ヴィンランド・サガ (Vinlando Saga)
One of the most famous Viking anime Vinland Saga Anime air date was July 8, 2019.

Vinland saga episodes as of launched by today are 24, episode 24 being launched on Dec 29, 2019.

For all of those waiting for Vinland Saga Anime, Season 2 is on its way. The production team is working and if you have missed the official trailer here is it.

Wit studio will be back with season 2 of Vinland Saga Anime and we have seen their worth in the first three seasons of Attack of Titan most hyped anime at the time.

Vinland Saga Manga:

Makato Yukimura wrote Vinland Saga Manga, as of today Manga has 25 bound volumes.

As the name suggests it is related to the land of Vinland and thrilling Viking story Which gives us an insight into the history of England and Danish invaders Known as Vikings. If u want to read the Vinland saga You can easily find its manga.

Thoriffin Fighting Thorkell - Vinland Saga
Thoriffin Fighting Thorkell


The story begins in the year 1170, one thousand years after the Norse exploration of North America. Thorfinn Karlsefni is a young man who has decided to leave his native land and head west toward Vinland. A vast territory that was believed to be located beyond Greenland. There he meets an old acquaintance, Thors, who asks him for help on another matter: The former captain’s son had illegally occupied Thor’s property while he was away. He tells him about two other men who can also lend their might if necessary; Floki, master archer and sailor whose marksmanship earned him both fame and infamy among warriors; Bjorn Ironside, leader of an elite band of mercenaries known as Berserkers.

The story goes around Thoriffin who is the main character and son of the most famous Jormsviking warrior Thor. Who is later on killed by the Vikings during the attack. And Thoriffin pledges to take revenge by Killing Askeladd so followed them and is eventually raised by them to become a terrifying warrior.

There is more to a story as it goes around showing adventure, history in a perfect animation. 

Thoriffin in childhood
Thoriffin in childhood

Vinland Saga Anime Season 2

Vinland Saga, the 2019 hit Viking anime, is coming back for a second season. Wit Studios announced the new season on Wednesday and even included a teaser trailer that shows off a few brief snippets from the upcoming episodes. The first episode will follow Thorfinn as he becomes an elite warrior at King Hvitserk’s side. He’ll also come face to face with his father — whom he vowed revenge against. Yet again after years of separation during the civil war in Norway between brothers Erik and Svein Haraldsson (not to be confused with their ancestor who was king). After seeking redemption by killing Askeladd all those years ago, Thorfinn now has another opportunity: kill his own father or finally make peace with him.

The first season of the anime was a hit among fans and critics alike. So many are looking forward to what’s next in store for Thorfinn and his friends over at Vinland Productions. This is great news considering that it took almost ten years for author Makoto Yukimura to publish volumes nine through 12 following the release of five books between 2005-2009.

Vinland Saga Facts


Makoto Yukimura debuted Vinland Saga in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. The 22nd issue of the magazine published the first chapter on July 11, 2005. With art by Yuuya Kusaka and it ended its run on October 15, 2010. A special edition was released with an additional epilogue story for a total of 36 chapters spanning nine volumes at 432 pages per book (plus some side stories).

It has been adapted into three different video game titles, since 2015: PlayStation Vita action RPG titled “Vinland Saga: Koutetsu no Senki” by Bandai Namco Games; Nintendo DS real-time strategy game named “Vinland Saegiru ~Hagane yo, Tatakau Mono yo~” by Sega; and iOS/Android mobile game titled “Vinland Saga: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan – Reimei Hen” by Marvelous.

– Vinland Saga was nominated for the Manga Taishō award in 2010 but lost to Animal Land, which won it that year. However, Makoto Yukimura did win Best Artist at the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards (2010).

The first season of Vinland saga anime ended last July 2019 on Japanese television. After almost ten years since his previous artbook came out, published author Makoto Yukimura has finally released volumes nine through twelve of his hit manga series recently

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