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Little Garden Arc Cover

The Little Garden Island is an island where Straw hats go after entering the Grand Line. It is a summer island and very few people live here.

SagaArabasta Saga
Total Episodes8
Manga Chapters15

Little Garden Island

Here only priests, animals, and plants exist. There they meet with two giants named Dorry and Broggy. Straw hats along with Vivi reach the Little Garden island. Contrary to its name this island is not little. On that island priests, dinosaurs and huge plants exist. Usopp and Nami felt very uncomfortable going into that island. So, they decide to stay in the boat. Luffy, Vivi go to that island to explore it. After a while, Luffy and Vivi meet with Dorry. He is a giant warrior from Elbaf. Dorry became friends with them. After sometimes Sanji and Zoro fight with each other. They bet to each other that we will see who will collect more meat for the crew. Then they left the ship in search of animals which they can eat. Now Usopp and Nami are alone in that boat.

Little Garden Infobox

Elbaf Giants On Little Garden

They realize that the name of the island is a little island. Because the people who live there are giants. Then Broggy appears before the ship. After seeing Broggy they are in bad condition. Broggy takes both of them to his home. Nami and Usopp’s condition became worse after knowing that Broggy is thinking of eating them. On the other hand, Baroque work agents Mr. 5, Mr. 3, Miss valentine, and Miss Golden V came there and reveal that these two giants have 100,100 million bounties on their heads. They decide to kill them both along with Straw hats. Dorry tells them that they are destined to fight the war which continues for 100 years. Although Dorry forgets about the reason for war. Then it is revealed that the reason for the war between Dorry and Broggy is hunting competition.

Dorry and Broggy

After some time when Dorry and Broggy are again starting to fight Dorry suffers from internal injury. Broggy suffers from an internal injury due to the bear pine. Mr. 5 did something with it by using his devil fruit powers. Dorry attacks Luffy by thinking that he did this to him. But Luffy uses his Gum Gum Rocket attack and defeats him. After that Dorry once again tries to hit Broggy on the rock. Then Luffy asks them to stop fighting with each other. During all this Mr. 3 and Miss, Golden V catches Zoro. And after that, they succeed in catching Nami. Nami is captured because she was escaping from dinosaurs. When Usopp meets with Luffy and Vivi. Vivi realizes that Nami must be caught by Baroque work agents because Nami is on the hit list of them. Eventually, Dorry is defeated by Broggy because of his injuries. Broggy notice changes in him but that is too late because Mr. 3 capture him in wax. Mr.5 and Miss Valentine also capture Vivi because Luffy is already stuck in a rock.

One Piece 77 0

Mr.3 Wax Wax Fruit

Mr. 3 captures Zoro, Nami, and Vivi in a giant candle. Slowly they will be converted into a wax sculptures. Zoro was about to cut off his feet to set him free from the wax. But luckily Usopp, Luffy, and Karoo arrive there to save them. When Luffy tries to damage that candle his own feet are stuck in that. The side effect of that is the process of converting all of them to wax speeds up. This means that Usopp and Karoo have less time to save them. Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine fight with Usopp and karoo. While Mr. 3 tries to stop Luffy from destroying his giant candle. Luffy is captured in the hypnosis of Miss Golden V. Although Luffy tries multiple times to set him free from that but not succeed in getting out of that. Miss V uses his color strap ability and traps him in his hypnosis. Finally, Usopp realizes the situation and defeats Mr. 5. He then uses his flame attack to burn Luffy’s shirt. So that Luffy can completely come out of the hypnosis of Miss V. Mr. 3 forms an ultimate armor, named the candle champion to stop Luffy.


Usopp Saves The Crew

Usopp realizes that Mr. 3 makes dense candles but there is a possibility to melt them. He also realizes that he still has time to save his friends. Although before implementing his plan Mr. 5 attack him. Usopp throws a rope towards the Karoo and asks him to surround it with the candle. Usopp also tells Luffy that to light up that rope. And it is the only way to melt that giant candle. Luffy uses the fairy portion of hairs of Mr. 3 to light up the rope. After getting free from that candle Nami and Vivi easily defeat Miss Valentine. When Mr. 5 is about to attack Vivi, Usopp attacks on him tabasco fire. Mr. 5 is about to kill Usopp but Luffy saves him. Luffy and karoo go toward Mr. 3, but he confuses them with his candle dummies. Luffy uses his instincts and knocks out Mr. 3.

Little Garden To Alabasta

Hakoku schl gt ein Loch in den Shimakui

During this Sanji is enjoying tea in Mr. 3 candle house. Mr. Crocodile calls him he thinks that he is Mr. 3. Crocodile orders Mr. 3 to go to Alabasta by using log post which Unluckies will give them. Mr. 13 and Miss Friday are Unluckies after seeing Sanji attacks on them. But Sanji easily defeats them. And Dorry also recovers in between. Dorry and Broggy then give farewell to straw hats by killing a fish. This fish eats every ship which departures from there. And then Straw hats move towards Alabasta by using eternal log post.

Main Events In Little Garden Arc

  • 2nd Non Human Race Giants Are Shown
  • Nami Gets Severe Sickness
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