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Jojo Stone Ocean Anime release date: It is the fifth season of Jojo. Jojo’s Stone Ocean’s first part which comprises 12 episodes was released worldwide in 2021. Now the later half which also consists of 12 episodes is going to release soon. And we know all about it. So, read till the end to find out when it is coming out.

jojo’s bizarre adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime as the name can’t get weirder so does the main character there are multiple main characters in the series. The story goes around different parts of the world. Every season follows a different story of Jojo’s and every Jojo has a star under his neck. This validates that they are Joestar which is their family name but in some cases, some Jojo doesn’t have Joestar in their name. The power system in anime are stands like stop time, stone ocean. After watching you are sure to find many of Jojo’s references.

Stone Ocean Anime Plot

The main protagonist of this part is Jolyne Cujoh who is the daughter of Jotaro. The story starts in 2011 as Jolyne is arrested for a hit-and-run case with his boyfriend. But somehow her boyfriend got free and she is sentenced to 15 years in prison. Now she is imprisoned in Florid’s prison nicknamed “Aquarium”. Jotaro sends her a pendant that is mystical and awakens power inside her. Which makes her a stand user and her stand name is “Stone Free”. As compared to other Jojo it is not much powerful.

Jojo Stone Ocean Anime Release Date

Stone Ocean ANime Stand

Her Stand is like a wire through which she can create strings and communicate with anyone. She can also convert her body into wires and as the story proceeds she makes good use of her stand. The antagonist is Father Pucci who has connections with Dio and wants to end Jotaro and his family. His stand is White Snake. It can allow users to remove two discs from the enemy. First is the memory disk and then the stand disk. After removing both disks person will die.


Jojo Stone ocean anime is coming and it is official. For those who want more anime here is a trailer that gives insight into anime and keeps the storyline vague. If you think the first episodes were wild you don’t know what more wild is coming next.

Jojo Stone Ocean Anime Release Date

The Jojo stone ocean anime release date news makes anime fans wait more exciting as they want more anime in the later part of the Anime which is going to be exciting as the last time we left Jolyene was almost killed but his supporter Weather report abilities luckily saved her. Now Cujoh will unravel the mystery in the coming part which is made by Dio.

When The Stone Ocean Anime is Coming Out?

According to the information the anime is coming out on September 1, 2022, on Netflix. However, according to TV broadcasts, it is in Fall 2022.

So, for fans, let us hope Jojo anime release dates is at the start of fall 2022 i.e in Sep 2022 so we can enjoy more wildness of Jojo anime.

I know I can’t wait to watch Jojo’s bizarre adventure stone ocean.

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