave him sakura dairy and a letter to give to Sakura’s best friend.

After reading the letter, Haruki broke down into tears. Before leaving the house, Sakura’s mother asked for his name. He replied “Haruki”.

To which she replied, “so you two were meant to be.” The movie, Haruki and Sakura, is about the meaning of names.

In the film, Haruki meets Kyouko and tells her the truth about her name. 

However, Kyouko denies it at first but after reading her diary, she realizes that what he said was true.

The movie ends with Haruki and Kyouko visiting Sakura’s grave to pay their respects.

What “I want to eat your pancreas” conveyed to us:

You need to connect with the movie to fully enjoy it.

I want to eat your pancreas gives us a message that we should make every second count because tomorrow could be our last.

Our time is valuable and we should take advantage of every moment. Are we living as we should be?

Enjoying life as much as possible? Fulfilling the responsibility of our lives here?

Facts And Questions

What is the I want to eat your pancreas boy name?


Why did Haruki pin down sakura?

Haruki pinned down Sakura because he didn’t want her to leave for the hospital. He wanted to show his support and be by her side when she went through this difficult time.

What did Haruki find in the hospital waiting room?

He found a book that belonged to Sakura, his classmate.

What is Sakura’s terminal illness?

Sakura’s terminal illness is a pancreatic disease.

How did Haruki’s final impression of Sakura change?

Haruki’s final impression of Sakura changed from feeling as if she would never leave him to being faced with reality.

He realizes that despite wanting to be there for her, he can’t protect her from her illness. He is filled with admiration for her courage and determination to live life to the fullest despite the circumstances.

What does the title “I want to eat your pancreas” mean?

The title “I want to eat your pancreas” refers to how Sakura’s pancreatic disease has taken away all of her time and moments of joy, so Haruki wants to take all of that and give her back the time she’s missed.

He wants to fill her life with happiness and make up for the lost moments. It also symbolizes how despite not being able to save Sakura, he still wants to be there for her and cherish their time together.