ONE PIECE ARCS LIst [canon & filler arcs]

One-piece arcs list contains a list of arcs in one piece with details about the storyline in crononical order. Anime Arcs contain a portion that is related to some specific event or place in that anime. One Piece is one of the most popular and followed shounen series of all time.

Starting from October 20, 1999. Being the No.1 best-selling manga for 12 years is a record that has never been made before and might not ever be made again One Piece has the greatest world-building in any anime present. As the One Piece world is very vast so there are also many Arcs in the anime series. Which one is The Best One Piece arc some may say Marienford, Ennis Lobby, or maybe Little Garden.

Do you know?

There are more than 31 arcs (excluding some minor ones) in one piece. 18 arcs of the one piece are filler arcs. With a filler arc percentage of rouggly 55%. Here in the lists they are distinguhed from Canon arcs(related to main story line).


The filler episode percentage varies from the filler arc percentage. One Piece Filler arcs have a generally small number of episodes. One Piece now has 1013 episodes with the latest episode 1014 released on March 6, 2022. Currently, Wano Arc is airing. Wano Arc is at its peak with lots of fights happening.

These 1015 episodes are divided into more or less 31 arcs. like there are filler episodes there are also Arcs that are completely filler you can skip them if you like.18 arcs of the one piece are filler arcs. Simply click to see the detailed article related to the respective One Piece arc.

Why so many Filler Episodes/Arcs in One Piece?

One piece a popular anime. Almost every week a Manga chapter is drawn by Eiichiro Oda and published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. Toei Animation animates one episode every week a rough gap of 20 chapters is kept in between manga chapters and Animated episodes. When Eiichiro Oda takes a break or Toei Animation wants to increase the gap filler episodes are animated to keep the audience engaged and to fulfill demand.



Arc No.Arcs NameArcs Starts on EpisodeTotal Episodes in ArcCanon/Filler Arc
1Romance Dawn Arc13Canon Arc
2Orange Town Arc45Canon Arc
3Syrup Village Arc910Canon Arc
4Baratie Arc1912Canon Arc
5Arlong Park Arc3115Canon Arc
5.1Buggy Side Story Arc462Filler Arc
6Loguetown Arc486Canon Arc
6.1Warship Island Arc548Filler Arc
7Reverse Mountain Arc622Canon Arc
8Whiskey Peak Arc644Canon Arc
8.1Koby and Helmeppo Arc682Filler Arc
9Little Garden Arc708Canon Arc
10Drum Island Arc7814Canon Arc
11Alabasta Arc9239Canon Arc
11.1Post-Alabasta Arc1315Filler Arc
11.2Goat Island Arc1363Filler Arc
11.3Ruluka Island Arc1395Filler Arc
12Jaya Arc1449Canon Arc
13Skypiea Arc15343Canon Arc
13.1G-8 Arc19611Filler Arc
14Long Ring Long Land Arc20715Canon Arc
14.1Ocean’s Dream Arc2205Filler Arc
14.2Foxy’s Return Arc2252Filler Arc
15Water 7 Arc22935Canon Arc
16Enies Lobby Arc26449Canon Arc
17Post-Enies Lobby Arc31313Canon Arc
17.1Ice Hunter Arc32611Filler Arc
18Thriller Bark Arc33745Canon Arc
18.1Spa Island Arc3823Filler Arc
19Sabaody Archipelago Arc38521Canon Arc
19.1Special Historical Arc4062Filler Arc
20Amazon Lily Arc40814Canon Arc
21Impel Down Arc42231Canon Arc
21.1Little East Blue Arc4264Filler Arc
22Marineford Arc45733Canon Arc
23Post-War Arc49027Canon Arc
24Return to Sabaody Arc5176Canon Arc
25Fishman Island Arc52352Canon Arc
25.1Z’s Ambition Arc5754Filler Arc
26Punk Hazard Arc57947Canon Arc
26.1Caesar Retrieval Arc6263Filler Arc
27Dressrosa Arc629118Canon Arc
27.1Silver Mine Arc7474Filler Arc
28Zou Arc75129Canon Arc
28.1Marine Rookie Arc7803Filler Arc
29Whole Cake Island Arc78395Canon Arc
30Levely Arc87812Canon Arc
31Wano Country Arc890122Canon Arc
31.1Cidre Guild Arc8952Filler Arc

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