Whisky Peak Arc

Whisky Peak Arc details

whisky peak one piece
SagaArabasta Saga
Total Episodes4
Manga Chapters9

Straw hats pirates enter the Grand line and meet the whale named Laboon. They also have Log post which Crocus gave them in exchange for helping Laboon. Straw hat pirates move towards whisky peaks

Whisky Peak (Pirates Are Welcomed!)

In Whisky peaks where they are treated like a celebrity. Straw hats do not believe in the behavior of people. And after that, the colors of those people are revealed. In this arc, another big surprise is going to be revealed. The arc starts in the middle of the ocean where straw hats are struggling to manage. Due to the sudden changes in the weather conditions. When the weather stabilizes, they see an island that is whisky peaks. On reaching the town Mr. 9 and  Miss Wednesday left them after paying their gratitude. This makes Straw hats happy as well as suspicious.  Straw hats then decide to stay in that town for a while. On reaching the town villager’s behavior is also very suspicious. They treat them as heroes. After that, they meet the leader of the town whose name is Igaram. He arranges a party for straw hats. They all enjoy it very much and soon fell asleep.

Baroque Works

Straw Hat heading towards Whisky Peak

After they fell asleep it is revealed that Igaram and some people are agents of the criminal syndicate Baroque works. Nami and Zoro were already suspicious of the town’s behavior. So, they fake their sleep. When they knew about the true colors. They fight back with them. And they plan to flop. When the bounty hunter people of the town came to know that they have millions of bounties on their heads. They try to beat Zoro. But Zoro defeats them all without putting in much effort. Bounty hunters again try to attack Zoro. Then Miss Monday threw a barrel on Zoro which he cuts down. He fights with the agent then Miss Monday again throws a ladder on him which he dodges but gets caught. Miss Monday then punches on Zoro’s head.

Zoro Fights At Whisky Peak

Zoro won effortlessly

Zoro take the advantage of that and hit on her head with full force. And defeats her. Then to fight with Zoro Mr. 8, Mr. 9, and Miss Wednesday come. Miss Wednesday calls for the Karoo because Mr. 9 was already defeated by Zoro. Miss Wednesday tries to hypnotize Zoro. But Zoro succeeds to escape from her attack. After Mr. 8, Mr. 9 appears in Infront of Zoro. He surrounds iron shields in his hand. Miss Wednesday then appears with Luffy. But Zoro defeats them by making Mr. 9 his shield. To defeat Mr. 8, he blew a final punch. After some time, Mr. 5 and his lady partner Valentine arrive there. They arrived there not to save their agents. But Mr . 0 came to know that amongst their agents there is a spy. Suddenly they came to know that the spy is none other than Mr. 8. His real name is Igaram. Miss Wednesday whose name is Nefertari Vivi. They both belong to the Arabasta kingdom. Mr. 9 and Miss Monday who do not know about the situation tries to stop Mr. 5 and his partner.

Luffy Fights Zoro

So that Vivi can escape. Earlier Vivi was trying to kill the pirates but now they are trying to protect her. Igaram promises Nami that if they can safely drop Vivi at Arabasta he will give them 1 billion Berries. Zoro went to save Vivi. But then Luffy appears and attacks Zoro. Because he thinks that Zoro killed all town people. He thinks that Zoro did so because town people did not make Zoro’s favorite food. They fight for a long time and during that they unintentionally defeat Mr. 5 and his partner. The Nami arrives punches both of them. After that, they stop fighting.

Vivi Escape Plan

Vivi then tells them that her kingdom is going to destroy due to the Civil War. This war is created by Baroque works. If she carries all information to her town this civil war will end. According to Vivi, the leader of the Baroque wars wants to hold over Alabasta. He wants to convert it into a nation on which he can easily rule. Vivi also reveals that the leader is none other than Crocodile. He is one of the seven lords of the sea. Luffy, Zoro, Nami now knew about the name of the leader of Baroque. And due to this Mr. 13 put 3 of them on the hit list. After some time Igaram came there. He is dressed like Vivi.

Vivi rides Karoo

Robin In Whisky Peak

So that agents will get attracted by him and Vivi can easily escape from there. After that Straw hats leave from there by searching for Miss Sunday. Because she is the one who toles Vivi about the leader of Baroque works. Miss Sunday gave them Eternal post so that they can go to the island. That island is close to the Arabasta. But Luffy destroys that post by saying that; “You are no one to decide about our adventures”. Miss Sunday leaves from there and also Straw hats are left for their journey toward the Little garden.

Main Events in Whisky Peak Arc

  • Luffy Fights Zoro
  • Robin is Shown

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