Planet Eater Moro Dragon Ball Super

The evolution of Planet Eater MORO is after DRAGON BALL SUPER. The concept of Moro DBS gives a nostalgic hit to its spectators.

The powers of the character and storyline are fabulous. It is obvious that writers present the villain character in a way that has more plus unbelievable power than previous villain characters. But MORO’s is trend changer.

Because the fan expected that the one who saves or fights with the villain should be more powerful but in MORO’s case it is a disadvantage.  It will be interesting to see that the techniques which Vagita and Gokomoro used previously, will in turn make MORO more powerful.

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Who is Planet Eater Moro?

This whole scenario looks real because Dragon ball Super MORO’s character is designed in this unique way. So, to begin with, the trouble list and evilest eater story of MORO.

When Vegeta and Goku training in the gravity chamber they received a call from Bulma. She informed them that a mysterious gang is trying to kidnap Buu.

When they both try to save the Buu the gang leader Merus by smartly using a stunt gun makes them unconscious. This means they both are also kidnapped but the twist is that when they opened their eyes, they see Jaco.

They apologize on behalf of Merus, but he said that it is necessary to kidnap Buu and had no time to explain both of you.  They gave them a piece of shocking news that a powerful villain escaped from galactic prison.

Evilest Character Moro

Planet Eater Moro Dragon Ball Super

For this purpose, they need the help of Great grand Kai. So that story is 10 million years old and the evilest character takes over the world. Grand and South supreme Kai were trying to fight with unknown energy.

To all of your surprise that is Moro. He uses the energy and powers of Meteoroids and comets. And Kai’s are trying to protect them from that energy.

When South Supreme Kai trying to tell that more meteoroids are about to hit them and that one meteoroid hit him and it seems that the Kai is completely destroyed but Grand supreme Kai uses his complete powers and pushes that upward.

After this fight, both Kais are exhausted, angry, and frustrated that how can someone attack with these comets and meteoroids.

Dragon Ball Moro Powers

When they look upward, they see that Moro stretched his arms and used every possible thing in his surrounding as part of his energy.

He is concentrating all his energy on an unknown planet. The effect of that power is so destructive that no life would exist. Moro converts all the energy into a small sphere that could easily fit in his hands. Moro swallows that ball of energy by controlling it and in turn, becomes more powerful than before.

The result of that massive increase in power is that he releases a massive amount of energy from his body.

The things in its surrounding are destroyed by that and to the viewers’ astonishment, the moon on which they are fighting is also destroyed. Both Kai’s believe that he is more powerful, and they cannot beat it.

Planet Eater Moro’s End

Planet Eater Moro Dragon Ball Super

In that instant Moro land on that moon on which both Kai’s are already. To deal with this Grand supreme Kai says that I need to seal his power by using my Godly powers. Grand supreme kai Say “Kai Kai Montro” and that single attack is enough to seal his powers. By which he is prisoned in Galactic prison.

Although Moro was given a death sentence, he is so powerful that no one killed him. So, he is then imprisoned for a lifetime. But no one knows that at that time he was regaining his powers.

He is that old. But Vegeta and Goku are still clueless that how Buu is related to that. After 5 million years of Moro’s imprisonment, MajinBoo absorbed Grand Kai.

Dragon ball super Moro compared

So, there is the possibility that we can extract Kai. GOKO and Vagita are introduced to the galactic king and included in the galactic patrol team. So that they could help to find the MajinBuu.

  • Planet Eater Moro is by far the strongest villain in Dragon Ball Super
  • Highly skilled and capable of beating Goku and Vegeta even while they were at their 1,000% power level
  • Able to take on all four Saiyans while still not reaching full power.
  • His physical prowess proves him an even more difficult adversary than other villains in the franchise.
  • Moro is able to share power with his minions
  • Moro was able to make low-class fighters into formidable foes that could go toe-to-toe with some of Earth’s mightiest warriors.

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