Romance Dawn Arc【Devil Fruit Arc|One Piece】

The Romance dawn arc is the first arc of the series. It explains the start of the adventure. The pirate king who attained enormous wealth is going to be executed. Before his execution, he makes a shocking revelation that he has hidden his treasure in a secret place. This was said so the whole world enters the “Great pirate era”.  After 11 years red hair shanks arrived in Foosha village. Where after 1 year of stay a boy named Monkey D. Luffy stabbed his eye. This was done to prove that he is capable to join their gang. The red hair shanks discussed his bravery. But they refuse to enter him into their gang. Suddenly the leader of the Mountain Bendis group entered the bar. He demands alcohol. But the bartender tells him that the pirates finished all of it. Here is some information about Romance Dawn Arc.

SagaEast Blue Saga
Total Episode4 episodes
Romance Dawn Arc
Crew In Romance Dawn Arc

One Piece Begins|Romance Dawn Arc

Shanks offered Heguima the last bottle of alcohol. But he breaks it on his head. Shanks apologized for his behavior. Luffy who is seeing all of this became angry that why shanks apologized to him and did not fight back. Then Luffy leaves the bar, but Shanks tries to stop him. He discovered that Luffies hand is stretching which means that he ate Gum-Gum fruit.  After some time, Red Shanks left the village. Higuma again enters the village. By seeing them Luffy starts fighting with them. Higuma kidnaps Luffy and is about to kill him. But at that time Red Shanks gang appeared. Higuma member points the gun toward Shanks but the pirate lucky shoots him from his gun.  Ben Backman single-handedly defeats Bendis’s crew. Higuma ran away with Luffy. He threw him into the sea, as Luffy is a devil fruit eater, so it is impossible for him to swim. At that time sea king Lord of Coast appear and eat Higuma. When he approached Luffy, Shanks arrived there. Shanks is happy that Luffy is safe but in all these shanks lost his one hand which makes Luffy sad. Finally, when the Shanks are leaving the village Luffy came to them. He tells them he will not join their group but rather make his own group. And he will be the king of pirates by finding the treasure of the sea. By hearing these shanks give his hat to Luffy and tell him to return this when he accomplishes his mission.

Luffy Journey Toward King of Pirates

Shanks Giving hat

After 10 years the time skip of Romance Dawn Luffy left for his first voyage on a small boat. Then a sea monster appears but Luffy used his gum-gum pistol to attack and kill that. The plan of Luffy is simple he adds 10 crew members at least and then makes a flag. And by then he will be pirate king of them. A pirate ship arrived there whose captain is Alvida. She beats every one of her members for not doing their work properly. Kobi and the 3 groupmates find a barrel in the vine compartment which they decided to drink secretly. But Luffy came out of that barrel. Luffy and Kobi both escaped from that boat to the forest. Luffy asked Kobi if he had a boat. Kobi shows him his boat which he made but never escaped because of the fear of Alvida. Luffy tells Kobi that to achieve his dreams he needs to face his fears. At that time Alvaida arrived there and destroy Kobi’s boat. She said I will give you one chance to live if you accept that I am the most beautiful pirate on the sea. But Luffy insulted her and by seeing him Kobi also did the same. This makes Alvaida furious she attacks Kobi, but Luffy destroys her boat by using his GUM GUM pistol attack. They stole one boat and fled away. Kobi tells that to fulfill his dream of pirate king he needs to cross the Grand line.

Rorona Zoro| First Crewmate

Rorona Zoro in Romance Dawn

Then Luffy tells him that to survive there they need a powerful crew. Pirate hunter and Marine prisoner Roronoa Zoro will be a member of his crew. Kobi is shocked because Zoro is considered a demonic beast. Due to Kobi’s navigation skills, they reached Shell’sTown where Zoro is captured. When Luffy and Kobi reached the marine base Zoro is caught in the crucifix. Rika appeared there when Zoro asked Luffy to set him free. She offered them rice balls. Suddenly Helmeppo appeared and snatch the rice balls from a kid and threw her. It is considered a crime to help Zoro. When they left Luffy offered him to enter his crew. But he refused and tell him that Helmeppo will set him free. If he would survive one month without food. Zoro asked Luffy to give him rice balls. He then asked Luffy to tell Rika that rice balls are tasty.

