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Kimetsu no Yaiba: Top 5 Powerful Demon are on the list below.AKoyoharu Gotouge narrated and explained the Japanese manga series which is “Kimetsu no Yaiba” which means Blade of Demons Destruction. It has a total of 23 volumes, First volume is aired on February 15, 2016 – May 18, 2020.  In 1st volume cover, they featured Nazuku and Tanjiro Kamado. It is one of the best-selling of all time as it has over 150 million copies which are circulating and ranking wise it is at 5th best manga series. Also, the series which consists of 26 episodes of volume 1 has gathered 2.6 billion in JAPAN. As people are curious to know that when season 2 of Demon slayer  is releasing it  will be at the end of 2021 till then you can see  the trailer given in the link below;

Plot and Setting:

Tasisho-era is a village in Japan the story starts there and revolves around Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko. Demons attacked tanjiro’s whole family when he was selling the woods in the city. On his return, he saw that his whole family is dead and only his sister is alive. Demons bit Nezuko. So, in search of a cure for his sister he gets interacted with the surreptitious society.The demon slayer corps whose main aim is to destroy the demons.Demons are basically those humans who sacrificed their humanity for power, strength, and regeneration. The only way which they can be killed is through a special weapon which is made of Sun steel. Contrary to this Demon slayers are humans entirely but they possess’ special qualities which they master over the passage of time like they have a fire, flame, breathing techniques, etc.

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Kimetsu no Yaiba characters are astounding and unreal powers and qualities.

1.The most Powerful Demon Muzan Kibutsuji ()()(つじ) ()(ざん)

Powerful Demon Rank 01
Muzan Kibutsuji

One of the interesting things about Muzan is that he is the 1st one to converted to a demon from a human while curing his illness. He possesses some special qualities like his height is taller than 3 buildings, has 5 brains and 7 hearts. This gives him unrealistically powerful but along with that he is weakened by certain poisons and also can not be exposed to sunlight. He is a narcist and can kill people for mocking him. One interesting question about Muzan appears if he is a girl or a boy? So, he is basically manipulative to the extent that he can appear in any form.

2. Powerful Demon Kokushibu 黒死牟

Powerful Demon Rank 02

He is upper moon 1 and before that, he was the right hand of Muzan Kibutsuji. His real name was 継国 厳勝 (Michikatsu Tsukiguni). Kokushibu possesses the spectacular skills of moon breathing. He has similarities to his brother Yoriichi before becoming a demon. He was a normal human being but after becoming a demon he has a total of 6 eyes and his hair are in a ponytail. Kokushibu is very composing although he is cruel. He prefers to use his moon breathing and swords techniques rather than the supernatural powers of the demons. He is quite jealous of his brothers because they survived the mark. But the good thing about his personality is that he does not convert humans to demons and consider his opponent’s powers and skills. He has 18 forms of moon breathing styles he is one of the demons who can regenerate their heads.

3.      Douma (どう)()

Powerful Demon Rank 03

He was ranked as upper moon 2 but before that, he was upper moon 6.The 3rd most powerful demon. Douma appeared to be a tall young man with long nails and hairs flickered on his face and the color of the hair is either golden or red. The interesting thing about his personality is that he appears to be very friendly especially with young woman’s. He appears to be emotionless, but he can easily defeat the insect and flower Hashira and according to him there is no chance that upper-rank moon 3 could win a battle against him. He has immense regeneration capabilities this is possible because of the amount of blood he took from Muzan within even a blink of an eye he can cut or defeat humans because of his immense and unimaginable speed.

4.      Akaza  ()()()

Powerful Demon Rank 04

He is upper moon 3 but before that Akaza’s human name is Hakuji (はく)() . Muzan himself turned him into a demon. The 4th most powerful demon. Akaza appears to be a muscular young man. He is strong and muscular even when he was human and he feels pleasure in fighting with the strongest Hashira. He has an extremely jealous personality even he desired to killed Kokushibo and Douma that why they have upper ranks. Due to his personality, he makes impulsive decisions, and although he forgot his memories as a human. It still affects his decisions like he never eats women because he believes that they are fragile and weak. Talking about his abilities he has simply the greatest willpower that in the fight with Tanjiro even with the head being cut he did not surrender just because of that strong will. He had immense strength not only as a demon but as a human that when he was 18, he was able to defeat 67 armed masters just by his fists that made Muzan think that he is a demon. Akaza possesses Soryu Style 素流(そりゅう)(しき) that is blood demon destructive art. He is the only demon who has Martial art.


5.       Nezuko  竈門(かまど) ()()()

Powerful Demon Rank 05
She is the only lucky member of his family who survived but turned into a demon. She appears to be a young beautiful girl with long hair and stylish pointed nails. When she was human,was a caring and very responsible sister for her brothers. Even after becoming a demon, she lost a fair share of her memories. But besides that, she has that protective nature that she protects his brother and all the allies. Now talking about the abilities unlike other demons she does not need human blood to regenerate her powers but she takes a long sleep and recovers her powers. She is quite powerful and can transform herself into various sizes during the fight. The one interesting ability which only she possesses is that she can not be burnt into ashes when exposes to sunlight this will be seen in her fight with upper rank 4 demon.