Syrup Village Arc Black Cat Pirates and Luffy


Main Events In Syrup Village Arc

  • Usopp Joins the crew
  • The Straw Hat Pirates get their first pirate ship the Going Merry
  • Luffy deafated Kuro captain of Black Cat Pirates
  • Jango is accidently left behind, And later appears in the Alabasta Arc

Nami leads the trio to their first stop, an island that was home to a mysterious voice trying to push them away.

From there, they sail to Syrup Village where Usopp the liar is introduced.

He loves playing and lying like a pirate would, but when confronted by an actual former pirate captain who threatened his friends and village, he quickly realized this wasn’t just playtime anymore.

Lucky for Usopp he crosses path with Luffy in Syrup Village and would change the course of his life, like his father before him Yassop, member of the “Red Hair Pirates.


Voice Of The Forest, Gaimon the Treasure Chest

Syrup Village Arc Black Cat Pirates and Luffy

Syrup Village Arc Black Cat Pirates and Luffy

Syrup Village Arc is the third Story Arc of One Piece. It takes place in the East Blue Saga, when the crew sales from the Orange Town Arc. It came out in the year 2000.

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What Episodes are in the Syrup Village Arc?

Episodes 9-18 which is a total of 10 episodes

What chapters are in the Syrup Village Arc?

Manga 22-41, which is a total of 20 chapters

After running out of food at sea, Luffy, Zoro, and Nami spot an island and decide to make landfall in hopes of finding something to eat.

However, when they get closer to the island, they find that it is inhabited by some strange animals.

A man’s voice that they can’t see tries to get them to leave the island, saying he is “the trial of the island”.

He shoots at them until Luffy catches him. The man was stuck in a treasure chest.

Talk about creative character design, green afro and a treasure chest for a body.

Gaimon is desperate to keep the adventurers away from a hill that has treasure at the top of it.

Gaimon was part of a pirate crew that was exploring the island, he discovered the chests and ran back to get his shipmates to let them know about the spoils.

Gaimon then fell into one of them and got stuck in it. To make matters worse, his crew sets sail, leaving him behind.

Gaimon builds a sense of duty, probably coping with this extremely bad situation, to protect the treasure.

Luffy offered to help Gaimon by sling-shooting himself to the chest, but once he reached the top, Luffy refused to throw him down.

In typical Luffy fashion, his good pirate heart couldnt let Gaimon know the truth.

Gaimon then realized why: because the chests were empty and thus his years of protecting it was for nothing.

Even still, Luffy flattered him by offering to take him off the island so that he could join his crew;

However, Gaimon politely declined as he had made friends with all of animals onshore and didn’t want t leave them.

Though he did refuse their offer, Gaimon gave them food for their kindness before they left.

The Invincible Usopp Pirates of Syrup Village Arc

Syrup village Arc Usopp The Liar

Syrup village Arc Usopp The Liar

Oda’s introduction of Usopp is both inspiring and irritating for fans.

Usopp’s design, largely due to his large nose, is already unattractive. And when you factor in his tendencies to whine and be cowardly, it makes him more repulsive.

However, Usopp’s character development is redeeming later on.

Nevertheless, after being introduced to the brilliantly designed Zoro and Nami , Usopp can feel like a disappointment in comparison .

Oda emphasizes these characteristics, but has mentioned in the past the Usopp is his favorite character. He plays the “I am a normal human role” of the crew along with sniper.

After leaving Gaimon, the Straw Hats have set sail for Syrup Village in search of a new ship.

Usopp meeting real pirates (Straw Hats) for the first time, he is elated and greets them with an elaborate performance to scare them away.

He sets up a performance to make it seem like he is a pirate captain with his own successful pirate crew.

Though the entire act was foiled, Luffy and company continue into Syrup Village where they befriend Usopp, especially after learning he’s Yasopp’s son (one of Shanks’ pirates).

Captain Kuro And The Black cat Pirates

Captain Kuro The Tactician Pirate

Captain Kuro The Tactician Pirate

Kaya is bedridden and wealthier than most, so she employs two butlers, Merry and Klahadore, to attend to her every need.

Unbeknownst to Kaya or the villagers, Klahadore is actually captain Kuro in disguise.

Many years ago Kuro was believed killed by execution; however it was merely an impostor who took his place while the real Kuro went undercover.

All this time he has been working toward gaining the village’s respect and acquiring enough of Kayla’s assets that he can retire peacefully.

Its not a 401k or pension plan, but it will have to work right?

Usopp heads to a nearby cliff for some time alone.

Luffy soon joins him, and they continue their discussion about Yasopp and Usopp’s dreams of becoming successful pirates.

However, they quickly realize that Klahadore is meeting with a shady man on the beach below.

The man shares his plan to have a pirate crew invade the village and kill Kaya so that Klahadore will inherit her fortune. He also reveals Klahadore’s true name: Kuro.

Hearing this, Usopp is understandably shocked. Before he can say anything else, Luffy makes their presence known.

Kuro’s partner, Jango hypnotizes Luffy into falling asleep instantly with a click of his fingers.

Luffy shows again, that he is many time more brawn than brains falling for Jango’s hypnosis, but it adds so hilarious scenes between the two.

With an arrogant smirk, Kuro points out that because of Usopp’s reputation as a liar no one in the village would believe him even if he tried to warn them about the attack ahead of time.

