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Serena Tsukino
Serena Tsukino

The Sailor Moon Anime Series Season 1 introduces our protagonist Serena Tsukino or Tsukino Usagi. A fourteen-year-old girl is with a super unique hairstyle a little clumsy and a little dedicated to her studies. Not who cries way too easily. One day the girl meets Luna a purple or black cat that happens to be a talking animal.

Who claims that Serena is the chosen one the destined girl. The one who with the help of a magic brooch will transform without questioning her sanity or sobriety since she’s talking to a cat and most of all without asking too many questions. Serena says the magic phrase and she becomes Sailor Moon a transformation that we will see in every single episode.

The cat told Serena Tsukino or Tsukino Usagi that her mission is protecting the world. And to find the princess of the Kingdom of the Moon without even a shred of identikit so Sailor Moon’s battle begins The enemies attack the mother of her best friend Molly. In her first performance as warrior Serena, her help arrives promptly with Tuxedo Mask a masked character. The girl initially uses her tiara throwing it like a boomerang crumbling enemies and then she’ll eventually upgrade to using the lunar scepter soon

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Characters in Sailor Moon Season 1[Serena Tsukino/Tsukino Usagi/The Sailor MOON]

Warriors of Sailor Moon Season 1
Warriors in sailor moon

Serena Tsukino or Tsukino Usagi will team up with other warriors. Ami called Sailor Mercury the super smart and diligent. Who is the favorite character of many people? With the power of all the Mist of bubbles. Ray called Sailor Mars a priestess with the powers of fire with which Serena fights. Lita called Sailor Jupiter. A masculine and very strong girl with the superpower of lightning. With a tendency to fall in love with every male character she encounters. Mina the white cat Artemis comes to Sailor Venus Mina who in this series looks like a super smart and cool girl.

At the start, others believed that Sailor Venus is the princess of the moon that the Warriors are searching for. We can mention Melvin a kid who wears hypnotist glasses and an older student who never misses a chance to piss off Serena. The man an undisputed king of the futility in the anime world is actually Tuxedo Mask. Who helps the Sailor Senshi driven by strange dreams that led him to look for the silver crystal and regain his lost memory.

Villains in Sailor Moon

Villains of Sailor Moon Season 1
Villains in Sailor Moon

The enemies of Sailor Moon belonged to an army formed by a dude in the background headed by Queen Beryl a woman with long nails that does nothing but sit all day on a throne in a purple room and shake her hands around a crystal ball the purpose of these bad guys is to collect the human energy in order to awaken their master queen Natalia. Beryl the fortune-teller has at her service four generals dressed in uniforms of eggplant color.

The generals will get the order of extermination. When they will be unproductive to their master. In order, they are Jedi, Teflon, and malachite. The Jedi were put into a freezer for not collecting enough energy. It will be the turn of Nephrite, A dark and handsome villain. Whom Molly falls madly in love with the story.

Main Story of Sailor MOON

The site enters into action and he uses a black crystal to find seven gems. Inside of crystal, there are seven evil lords of the Negev locked up. They are stuffed into the bodies of unsuspecting humans. Once you have collected all the evil gems. You can win the silver crystal a superpower stone. Unfortunately when he found all the seven crystals. Milord begins his trail of victimhood. Acting mortally wounded in order to save Serena. After discovering their identity the girl begins to cry desperately.

On his corpse in from one of her tears. She finds the silver crystal revealing that she is the princess of the moon. Queen Beryl who has always had a crush on Tuxedo Mask gets angry at zoisite for killing him and eliminating him. In spite of the unions in a flashback, we discover that many years ago. Serenity the princess of the silver Kingdom lived on the moon. She fell in love with The Prince of the earth. Soon the love got thwarted.

When war broke out between the Kingdom of the Moon and Earth fermented by queen metalia. So Selene’s mother of serenity fights against the evil losing her life. Before expiring she launches all the inhabitants of the kingdom of the moon onto the earth. Stuffed inside pokeballs erasing their memories to be reborn as human beings. Only the two cats keep the memory just to have a narrator for the story.

Ending of Sailor Moon Season 1

Prince Darion
Prince Darien

Story returning to the present we discover that Darien is still alive. He was sent to earth and he was brainwashed. He becomes a servant of the evil ones. The warriors decide to face the final boss. Teleporting into the lair of the Negev urse which is the set of frozen. In the end, all suffer defeat. Leaving Sailor Moon to face alone the final battle. But despite the lack of moral support she manages to free Darion.

She encourages a confrontation with the fusion of barrel and metalia. Aided by the spirit of her companions Serena manages to win. Exhausted by the battle falls into a ravine pink hole. In the end, we discovered that no one died they all went back to their everyday lives without memories waiting to come back.

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