Zoro’s Story In Romance Dawn

Luffy went to town and tell her about Zoro. Then Reca tells him that Helmeppo and Captain Morgan are running this town very harshly. They are killing people even for their smallest mistakes. Rika then tells Luffy that Zoro did nothing. He only saved her from the beast dogs of Helmeppo. At that time Helmeppo appeared and ask the whole town to bow to him. He announced that Zoro will be executed after 3 days. Luffy confronts Helmeppo that what about the promise you did to Zoro. He smiled and told that it was just a joke. Infuriated Luffy punched Helmeppo and he fell to the ground. Kobi tries to stop Luffy. Helmeppo threatens Luffy that he will tell his father. Luffy once again visits Zoro and offered him to be part of his crew which he once again rejects. Zoro tells Luffy that his sword is snatched by Helmeppo.

Finding Pirate Hunter’s Sword

Luffy makes a deal with Zoro that if he would succeed in getting back his sword, then he has to accept the offer. Helmeppo asks Morgan to kill Luffy. But he ignored him and reach the shell town roof. When Morgan’s statue is under construction. Helmeppo asks him why he is not killing Luffy. He tells him that you are responsible for your battles. Helmeppo came to know that Reca who was feeding Zoro is still alive. He orders one of his marine soldiers to kill Reca but he refused. As a result, Morgan kills him with his ax hand. On the other hand, Luffy is in search of someone who could guide him to reach Zoro’s sword. But on hearing the sound he climbs up to the top of the roof. Due to Luffy Morgan’s statue fell and break. Morgan asks his soldiers to catch Luffy.

Romance Dawn| Zoro’s Past

But Luffy along with Helmeppo went inside the base in search of Zoro’s sword. Helmeppo tells him that Zoro’s sword is in his room. Luffy uses Helmeppo as a shield when he faces marine soldiers. When Luffy reaches Helmeppo’s room and asks him about the sword. Till then he faints. At that time Kobi is trying to set Zoro free and is shot by the soldiers. They informed Morgan about it. Kobi tells Zoro that the agreement between you and Helmeppo is fraud. At this time Luffy is fighting with Helmeppo and you need to help him. Morgan arrived there with marine base soldiers. Morgan orders his soldiers to shoot both Kobi and Zoro. Zoro promised someone that he will not beat anyone until that person’s dream will be fulfilled. He went back in memory he remembers that when was a kid.  He did dojimo’s training and Kuina who is the daughter of Dojoimi’s master.

Zoro and Kuina Story In Romance Dawn

Zoro Past In Romance Dawn

She beat him 2000 times in a duel. This makes Zoro frustrated he asked Kuina to fight one last time with real swords. But he again lost that fight which make him even more frustrated. Kuina tells Zoro that she is also frustrated because his father thinks that men always surpass women. At that time Zoro and Kuina promise each other that they will get training to become the world’s greatest swordsmen. After that, they will do dual but the next day Kuina fell from the stairs and dies. Zoro with the permission of her father takes his sword and promises that he will become the world’s greatest swordsman. When Morgan shoots Zoro and Kobi Luffy came in between and takes the bullet on him. As Luffy is a rubber man all the bullets reflect back to Morgan’s soldier. Luffy then gives the swords to Zoro and Zoro accepts the offer of Luffy. When Morgan and his soldiers approached them, Luffy with his stretched legs fell them. He then approaches Morgan to fight. At that time Helmeppo reaches and points a gun at Kobi but Luffy uses his Gum-Gum pistol to attack.  Zoro kills Morgan and Helmeppo and saves Luffy and Kobi. Marine soldiers celebrate this. They all went to Zeca’s mother’s restaurant and eat meals there. Kobi thanks Luffy for the life lesson and then they plan for the future.

Main Events In Romance Dawn Arc

  • Luffy Eats Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit
  • Shanks loses his hand
  • Shanks give him precious Straw Hat to Luffy
  • Luffy Starts his Journey to become King of Pirates
  • Zoro became Crewmate

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