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The second arc of one piece is Orange Town Arc. It is explained in it that how accidentally Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro meet Buggy the clown. Arc started when we see that Both Zoro and Luffy seemed confused and lost in the sea because they both do not have navigation skills. Then they see a bird flying. Luffy uses his stretching power to catch the bird. Because they both can fulfill their hunger. But to their surprise bird is so huge that it catches Luffy and flies away. Zoro starts following that bird. At that time 3 pirates appear who try to attack and take over the boat. But all in vain because Zoro beat them. After that, the pirates tell Zoro that how a girl dodged them and stole their ship. Those 3 pirates tell Zoro that they will take revenge on that girl. And if they return without a ship to Buggy how he will react.

SagaEast Blue Saga
Total Episodes5
Manga Chapters14

Orange Town

Orange Town Arc

Zoro starts thinking that who is this Buggy and why are they scared of him. On the other hand, on the coast of the orange town, a ship in the shape of a carousel is always there. The member of that ship notices Luffy and the bird. On seeing them he alerts his captain. Captain orders to shoot the bird. Similar to those 3 pirates that mysterious girl also robbed the other 3 pirates. Those pirates are shouting at that girl to return the grand line map. At that time a sudden burst occurs between the 4 of them. Luffy appears, on seeing Luffy the girls instantly make a plan.

Nami Betrayal

She shows that Luffy is her Boss. On hearing this those 3 pirates attack Luffy. One of them hit on his and Luffy’s cat fell to the ground. This makes Luffy infuriated. Then Luffy easily defeats them by using his Gum Gum Pistol attack. On seeing these skills girl is very impressed with Luffy. She introduces herself as Nami. She also tells him that she is an expert in robbing the pirates. Firstly, she wants to pair up with Luffy. But when Luffy tells her that he is a pirate. She pretends to be his partner. But she ties him up with a rope and hands him over to Buggy. Buggy prisoned Luffy in a cage. Then Nami pretends that she wants to be a partner with Buggy. Because she wants to steal Buggie’s treasure. All things are going smoothly but then Buggy asks Nami to kill Luffy to prove her loyalty. Nami could not do that instead she starts fighting and saved Luffy’s life.

Nami Betryal In Orange Town

Chocho’s Story

At that time Zoro enters and fight with Buggy and cut him into pieces with his sword. When Zoro think that Buggy is dead at that instant Buggy use his separate hand and attack Zoro. At that time Buggy reveals that he also ate Dragon fruit. No sword will harm him. Besides all this Zoro, Nami and Luffy are successful in leaving that place. They reach an empty town where they meet a dog named Chocho. There they also meet the Mayor of town who explains to them that how this dog Guards the shop of his owner who is dead now. At that time Buggy’s crew member Mohji and his pet Lion Richie enter there.  Nami and Mayor escape from there. Zoro on the other hand is in the house of the Mayor and healing his wound. Luffy is still in a cage. Richie attack Luffy and he succeeds in escaping from the cage. Richie then attacks the pet store. Chocho try his best to defend but he can never beat the lion. When Luffy returns he is surprised that the pet store is burned into ashes. A dog is also sitting with a broken heart.

Zoro Fights

Buggy The Clown

Luffy fights with Moji and Richie and easily defeats them. Then only pet food left in that shop is given to pets by Luffy. Mayor appreciates the bravery of Luffy. Mayor alone goes to fight with Buggy. He is about to die but luckily Nami, Zoro, and Luffy reach there.  Zoro fights with other crewmates of Buggy name Kabaji and despite the fact he is injured, he easily defeats him. Luffy fights with Buggy and Nami went to steal the treasure Buggy. During the fight, he tells Luffy that Buggy and Shanks were crewmates. Due to shanks, he got the power of Dragon fruit. While fighting Buggy notices that Nami is stealing his treasure. He is about to attack Nami, but Luffy saves her. Buggy again separates his body parts for the second attack but Nami steals his body parts. Buggy is now left with head, feet, and hands. In that condition, Luffy kicked him far away.

Orange Town| Nami Joins?

Nami gives Luffy the map of the Grand Line. She also thanks to him and happily joins the crew of Luffy. When Luffy, Nami, and Zoro try to relax at that time town people appear. They see that their mayor is injured and fell to the ground. On seeing this they ask Luffy that what is the matter. They tell them that they are pirates. On hearing this they attack them, but Chocho appears some help them to escape. Mayor follows them but they already left the town. Mayor thanks them and see that Nami left one bag of treasure there so that people could rebuild their town. Nami then warns Luffy that he will better not do that again.

Main Events in Orange Town Arc

  • Nami became part of crew as navigator
  • Buggy is related to Shanks
  • Luffy is recognized by Navy for second time
  • First fight with devil fruit eater

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