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In Naruto anime, there is a total of 20 major arcs. The arcs further contain minor arcs. There are some arcs that are very important in the Context of the Main Story. Some arcs are extremely popular among the fans of the Naruto Anime. We will see the best Top 5 Naruto & Naruto Shippuden Arcs in The Naruto Anime series. The list will include Naruto as well as Naruto Shippudden. There are also 11 Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Movies.


Battle Between Itachi and Sasuke | Naruto Popular Arcs

The Arc contains 10 episodes from 134 to 144. Sasuke’s urge to take revenge on his elder brother Itachi. Naruto’s urge to bring back Sasuke to leaf Village is an important part of Anime. Sasuke was one of only two Uchiha alive. All the clans of Uchiha except Sasuke were killed by Itachi. Itachi left Sasuke alive and motivated him to come after Itachi. Sasuke lived his whole life after the incident for revenge. He wanted to fight Itachi for revenge on his Clan. Sasuke wanted to get Stronger he goes to every extent. He even sided with Orochimaru to get stronger.

Itachi uchiha Vs Sasuke Uchiha Last Battle Twixtor 60Fps Hd Link
b]Battle between Itachi and Sasuke

The fans were eagerly waiting for this battle as the series commenced. These two brothers were the only two Uchiha left alive. The battle is the battle of Sharingan. Excellent visual delusion, strategy, and power of Uchiha are showcased to the audience. Many fans believe that Itachi didn’t want to kill Sasuke. Itachi was also ill. Sasuke finally kills Itachi. He takes revenge on his clan. Then the truth behind the killings by Itachi reveals.

The story of anime takes dramatic. we get to know the reason for Itachi’s action. The reason for his killings. the reason for him joining the Akatsuki. Fans get to know that he is a true Hero of leave. He sacrificed and dedicated his life to the leaf village. He joined Akatsuki to keep an eye on their actions. On knowing this the hatred of Sasuke that he had for Itachi intensified. But now it was pointed to the leaf village. He believed that Leaf forced his brother. And a new chapter begins.


The Fourth Shinobi World War | Naruto Popular Arcs

The main battle in the Fourth shinobi consists of 53 episodes starting from 261. Sinobi World in Naruto fought the biggest Wars. First, three of these Wars were fought between the five great nations. These Nations are The Land of lightning, The land of wind, The land of fire, The land of water, and the Land of Earth. In the fourth Shinobi war, all nations made a coalition. Their common enemy was Obito disguised as Madara. Obito partnered with Kabuto. With an army of Zetsu and animated ninja from the past.


The arc contains the iconic appearance of Madara Uchiha. The most fearsome shinobi ever. Reincarnation of God of shinobi. The first Hukage Hasirama. Madara fought an entire army by himself. Then he got the powers of the sage of six paths. He was almost unbeatable. An iconic fight of the noble blue beast of the leaf. Revival of Kaguya Otsutsuki. The appearance of the sage of Six paths. This arc is full of fights and is very entertaining after the so-called Talk no Jutsu period.


The Chunin Exam | Naruto Popular Arcs

This arc has a major contribution to the early popularity of Naruto as a series. The chunin Exam contains 48 episodes. The arc begins in episode 20 and ends in 68. The chunin exams are held twice a year. Exams are an event in which all young ninjas from the different villages gather. Chunin Exam is a cultural event. The purpose of these Exams is to differentiate different ninjas according to their abilities. The Genin candidate who passes gets the rank of chunin.

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This arc was the first arc of the Naruto series that contain fighting and action. The arc displayed his fighting abilities of Naruto. The appearance of Rock Lee and many young ninjas. The arc contains amazing fighting scenes. We see many characters grow mentally and physically. Orochimaru makes a frightening appearance. The attack on leaf village. The battle of Fourth Hokage and Orochimaru. The death of Lord fourth, these incidents makes the arc one of the best.


Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant | Naruto Popular Arcs

This arc contains a total of 7 episodes. The arc starts from episode 127 and ends in episode134. This is no doubt the most emotional and tragic arc in the whole of naruto. The one of three legendary Sanin. He was an important character in the whole series. Jiraya being a teacher was a Godfather of naruto. He was also a teacher of naruto’s father Minato. He refused to become Hokage to live life his own merry way.

Naruto Tsunade and Jiraiya
Last meeting of Jiraiya and Tsunade

Trailing the Akatsuki Jiraiya finds out the hideout of their head. Jiraya went on a secret mission on his own. he starts collecting information. The situation gets out of hand. Head of Akatsuki and Jiraiya come face to face. Jiraya finds that they are his former pupal. Jiraiya Foughts Valiantly against Six paths of pain.

He manages to defeat a few but got eventually defeated. Jiraya finds the secret behind Pain’s power. He writes a code behind the toad’s back that contained the secret. But in the end one of the most popular characters in the whole anime. The Toad Sage dies.


Pain’s Assault | Naruto Popular Arcs

The most popular arc in naruto is Pain assault on leaf village. arc has a total of 22 episodes starting from episode 152 to 174. The death of Jiraiya had a huge impact on everybody in the leaf. it was a big blow for the whole leaf village. Their Suffering didn’t here as pain attacks the village.

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Naruto vs Pain

Pain the head of Akatsuki(Nagato Uzumaki) attacks the leaf village. His aim was to capture the nine tails so that they have all the tailed beasts. Pain uses his powers to unleash absolute devastation on a leaf. No one in the leaf can face him. Pain defeats the elite leaf shinobi one after another. Lady Tsunade who was the Hokage. She even didn’t stand a chance against the powers of pain.

At the last moment, Naruto arrives at the scene. With newly learned sage mode. Now begins a fight that is the most epic fight you will ever see. After the fight, Naruto and pain have a long Talk that convinces Nagato to believe in Naruto’s ideology. In the end, naruto emerges as the hero of the leaf villages. It Saves the village from devastation.

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