Violet Evergarden(Japanese:ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン)

Genre: Romance, Coming of Age

Status: Complete

First Airdate: January 11, 2018

Violet Evergarden Anime consists of 1 season(13 episodes), 1 special Episode, And two movies.

Violet(Main Character):

The violet in Greek mythology is the flower of love symbol for sensibility modesty and humility. A violet flower in early Spanish ballads was sometimes used as a love token as it represents a deep and true everlasting love. Major Gilbert Bougainvillea gave this name to the young, orphan, warrior, maiden, and future auto memories doll. A name into which Violet Evergarden will evolve eventually. Major Gilbert sent violet off with these words (orders):

Living can often be the hardest thing in the world living under the weight and the burden of all the emotions we carry inside us every day it’s unimaginable sometimes but each day you live to try and reach the epitome of human emotion.

Violet Flower

Violet Evergarden Series And Plot:

Violet Evergarden is a series that approaches the wide range of human emotion with care and love. It looks at the many forms of love that deal with guilt, forgiveness, empathy. The magic lies in the path that Violet takes to get there The story goes around as violet tries to understand emotions. She doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to understand what were Gilbert’s last words. She desperately wants to understand them. At the End of the first episode, saying: “I want to know what I love you means”.The story evolves as she shows empathy in her first letter for Luculia, courage, and heartbreak with Iris, love letters from Princess to prince Leon, sad and grief alongside playwright oscar and his daughter olive where Violet cried for the first time. The tears are a victory for her as she has emotion.

Journey From Tool to Violet Evergarden:

When Dietfried Bougainvillea brought the tool for war to Gilbert she had no name. Everyone considers her as a tool until she met major Gilbert. Major gave her name and wanted to see him live accordingly and grow happily as she deserved. Gilbert teaches her to read and write and treated her more than a warrior, a maiden. He wanted her to embrace her life but violet has known nothing except strict rules and regulations. All she wants is an order from him. It is the world that violet grew in. As she probably killed hundreds but due to lack of emotion she doesn’t feel any burden. Hodgins warned her by saying she is burning but she didn’t understand at the moment. She continued as Auto Memoir doll as She has to live which were the last word as order from Major She finally understands she is burning for her doings as her emotional intelligence develops. She became a character who spreads love and reaches people’s hearts using her profession and spreads love.

Violet is not at tool but a person

Major Gilbert And Violet Evergarden:

She lost Major Gilbert the one person who was everyone for her and he wanted him to live free. How can she? She was confronted with the thought of living without the major. Every time she looks at her brooch she remembers Major Gilbert and his beautiful eyes. How could she live without the person who gave her a chance to know beauty to know life from her point of view that’s just not possible? In addition to her grieving for the major, this guilt is eating her up inside. Violet recognized that she prevented others from their own promises to their loved ones. But as Hodgins tells her the things you have done can never be undone. She feeling guilt over the lives that she took. She was also feeling survivor’s guilt violet couldn’t save major gilbert. This is her first time experiencing all of these emotions.

Violet seeing the brooch given by major Gilbert

Development of Anime and Best part:

Hodgins was the perfect person to answer violet’s question. He left her alone with that decision and instead he tells her that yes she cannot change the past but the work that she’s done as an auto memory doll will never change either. And violet begins to forgive herself the first step coming. In the episode that follows in which is one of the standouts of the series violet meets Anne and her dying mother and writes 50 letters for the girl’s future in which her mother won’t be there and at the end. She states how hard it was for her to hold it all in. Violet consoled the young girl gave her a hug her first hug violet showed a great amount of empathy and sensitivity as she wept for the girl’s future. She is beginning to grow into her name and has finally forgiven herself. Violet comes to understand is that we carry these people in our hearts and we have a duty to honor them to do that we have to live our lives to the fullest.

Violet As Auto Memoir Doll:

The violet journey toward Auto Memoir Doll begins from CH postal owned by Hodgins who has left the army. She learned from Cattleya and other members and finally decided to become Doll as she wanted to learn I love you. So she was sent to school for a proper course which she couldn’t pass. Because she wasn’t able to write a letter showing emotion she was merely writing like the report. So her interaction with Luculia helped her to develop and write her first letter after which he officially became an Auto Memories Doll. Afterward, she wrote letters for everyone and soon become popular as her letters reach the other person’s heart as spread love.

Violet Evergarden

Kyoto Animation:

 Kyoto animation animated Violet Evergarden. It’s so pretty the colors are so vivid and warm. The details are so good. Violet Evergarden is the most beautiful show even the backgrounds are incredibly stunning. It has one of the most beautiful soundtracks. It blends daily life with a sense of magic. The composer Evan Kaul revealed that Kyoto animation hired a 50 piece orchestra for this adaptation.

The anime is complete and here is the sequence you can follow to watch :

  1. Season 1 (Episodes 1-4)
  2. Violet Evergarden: Kitto “Koi” wo Shiru Hi ga Kuru no Darou (Special Episode)
  3. Season 1 (Episodes 5-13)
  4. Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou (Movie)
  5. Violet Evergarden: The Movie (September 18,2020)

Season 2 is not coming. Because Anime is concluded in a movie with the ending that we all want.

Violet Evergarden Trailer

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