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Loguetown Arc
SagaThe East Blue Saga
Total Episodes7
Manga Chapters5
Loguetown Arc

Loguetown Arc

This is the Loguetown arc. It is the final arc in the East story blue saga arc. At the beginning of the arc, all crew members are sitting in Going Merry and Nami is reading a newspaper. A slip came out of it in which the penalty of 30 million bounty on Luffy is mentioned. Luffy became excited, but Nami tell them that 30 million bounties mean a lot of trouble and danger for the crew. During their discussion, they see a town. Nami says that she knew that town and it is the last stop before the Grand line. Nami also tells that Loguetown is the place where great pirate Gold D. Roger was born, and he was also executed here. The crew decides to stop there because they need supplies for their further journey. Meanwhile, the poster of Luffy reaches his hometown. Villagers are very happy that finally, Luffy is living his dream. But the mayor of the town was very angry, and he says that it is not the dream of Luffy it is his destiny. Dracule Mihawk sends Luffy’s poster to Shanks. By seeing the poster Shanks became very happy, and they celebrated this moment of joy with a party.

Luffy Receives His First Bounty

Zoro’s Sword In Loguetown Arc

In Loguetown, Zoro is shopping for his new sword because his old sword is destroyed by Mihawk in the Baratie arc.  Then he meets Tashigi and he then remembers about his old friend Kuina. Tashigi helps Zoro in finding a new sword. They select a sword named Shandai Getakeso. The shop owner refuses to sell that sword and tell that this sword is cursed. The person who uses this sword will be killed. Zoro decides to test his luck against the sword’s curse. He threw the sword upward in the air so that it will hit him or not. But surprisingly the sword did not touch him and fell to the ground. On seeing this owner of the shop is happy. Therefore, he decides to give a sword to Zoro free of cost. He also gifts the best sword named Yubashiri to Zoro. In between all this, Sanji bought a huge fish so that crew members could eat. At that time Usopp buys some Ammo and new goggles for him. Nami buys a lot of clothes for herself. 

Pirate King Execution

Luffy Execution

Meanwhile, Luffy is searching for the execution place of Gold D. Rogers. After finding that he climbs up and stares at the whole place. But during that, a woman shouts at him. Luffy sees her but he has no idea that who is that woman. The woman introduces herself as Alvida. And she is the first pirate which Luffy encounter at the start of his journey. She says that she ate Devil fruit in the morning due to which there is a drastic change in her figure. A Pirate named Buggy is also with him. Kabaji attack Luffy and put him in shackles. Meanwhile Buggy declares that he will execute him. Meanwhile, we can see Captain Smoker’s entry who is famous for his brutal behavior against pirates.

Navy Smoker

Smoker decides to wait until Luffy’s execution then he will go to that place. Straw hats also came to know about the situation they split up. Zoro and Sanji decide and go to help Luffy. Meanwhile, Nami and Usopp went to ready the ship so that they can escape as soon as possible because a storm is hitting soon. Zoro and Sanji reach at execution area to fight with Buggy and his crew. But they believe that they will not reach the execution stand at right time. Buggy is about to cut off Luffy’s head. Luffy asks Sanji and Zoro that his time has come. Then thunderstorms hit the island and the execution stand is destroyed. Luffy did not even get a scratch. By seeing this smoker is shocked that Luffy also escaped like Gold D. Rogers. Buggy and Alvida try to escape from there, but the smoker catches them. Nami and Usopp reach Going Merry and save it from Moji and his lion who are about to burn the ship. Zoro, Sanji, and Luffy also escape from there, but Zoro is confronted by Tashigi.

Journey Toward Grandline

Navy Smoker

Zoro is left behind and Smoker is fighting with Buggy, and Alvida and they find it difficult to deal with Smoker because of his Devil fruit powers. The smoker is about to kill Luffy but an unknown figure appears and saves Luffy. Smoker and Tashigi left their place so that they can follow Luffy. Meanwhile Buggy and his crew are successful in escaping from that place too. Buggy and his crew decide to go to the Grand line while following Luffy’s crew. While going through storm Straw hats performs a small ceremony by placing there one foot on the barrel. They promise that they will for sure fulfill their dreams one day.

Main Events in Loguetown Arc

  • First Time Logia type Devil Fruit Eater is Shown
  • Gold D. Roger Town and Great Pirate Era
  • Zoro’s Two New Sword

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