Jujutsu Kaisen Anime is famous for its unique style, storyline, and implementation. MAPPA studio produced anime. The animation of the studio is amazing and camera angles during the fight are on another level. It is a story of a male high schooler who lives with his grandfather. He is an excellent sportsperson despite the fact he joins some sort of research club. Because he has to meet his grandfather in hospital and he can easily ditch the Club meeting.

Jujutsu Kaisen Anime| Begins

Jujutsu Kaisen Anime has protagonist named Yuji Itadori. The story begins when Yuji finds himself in a room with Gojo Satoru with his tied up and unconscious. When he wakes up he asks where is everyone? Gojo replies who is in charge of Jujutsu 1st year students you must not worry about others now. As your fate has been decided by the head of Jujutsu Sorcerers that you will be secretly executed. Previously he called the hospital for grandfather but he didn’t want to meet him yet he says he will come tomorrow to meet him. Yuji is in a research club with other members who are his seniors and making fun of the president. President comes and tells that they have to empty the room as you haven’t done any research. Yuji says you mustn’t underestimate members of the club.

Jujutsu Kaisen OP

Occult Research Club

The member of the club Setsuko Sasaki places some reports on a table. And asks the president why the Rugby field is closed? And why it is strange somehow? Why they fell sick? As they are tough Rugby players. The fact is they heard strange voices in the field. We did research and found 30 years old article in the newspaper. According to it, some person in construction company disappeared it might be due to his spirit in rugby field. But the president says it is tick doing which causes infection. And the problem is Yuji as he is registered as a member of the Track and field club, not the Occult club. So this club doesn’t meet the criteria of 3 members which is the basic requirement for the club to exists. The other members were in shock. But Yuji said I filled occult. The Track and field club coach appears and said 1 refilled it because we need you to win the national competition. Yuji refuses but the coach says if you can beat me I can only allow then you to join the Occult club.

Jujutsu Kaisen Anime | Protagonist

Itadori competes with the coach and defeats him easily by breaking the records. Sasaki advises that you can be a good sportsman you don’t need to force yourself to be in Occult Club. Itadori knows they love scary things but can’t do much without him because they are too much scared of haunted places. And itadori has to join some club so he prefers this club. As he has freedom of what he can do and loves the club environment. Megumi Fushiguro who was previously seen as he disguised himself to search for the cursed object. He sees Itadori and thinks that he is special that of how easily he throws that ball without cursed energy. Then Itadori passes Fushiguro, fushiguro senses some thing strange. Suddenly he knows it is the presence of cursed energy due to the cursed object. Then he tries to follow Itadori but he was gone. As Itador can run 50m in 3 sec.

Jujusu Kaisen Anime Main

Cursed Object Mystery

Fushiguro meets itadori and asks for a cursed object and shows him pictures. As it is dangerous. Itadori has it and he doesn’t like it but his seniors liked it so they kept it. Fushiguro explains In japan many people went missing and lots of death which are not understandable. There are many cases and these are due to cursed objects. Curse is basically a large pool of negative energy and found in schools and hospitals. These are due to pain, sorrow, and hatred. So cursed objects are placed in places like schools to ward off other curses. But as time passes by their seals weaken and they attract other curses. The curse you find is a special grade so please return it.

Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Fushiguru

Fight with Curse

As their seniors remove the seal cursed is released and demons appeared. They attacked them meanwhile Fushiguro and Itadori rushes to school to help them. Fushiguro spawns his foxes and fights the cursed spirit. Then itadori jumps in and saves Sasaki. Both of them were saved. Fushiguro asked why did you come? Itadori members his grandfather advise and said he wants to help his friend. Then other cursed objects attack but fushiguro helps Itadori but was ingured in the process. So Itadori fights with the cursed object and tries to take that finger which was the cursed object. But Itadori eats finger and defeats the demon so easily. But itadori now himself turned to demon and strange pattern in his body. That’s the beginning of Ryomen Sukuna.

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