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Reverse Mountain Arc cover
Reverse Mountain Arc cover

Reverse Mountain Arc is First in Arabasta Saga. It is the shortest Arc of entire Anime.

SagaArabasta Saga
Total Episodes2
Manga Chapters5

Crossing The Reverse Mountain

In this arc, we will discover that how Straw hats pirates reach the reverse mountain. To enter the Grand line how they will cross that. In the previous arc to save their lives, they ran away from Loguetown. When the storm stops Nami tells them they are in Calmbelt and to reach the Grand line they need to cross Reverse Mountain. She also tells that Calmbelt is one of the strips surrounding the Grand line. The main thing about the Calmbelt is that there is no flow either air in that belt. Nami says the crew that we should go back to the storm. But suddenly all sea kings appear there. After trying hard, they succeed in escaping from there. Then straw hats focus on the ocean currents which they are facing while going to reverse mountain. While passing current their rudder brakes. But Luffy somehow shields the ship. Due to this ship is safe from striking the mountains. And they enter the Grand Line.

Into Grandline Through Reverse Mountain


On reaching the Grand line at the entrance points a whale is blocking the entrance. The name of the whale is Laboon. Straw hats both strikes with it and its last head is a break. Luffy gets very angry by this and punches in the eyes of Laboon. Then Laboon opens up its mouth and swallows the whole ship. Luffy somehow manages to escape from the oat. But when he is about to strike it second-time Laboon closes its mouth. Laboon then goes underwater but Luffy is able to see the entry point of Laboon. During this Straw hats sees a small Island in Laboon. A man kills the squid whose name is Crocus. After a long conversation between Crocus and straw hats, he shows the way out of the Laboon. But at that time Laboone starts striking its head to the mountain. Due to this, it gets more injured. At that time 2 people appears named Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday.


Laboon blocking the Straw Hat Pirates path
Laboon blocking the Straw Hat Pirates path

They want to defeat Crocus so that can feed Laboon to their town. Luffy bumps into them in a corridor. While fighting Luffy punches them. By his punch, all of them fly and land near Straw hats. Before dealing with both of them Crocus goes to calm down Laboon. In the meantime, Luffy defeats them and goes to Crocus. Crocus tells them Laboon came to reverse mountain with a group of pirates. They left Laboon here with me until they come back from Grand Line. But still, after 50 years, they did not come back. And Laboon is still waiting for them. After hearing this Luffy threw those 2 people outside. Crocus also tell that he heard that the pirates with which Laboon came here left the Grand line. But when he told that Laboon, she did not believe that instead, she is hitting her head to the reverse mountains. So that Laboon can meet with those pirates. Then Luffy takes a mast and places it in the open wound of Laboon. Due to this action, Laboon is against them. Luffy also draws a Jolly on the head of Laboon and tells that when they will return from Grand line. He will fight with her. This makes Laboon very happy. Nami then tells that her compass has stopped working.

Whisky Peak

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Sanji getting angry at Crocus

Crocus tells them that they need a Log post for navigation in the Grand Line. So that they can reach the last island of the Grand line which is the Raftel. Luffy tells that he has one Log post which he gets while fighting Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday. But during the fight with Sanji, the Log post fell on the ground and breaks. Crocus gave them his Log post in exchange for helping the Laboon. In between this Mr. 9 and Miss, Wednesday realizes that they do not have Log post. They went to straw hats for help that they could send them to Whiskey peaks. Straw hats first think a lot. But then they agree to help them. Straw hats left for Whiskey peaks after giving farewell to Laboon and Crocus. Crocus thinks that Luffy might be that person which Rogers told.

Main Events In Reverse Mountain Arc

  • Straw Hats Entered Into Grand Line
  • Crocus one of Gold D. Roger Crew is Shown
  • Laboon Which is related to One of Straw Hats pirates which will Join is Shown

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