Madara Uchiha's Childhood
Madara Uchiha’s Childhood

Madara Uchiha is a fictional manga and anime character in the Naruto series. He was the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan, founded Hidden Leaf Village alongside his friend Hashirama Senju. He appeared in Naruto Shippuden as the main Villain. Voiced by Naoya Uchida (Japanese) and Neil Kaplan (English).


Madara Uchiha was born during the war period and spend his childhood fighting in the war. At the time two legendary clans Uchiha and Senju were at the battle with each other. In youth, Madara used to meet a boy name Hashirama Senju since both clans were at war the friendship didn’t last long. Madara and Hashirama saw the same goal since their childhood that was “peace”. Both Madara and Hashirama were only left with their brother and Tobirama (Hashirama’s Brother) took Madara’s last brother (Izuna). Then Hashirama offered his own life. He was willing to make a sacrifice to end all conflict between Uchihas and Senjus.

Madara Uchiha consumed by Darkness
Madara Uchiha consumed by Darkness

Uchihas were known to be an emotional clan. Madara Uchiha did not trust other villages and tried strong-arming them to submit to Hidden Leaf’s will. With Izuna killed he decided to pursue the Sharingan in its most evolved form Mangekyo Sharingan, he soon learned about Shinobi world history.

He challenged Hashirama Senju and was killed by his hands but had planned ahead. He would awaken the Rinnegan by using Hashirama’s flesh. And begin perfecting the infinite Tsukuyomi but Madara’s body started to grow older so he manipulated Obito Uchiha and used him as a pawn in his plan. Madara orchestrated Rin’s death in the hands of Kakashi, someone Obito deeply care about and this pain and darkness led him to follow and carry out Madara’s plans after his death, and soon resurrected him.

Madara vs Shinobi Alliance
Madara vs Shinobi Alliance

Personality and abilities

War and violence surrounded him, Madara was already one of the most powerful shinobi. As a child, he killed many adult Senju before he awakened the Rinnegan. Obito Uchiha started operating under Madara’s name was because his name was itself a power. After its resurrection, he single-handedly defeated thousands of shinobis, five Kage and nine tailed beasts. His enormous reverse of chakra allowed him to fight for days. Madara used to find thrill in conflict. He came to the realization the world only respect power and those he saw as weak he was disrespectful. He values only his power. It disgusts him when he faced with unworthy and weak opponents,. Madara loved fighting above all else, as when his old rival Hashirama Senju entered the battle he was excited and overly joyed to see him. Since he was one of the most capable Shinobi of that era.


Madara Uchiha learning about shinobi world history disappointed him. He believed there was no hope and the cycle of killing and hatred cannot be broken. The only way humanity can experience happiness is from infinite Tsukuyomi ie that endless dream.

“In this world, whenever there is light, there are also shadows. As long as the concept of winners exists, there must also be losers.”

– Madara Uchiha

Infinite Tsukuyomi was a plan which ensured it will put in the infinite dream which will be the new world created by Madara Uchiha he said

“I will unify the world, I will create a world without hatred or war, everything will become one with me, everything will be united” 

-Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha idea of peace was nothing more than an illusion. Peace only holds true meaning when it is created in reality. War and death shaped Madara. And especially have lost his whole family his brother younger brother Izuna Uchiha in the war he naturally failed to understand this concept.

Madara himself who was extremely cunning and manipulative personality was in the end were also being manipulated by Black Zetsu which was ironic since he was a pawn in the bigger game to resurrect Kaguya Otsutsuki.

Madara's final movements
Madara’s final movements

Final movements

In his final movements Madara admitted to Hashirama that he failed to achieve his dream and Hashirama’s dream live on, Hashirama told Madara he should be able to come to terms with there are some things he couldn’t achieve. Hashirama was the only one who knew Madara was naturally a good person his circumstance shaped him this way. He in the end still cared about him and offered to have a drink as war buddies, to which Madara replied,

“As comrades, huh… Well… if that’s how… we… will…”.

-Madara Uchiha

But in the end, he did bring peace, since he waged the war against the Shinobi world it brought them together against the common enemy.