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Sailor Moon Anime Series is a popular TV series. Released in Japan in 1992 it is also known as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. The series is based on Manga series called The pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. This television series is a story of a superheroine Usagi Tsukino. The television series won the Animage’s Anime Grand Prix Award in 1992. It is the world’s most active online anime.


The Sailor Moon Anime Series consists of the adventures of a young girl. Whose name is Usagi Tsukino. She is a middle school student with average grades. Then suddenly her life changed when Usagi’s saved the life of a cat in an incident. She receives powers and becomes a Pretty solder, The Sailor Moon. Now with help of other sailor soldiers, she defends Earth. After receiving the Powers of a Superheroine it is Usagi’s duty to find the lost princess of the Moon Kingdom. She must search for the other Sailor Guardians and The Legendary Silver Crystal to save the earth from chaos.

Sailor Moon Series Seasons and Arcs

The Sailor Moon Anime series contains 5 seasons namely

1st. Sailor Moon (1992–1993)

2nd. Sailor Moon R (1993–1994)

3rd. Sailor Moon S (1994–1995)

4th. Sailor Moon SuperS (1995–1996)

5th. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (1996–1997)

Sailor Moon Movies/Films Released:

there is a total of Four Sailor Moon movies Released in chronological order:

The Sailor Moon Series Arcs Guide

The main story of the Sailor Moon Anime series is divided into five arcs that are

  1. Dark kingdom
  2. Black Moon
  3. Death Busters
  4. Dead Moon
  5. Sailor Stars

Dark Kingdom Arc

  • Sailor Moon Classic: Episodes (1-46 )
  • Sailor Moon Crystal: Episodes (1-14)
  • Manga Acts (1-14 Vol) 1- 3 (Shinsōban (2nd Reprint))
  • Volume (1-2) (Kanzenban (Eternal aka the new editions coming out )

Black Moon Clan Arc

  • Sailor Moon R: Episodes (47-89) (Sailor Moon R Movie after ep 77 ep 82. )
  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episodes (14-26) ( Act 14 is a bridge between DK & BM arcs)
  • Manga Acts (14-260)
  • Volume (3- 5) (Shinsōban ( 2nd Reprint))
  • Volume (3-4) (Kanzenban (Eternal))

Mugen Academy or Infinity Arc

  • Sailor MoonS: Episodes (90-127) ( Sailor Moon S Movie at about episode 122. )
  • Sailor Moon Crystal: Episodes (27-39)
  • Manga Acts (27-380)
  • Volume (6-8) (Shinsōban)(Second Reprint)
  • Volume (5-6) (Kanzenban)(Eternal))

Dream Arc

  • Sailor Moon SuperS: Episodes (128-166) ( Sailor Moon SuperS Movie after season)
  • Sailor Moon Crystal or Eternal: This movie contains two parts and is called Sailor Moon Eternal. First, the part will be aired in theaters on September 11, 2020
  • Manga Acts (39-49)
  • Volume (8-10) (Shinsōban) (2nd Reprint)
  • Volume (7-8) (Kanzenban)(Eternal)

Stars Arc

  • Sailor Moon Stars Episodes (167-200)
  • Sailor Moon Crystal/Eternal: TBA
  • Manga Acts (50-60)
  • Volume (11-12) (Shinsōban)( Second Reprint)
  • Volume (9-10) (Kanzenban)(Eternal)

List of Characters in Sailor Moon Anime Series

Imagenes de Sailor Moon ✨Terminada✨ 🌙Imagenes de Todas las Sailor Senshis 2🌙
Sailor Moon characters

The series contains a large number of characters made by the author Naoko Takeuchi. There are ten girls called Sailor Guardians with magical powers. Guardians are named after the names of planets in the solar system. The main characters are Sailor moon, sailor mercury, sailor mars, sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Saturn. Antagonists are the Dark Kingdom, Hell Tree aliens, Black Moon Clan, Death Busters, Dead Moon Circus, and Shadow Galactica. Some Supporting character’s Luna, Artemis, Diana, Sailor Starlights, and Other humans and nonhumans. You can see the top 10 Characters in Sailor Moon.


User SailorSenshi

Sailor Moon is the story of a 14-year-old girl named Usagi. One day after rescuing a cat in a parking lot, the cat reveals that it can speak and gives Usagi the power to become the handsome soldier Sailor Moon to fight for love and justice against the evil Dark Kingdom and its monsters. In 46 episodes, Usagi encounters other people of similar powers. Who band together as Sailor Scouts to save the world. Usually, the in-story contains evils planning to defeat Sailor moon.

The explorers in Sailor Moon Anime Series have attributes like Ami’s intellect, Rie’s passion, Makoto’s strength, and Minako’s empathy. Usagi is this careful combination of these things in a positive way. The character’s in the Sailor Moon series are very close to the characterization of an average viewer watching the series. Usagi is not the kind of character with powers that can do everything because she is the main character. Usagi can be selfish, she can be cruel. Also at the same time, she is a loving, caring, and protective individual. Which makes this story about her even better.