Unfortunately, Kuro was spot on, the village and Kaya refuses to listen or believe him! Though things look bleak at first Zoro and Nami agree to help Usopp.

Battle: Klahadore Moonwalking Pirate Captain

Klahadore appears to be devoted to Kaya, but he’s actually just biding his time until he can take over her estate. He does this by attacking Merry so that he can’t warn her.

The next day, Kuro arrives at Syrup Village expecting there won’t be any trouble, but he was wrong.

After overhearing Kuro’s plan, they try to stop the Black Cat Pirates, by placing oil on the path at a hillside pathway. However, they quickly understand they’re on the island’s wrong side.

As the pirates race to find the right hillside entrance, Luffy gets lost and Zoro becomes stuck on an oil slick due to Nami.

Thus, Usopp and Nami are the only ones who make it in time. The two manage to hold off the pirates for some time before they too get captured.

Luckily, Luffy and Zoro find them just in time. A fight ensues, during which Luffy is temporarily put to sleep once again and Zoro faces off against the Black Cat Pirates elite, the Nyaban  brothers.

Kuro eventually arrives when he notices that the pirates’ attack on the town is late.

Upon his arrival he threatens to kill his crew if they don’t hurry up.

During this time Kaya also reaches the area, having learned of Kuro’s true nature from Merry her second, more faithful butler.

Kaya Faces Truth And And Kuro’s Crew

Meanwhile, Jango summons the ship’s guards, the Nyaban brothers. Buchi and Sham fight against Zoro while Usopp tries to help from the sidelines.

Kuro then appears disgusted by how children are beating his pirates and gives them 5 minutes before he kills everyone.

Nami kicks Zoro’s swords back to him, allowing him to defeat the Nyaban brothers. However, Buchi survives and is hypnotized by Jango, turning him into an even bigger threat to Zoro. Nami goes to wake Luffy up. 

Jango tries to stop her with his chakram; but at the last second Nami manages to step on Luffy’s face, which gives him enough time to stop the chakram by using his rubber body.

Kaya then intervenes and holds Kuro at gunpoint whilst trying get him to remember their fun times together.

Kuro then reveals that he never cared about her and only wanted money from her, causing Kaya to drop the gun in disbelief.

Usopp tries to attack Kuro physically to defend Kaya but is injured severely in retaliation. Kuro is attacked by Usopp’s crew who have arrived on scene, but he simply shrugs off their efforts effortlessly .

Luffy Vs Kuro

Luffy vs Capatin Kuro

Luffy vs Capatin Kuro

The Usopp Pirates, who were following Kaya and learned of the situation, try to attack Kuro before he has a chance to kill her.

While Usopp prevents him from murdering them, he orders his own crew to take Kaya and flee while Kuro sends Jango gives chase.

Nami wakes up Luffy so that he can re-join the fight and keep Kuro occupied while Zoro carries Usopp over to where Kaya is.

As Luffy and Kuro fight, they also share their ideologies on what it means to be a pirate.

We learn that Kuro was once a notorious captain among pirates, however he eventually grew weary of the eternal Marine attacks.

Captain Kuro had planned to retire by faking his own death. To make it look convincing to the world, he had a crew member killed in his place.

With everyone thinking he was dead, Captain Kuro could finally set his plan into motion and retire wealthy.

In the forest, Jango manages to catch up with Kaya and the Usopp Pirates.

Jango defeats the Usopp Pirates despite their best efforts. Kaya agrees to write the will Kuro wants in exchange for sparing them, but Zoro and Usopp manage to find her just in time before Jango kills her.

Kuro uses his “Shakushi” to attack everyone and everything around him, including his own crew members.

It is then revealed that Kuro originally planned to kill off his entire crew so that no one would discover who he really was.

Luffy becomes angry with Kuro for not respecting his crewmates and betraying the pirate lifestyle.

In the end, Luffy defeats Kuro with a powerful Gomu Gomu no Kane attack and makes the Black Cat Pirates leave the village while carrying Kuro’s body away.

The Going Merry Sets Sail

Syrup Village Arc Going Merry

Syrup Village Arc Going Merry

Upon reflection after the event, Usopp decides that it would be in everyone’s best interest if the villagers were kept in the dark.

Consequently, Kaya and Merry gave Luffy, Zoro, and Nami a vessel called Going Merry out of gratitude for their heroism. 

Finally inspired by his friends bravery,Usopp decided to set sail as well.

He “disbands” the Usopp Pirates after a tearful goodbye, packs his belongings and meets everyone on shore.

He bids farewell to his new friends, expressing a desire to meet them again someday.

But Luffy invites him to come along as part of his crew and he accepts. The group sails off with Kaya and Merry seeing them off.

Merry explains Usopp’s backstory as they leave: when his mother became ill, he started lying and said that his father and his pirate crew was coming.

He felt this would keep his mother strong and happy, in opes she survives her illness.

Even after she died, he continued telling people that pirates were coming; at first it was out of grief and later it turned into a natural habit.

Kaya becomes a doctor to prove herself to Usopp and she is capable of more.

The dispended Usopp pirates, inspired by Usopp’s work ethic, run through town screaming about pirate attacks every day like clockwork .

Facts And Questions

Who is the villain in Usopp arc?

Captain Kuro, also known as “Kuro of the Thousand Plans”, is the main antagonist of the Usopp arc. He was once a notorious captain among pirates, but eventually grew weary of the eternal Marine attacks. Captain Kuro had planned to retire by faking his own death.

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