Syrup Village Arc| One Piece

Syrup Village Arc is the third Arc of One Piece.

SagaThe East Blue Saga
Total Episodes10
Manga Chapters20
Syrup Village Arc

Usopp Pirates of Syrup Village

Straw Hat pirates reach Syrup Village and meet Usopp. Usopp has a pirate group that comprises three children of the same village. Their names are Carrot (Ninjin), Onion (Tamanegi), and Pepper (Piman). Usopp’s Pirate is the name of this pirate group. Usopp’s pirate only annoys villagers. They lie around in the village saying Pirates have attacked the village. Usopp is happy to see the real pirates and greets them in his way. He wants to fool the straw Hat pirates by showing he is a great Captain Usopp. He failed because of his absurd lying. After some time Luffy becomes friends with Usopp. As he comes to know that he is the son of Yasopp a member of Shank’s Crew. Usopp has a friend named Kaya who is very rich. Kaya is on bed rest now. She has two butlers named Klahadore and Merry.

Usopp Pirates Syrup Village

Captain Kuro

Klahadore is known as a nobleman in a village who helps everyone. But he is hiding a dark secret that he is Captain of Black Cat pirates named Kuro. He is alive but for the world, he was executed years ago. He remains undercover and wants all Kaya’s wealth so he can live his life peacefully afterward. Luffy and his crew visit the island in search of a new boat. . The time for Kuro’s plan to commence is near and he meets his crew. Usopp and Luffy know his true identity now. Jango hypnotized Luffy and throw him off the cliff. So, all believe that he is dead but as he is a Devil fruit eater, so he is saved. Kuro spares Usopp’s life as he knows Usopp’s status in the village. That no one would believe him because he casually lies to annoy villagers. Usopp warns kaya about everything. But kaya replies you told stories which help me to recover but I can’t say whether your story is true or not. Simply she can’t believe him. Knowing the situation that Kuro is planning to kill Kaya. Straw hat pirates decide to help Usopp and the village. Next Merry presents Klahadore glasses which is a gift from Kaya for his 3 years of service.

Klahadore Intentions In Syrup Village

Captain Kuro

Then klahadore explains his intention to Merry and breaks the glasses. He also kills Merry by giving him severe damage to the front body by his swift attacks. The next day Captain Kuro’s Ship and his crewmate will arrive thinking there will be no one to stop them. On the same day, Straw hat arrives at the wrong beach on the island where Black Cat pirate will not come. And this is due to Usopp’s wrong assumptions. While Luffy going to the right side of the beach misses the spot due to his bad sense of direction. Meanwhile, Zoro is trapped in his oil trap. Because of Nami who is desperate to save treasure which is on another side of Beach and where pirates will arrive. Usopp and Nami are fighting pirates and were almost killed. Suddenly Luffy and Zoro appear and fight back Kuro’s crew.

Jango of Black Cat Pirates

Jango is part of the Kuro crew but he is a rather strange guy. As he walks backward and almost every time caught in his hypnosis. So Jango hypnotizes his crew that they are stronger but Luffy is also caught in hypnosis. So he overpowered the crew in flight. In meantime, kaya sees his butler injured. Merry tells everything about Klahadore. So she realizes that Usopp was right. Kaya wanted to talk to Klahadore about this. Usopp pirate crew who saw her walking in the forest follows her. Jango then addresses Ship guards Sham and Buchi.

Kaya Faces Truth

  • Zoro intensely fights both of them. Because his style is three swords and he currently has one Sword. So it is difficult for him to fight back. Usopp also wanted to help but Zoro stops him. Meanwhile, Kuro appears and was very angry. As he is a man who wants his plan to execute in perfect form. So he gives Sham and Buchi a last chance and time of 5 minutes to defeat Straw hats. Nami throws the sword at Zoro. Then Zoro easily defeats both of them. Buchi survives so Jango hypnotizes him and he became even stronger. So Nami tries to awake Luffy but Jango attacks him. Then Luffy saves Nami using his rubber body. And was awaken due to Nami stepping on his mouth. Kaya also appears at the scene and faces Kuro and points a gun at him. She remembers every good memory of them which they spend together. While Kuro reveals that he has no interest. All that matters is money. And he is waiting for the day so he can kill kaya. Usopp and his crew attack Kuro but he defeated them easily. Usopp says the crew to take kaya and run to the jungle. And Zoro also follows them with Usopp after defeating Buchi. Kuro sends Jango to kill kaya in a way it looks like an accident and takes a sign from her that all wealth belongs now to Klahadore his spy name.

Luffy Vs Kuro

Usopp and Zoro defeat Jango who has overpowered the Usopps crew and saves Kaya. Then Luffy and Kuro’s fight begins. Kuro’s ultimate technique is Shakushi. Kuro uses his Shakushi and attacks everyone even his crew. Then they realize that his plan was also to kill them so his true identity will never be revealed. Luffy then defeats him with his Gum Gum Bell attack using his head and smashing into Kuro’s head. Then Usopp decides that he will keep this attack secret from villagers. Everyone agreed to it. Kaya thanks Straw Hat Pirates. Then gift them Going Merry. Usopp then decides to become a real pirate and disbands his group. Luffy invites him to join the crew as he is his friend now.

Luffy Vs Kuro

Main Events In Syrup Village Arc

  • Usopp Joins the crew
  • Luffy gets his first pirate ship Going Merry
  • Luffy deafated Kuro captain of Black Cat Pirates

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