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Spy x family Anime is a manga turned anime series by Tatsuya Endo. Till Date, 9 Volumes of Spy x family are published. Wit Studio and CloverWorks are animating the series and 3 episodes are out.

Episode 4 of Spy x family will be aired on 30 April 2022.

Spy x family Anime Rating:

Spy x family pierces the All-Time best Anime Ranking and leaves behind anime like Attack on Titan and Hunter x Hunter.

Current Score: 9.091 (scored by 136,230 users)
Ranked # 22 (currently)

Although it is very early to tell this early boost will surely impact the rankings and the way its popularity is growing it looks like it will become more popular as more episodes are animated.

The genre of Spy x family:

The storyline of Spy x family Anime

The storyline of Spy x Anime is explained by the characters and their roles in anime.

Characters in Spy x family Anime

Loid Forger-The Spy

Spy x family has Loid Forger as a protagonist character also called Twilight. Loid is a spy working for his country. Being a spy loid has many names and disguises. Loid possesses many qualities as a proficient spy. Loid also possesses many other attributes necessary for a Spy like Bravery, intelligence, and close fighting skills.

Loid spy traits enable him to mimicks others and disguise their voices and appearances. The main mission begins for loid as he faces the most important mission yet. which starts the story of the Spy x family.

Donovan Desmond-The Target

Donavon Desmond is a Leader of the Unity Party. Loid’s mission is to get close to him so that he can keep an eye on him. To prevent any War between East and west.

The loid needs a family to pursue the mission because Desmond is hard to find or meet He Keeps a low profile and is very wary of his surroundings but he always shows up at Eden Academy where his son studies. So he needs to have a Wife and Child.

Loid had a worse past as a child so he wants a world where kids don’t cry. He wants the world to be a better place.

Now loid builds a family to get close to the target so we see more characters in the series.

Anya forger-Spy x family

Anya Forger is the daughter of Loid. She doesn’t know that he is playing a mere role. Loid takes her from an orphanage after looking for one that can read and write. Anya is a smart and intelligent girl. But the thing others don’t know is Anya is a telepath. Due to a series of experiments on her. she escapes the facility and ends up at an orphanage.

Telepathy allows Anya to know many things that she shouldn’t.In an unusual family, the things she learns are distracting. She is a kind Girl and has never experienced parental love. She tries her best to live up to their expectations. You can also see her beautiful expressions in the first few episodes.

Yor Forger- Thorn princess

What is more insane is that the mother of Anya Yor Forger is an assassin. She has her own reasons to be here. She is beautiful looking but doesn’t be deceived she is a professional killer.

So these characters make up the Spy x family who are keeping their secrets to themselves but lets see how it turns out when story progresses.

Where to watch SPY X FAMILY Anime episodes free online?

you can watch SPY X FAMILY anime episodes free on Youtube with English Sub. Musa Aisa is premiering SPY X FAMILY free.

Episodes 01 of SPY X FAMILY with English Sub:

Watch live Episodes 01 of SPY X FAMILY with English Sub.

Episode 01 of SPY X FAMILY with English Sub.

Episodes 02 of SPY X FAMILY with English Sub:

Watch live Episodes 02 of SPY X FAMILY Free with English Sub.

Episode 02 of SPY X FAMILY with English Sub.

Episodes 03 of SPY X FAMILY with English Sub:

Episodes 03 of Spy x anime: Prepare for the Entrance Exam is out you can watch it free with an English sub, Click below

Episode 03 of the Spy X family

Episodes 04 of SPY X FAMILY with English Sub:

Episode 04 of Spy x anime: Interview for the Prestigious School is out you can watch it free with an English sub, Forger and you showed real emotions and didn’t just keep mum for the sake of passing in the interview! Forger knew it was important for his mission but still the way he punched the table when he saw Anya crying Aww that was too sincere. Click below

Episode 04 of spy X Family.

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