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Sailor Moon Character In this list, we will see the top 10 popular Sailor Moon Characters in Sailor Moon Anime Series. They include the sailor scouts as well as occasional heroes. These characters are the reason why the series is a massive hit and is popular. Season 1 of Sailor Moon was premiered in (1992-1993).

Sailor Moon Anime Series Discription with Seasons,arcs and movies.

10/10 Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Neptune-Michelle Kaioh

Protected by Neptune, The Planet of the Oceans. Guardian of Deep Sea. Her original name is Michelle Kaioh. She is one of the most popular girls in school and for good reason. Michiru or Michelle in the dub is an accomplished violinist and expert swimmer making it both graceful and athletic. Like Sailor Mercury when she becomes Sailor Neptune their powers are heavily water. She can drown dozens of enemies at once. Don’t let her good looks fool you. Sailor Neptune can be quite the furious maiden of Justice when the situation calls for it.

Sailor Moon Characters Neptune

9/10 Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Uranus-Amara Tenoh

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus’s original name is Haruka Tenoh or Amara Tenoh in the English dub. She’s got a strong connection with Sailor Neptune. She really lightens up is when she’s around her girlfriend and fighting partner Sailor Neptune. As a member of the Outer Senshi, Haruka or Amara can become Sailor Uranus and use flight base powers to lay the smackdown on enemies. When teamed up with her eternal love Sailor Neptune the combined power of their attacks is devastating. While it takes her a bit to warm up to a soggy and a friend. Haruka remains one of the century’s strongest allies against evil.

8/10 Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Pluto-Setsuna Meiou

Sailor Moon Characters Pluto

Sailor Pluto is the guardian of the space-time door set sinner also known as Trista. Her original name is Setsuna Meiou. She is one of the most powerful Scouts with her powers being time-based. She can even stop time itself. When she isn’t decimating enemies or standing watch over time Pluto has a very close friendship with her fellow outer Senshi teammates Uranus and Neptune. She’s the kind of scout that many would aspire to be wise elegant and a total badass.

7/10 Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Jupiter-Makoto Kino

Sailor Moon Characters Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter with the original name Makoto Kino. She was once an outcast for being so different from the other girls in scout. All changed when she met Sagi in the scouts unlocking her powers as Sailor Jupiter. As the Senshi, she has the power of thunder and lightning at her fingertips. Makoto is the powerhouse of the team back to the sea. She can use that immense strength to excellent use. She is able to toss around even the strongest of opponents. Not to mention that she’s a pretty good cook.

6/10 Sailor Moon Characters

Tuxedo Mask-Darion

Sailor Moon Characters Tuxedo

Originally named Mamoru Chiba. He is the handsome warrior of Justice. Tuxedo Mask serves as the guardian of the Sailor Scouts giving close attention to Sailor Moon in his secret identity Mamoru or Darion. He falls for Sailor Moon, and they soon learned that their love transcends multiple timelines. He’s the gallant prince whose affection for the princess fuels him to do anything to protect her.

5/10 Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Chibi moon-Rini longs

Sailor Moon Characters Chibi

She is the future daughter of Usagi and Mamoru Chiba. yousa also known as Rini longs to be essentially like her mother. Initially, she travels to the past to protect her future. She later decides to stay with them and learn to be essentia self. Despite being mother and daughter in the future Jimmy moon tends to have more of a sibling rivalry vibe with Usagi. She has the potential to either be the strongest of the Scouts.

4/10 Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Venus-Mina Aino

Sailor Moon • Сейлор Мунs photos 1

Originally named Minako Aino or Mina Aino in English adaptions Before joining up with her fellow heroines Rina ko or Mina was fighting evil on her own. Her powers are based on light and she’s able to ensnare or straight-up blast her enemies with the ease of a seasoned fighter. Mina is a snazzy dresser with dreams of becoming an idol. A dream she may have just achieved gaining many including the scout’s leader herself.

3/10 Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Mercury-Amy Mizuno


Her original name is Ami Mizuno or Amy Mizuno in English adaptions. Amy is also known as me has the irreplaceable brainpower of the girls. Firstly, she’s a bit shy and incapable of enjoying life outside of studying. When she’s recruited by Sailor Moon and Luna. she puts her brain to good use. Combating evil and helping Sally with her homework. Along with her water-based powers, Amy’s analytical powers as Sailor Mercury helps the Senshi plan out their attacks against enemies. Through her battles alongside her friend’s amoeba. Comes a girl who’s far more confident beautiful and powerful than she ever thought can be possible.

2/10 Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Mars-Raye Hino

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Blazing a trail to our number two spot is the guardian spirit of planet Mars the Sailor Mars. Originally named Rei Hino or Raye Hino in English adaptions. She can make powerful fire beast attacks on burning enemies. She’s also a Shinto priest s and expert Exorcist. With her precognitive abilities and use of charms, the ray is also just as deadly as without his superpowers. She is Usagi’s closest friend and confidant backing her leader no matter what the mission.

1/10 Sailor Moon Top Character

Sailor Moon-Serena/Usagi Tsukino

User SailorSenshi

All hail the princess of the Moon Kingdom all queen timelines. known as Serena or Usagi Tsukino. At the start of her tenure as Sailor Moon was a bit of a crybaby who runs from fights. Over the course of the series, she grows to become the true champion of justice. Bearing a heart with an enormous capacity for love compassion and understanding. It’s easy to see how Sailor Moon continues to be hailed as one of the most popular and important magical girls in all of anime.

These were the top 10 Sailor Moon characters. Sailor Moon’s character qualities and skills are quite good. What do you think?

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