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Monster Anime is a story rooted in reality, far removed from the superpowers and supernatural forces. Dr. Kenzo Tenma is the center of this whole anime. It starts when Dr. Tenma came out of the operation theatre and congratulates everyone on a successful surgery. But at the same time, he noticed that a lady is crying in the corridor. Tenma is one of the best Neurosurgeons. He is also the fiancé of the director’s daughter Eva Heinemann. Dr. Heinemann is the director of the hospital, but he never appreciates Dr. Tenma for his hard work. Which is noticed by everybody Dr. Baker while discussing to Tenma told him that don’t you think that Director is taking benefit from you. Because you are one of the best Neurosurgeons at such young age. 

Monster Anime | Treatment

The lady who was crying in the corridor came to Tenma and asked him that you are responsible for my husbands’ death. He came first to the hospital, but you prefer to treat that opera singer. Tenma discussed that incident with Eva in which she says that not everyone’s life has equal importance. By hearing the statement Tenma was in shock.  Mr. and Mrs. Liebert have Fraternal twins, and they live in Dusseldorf. One night the neighbors called the police because they heard the gunshots from their house. When police entered the house, they were in shock that both husband and wife are shot. And the boy twin is shot in the head although he is not dead but was in critical condition. The girl twin was in shock and was not even talking. Her eyes were wide open like if she is staring at something.

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Monster Anime | Protagonist

When the Director asked him about his research work and the progress of that which makes Tenma happy. That he is concerned about his work but he said that leave that work and work on my presentation for the European convention which is in next month, these all conversations made Tenma furious. When he was in operation theatre for the operation of that twin boy, Dr. Boyer came in and asked him the Director is on call and wanted to talk to him. Director asked him that the Mayor is in another operation theater leave this patient and operate him Tenma as Mayor promised us to donate the money for the hospital to which Tenma replied yes I will operate him. But when he hung up the call, he remembers the word of that crying lady who has the same case by remembering Tenma asked Dr. Boyer that he will operate the kid. As he is in critical condition he must go and operate the mayor.

Story Develops

MOnster anime main character

After many hours Tenma came out of the theater successfully. At that time, he was informed that Mayor is no more and blame Tenma that he refused to perform surgery. A doctor came and told that due to this your hospital reputation is at stake and he also informed that to the Director. Dr baker came to Tenma and asked that I told you that your future is bright. A detective came to the hospital and asked that Acan I meet the girl. The nurse replied that most of the time she disappeared from her room. At the same time, a party is going on in which the director thanks everyone for the reputation of the hospital after that he discussed the mayor’s incident and appreciated the Dr’s who tried to save his life. Tenma went close to Director and said that I am sorry for that day on which the director said that it’s okay you did what is right according to you.

Is Monster Anime Good?

So the question is whether anime is worth watching or not. Surely it’s up to you whether you like it or not. Check out the trailer before making any decision!

Director then called the Head of Neurosurgeon which is Tenma. But he was shocked that when Doctor Boyer’s name is called on. He went to the director and said that what is this. On which he replied that you are an irresponsible person you can stay in this hospital. But there will be no further promotion and neither your research work will be published nor sent to any conference. He became very sad and came out of the hospital where he saw Eva and asked her to talk to his father where he asked Eva to talk to her father to which she replies that you are such an idiot and she threw their engagement ring also. After all that Tenma came back to the hospital to that kid and was talking to him that I came to Germany after reading his research paper but now I know that he is a greedy bastard who takes advantage of other and thanks to that kid you make me learn that what is the responsibility of a doctor and Tenma left the hospital.

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