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Main Events in Whisky Peak Arc

  • The 100 bounty hunters Zaro beat in this arc later caused the World Government to give him his first bounty after the events of Arabasta.

  • Later on in the story, Baroque Works is introduced as well as Nico Robin who joins the Straw Hat Pirates.

  • Vivi joins the Straw Hat Pirates on their journey (temporarily)

  • Crocodile is not only the third Warlord of the Sea to be named, but he is also the leader of Baroque Works. Crocodile goes by Mr. 0 as his code name and is the main antagonist during the Arabasta Arc. He later (post Wano Arc) becomes a head of the Buggy the Clown Yonko group along with Hawkeye.

  • Even though Vivi is the first noble we are introduced to in the series, she doesn’t display the typical selfish tendencies of other nobles.

Whisky Peak One Piece Arc

Whisky Peak One Piece Arc

The Whiskey Peak Arc, also known as the Cactus Island Arc, is the second story arc of the Arabasta Saga and eighth story arc of One Piece manga and anime.

With a Log Pose now in hand, Straw Hat Pirates are directed toward Whiskey Peak—a town that welcomes pirates with open arms and treats them like celebrities. However, something sinister lies beneath the surface of this idyllic façade.

whisky peak one piece

whisky peak one piece

Whisky Peak Arc – Previous Arc – Reverse Mountain Arc

Whisky Peak Arc – Next Arc – Little Garden Arc

What Episodes are in the Whisky Peak Arc?

Episodes 64-67 is a total of 4 episodes.

What Manga Chapters are in the Whisky Peak Arc?

Chapters 106-114 is a total of 9 chapters.

Straw hats pirates enter the Grand line during the Reverse Mountain Arc and meet the whale named Laboon. They also have Log post which Crocus gave them in exchange for helping Laboon. Straw hat pirates move towards whisky peaks.

Whisky Peak Arc (Pirates Are Welcomed!)

In “Whisky peaks,” the residents are treated like celebrities. The straw hats don’t believe in the behavior of the people there, but after some time has passed, their true colors are revealed. In this arc, another big surprise is going to be revealed.

The arc starts in the middle of the ocean where straw hats are struggling to manage due to sudden changes in weather conditions. When the weather finally stabilizes, they see an island called whisky peak.

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When Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday reach the town, they say their thanks and leave Straw hats behind, which makes them both happy and suspicious. 

They decide to stay in the village for a while when they meet strange behavior from the townsfolk who treat them like heroes. The leader of the village throws a party for straw hats before they all fall asleep after partying and eating with the townspeople.

Baroque Works Surprise Attack

Zoro Fights Baroque Works

Zoro Fights Baroque Works

It is revealed that Igaram and some others are agents of the Baroque Works criminal syndicate after they fall asleep. Nami and Zoro were already suspicious of the town’s behavior, so they faked their sleep.

When they knew about the true colors, they fought back with them and planned to turn the tables. When the bounty hunters of the town tried to take down Zoro, they quickly realized that he was worth more than they could ever hope to get.

But despite being outnumbered and outgunned, Zoro handily defeated them all. Bounty hunters try to attack Zoro again, but Miss Monday throws a barrel at him, which he cuts down.

He fights with the agent, then Miss Monday throws a ladder at him, which he dodges but gets caught. Miss Monday then punches Zoro’s head.

Zoro Fights At Whisky Peak Arc

Zoro Defeats Miss Monday

Zoro Defeats Miss Monday

Zoro takes the opportunity to take down Miss Wednesday with a full force death grip to her head. With Mr. 8 and Mr. 9 already defeated, Miss Wednesday calls for backup in the form of Karoo. Miss Wednesday tries to hypnotize Zoro, but he manages to escape. After Mr. 8, Mr. 9 appears in front of him, armed with iron shields.

Miss Wednesday then appears with Luffy by her side.

By making Mr. 9 his shield, Zoro was able to defeat them. To defeat Mr. 8, he blew a final punch and then some time later, arrived there with Mr. 5 and Valentine – his female partner.

They arrived there not to save their agents, but Mr. 0 came to know that amongst their agents there is a spy. Suddenly they learned that the spy is none other than Mr. 8, whose real name is Igaram, and Miss Wednesday (whose name is Nefertari Vivi).

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They both belong to the Arabasta kingdom. Mr .9 and Miss Monday, who were unaware of the situation, tried to stop Mr .5 and his partner.

Zoro Fights Luffy Destroys Half A Town

So that Vivi can escape, the pirates try to protect her. Igaram promises Nami that if they can safely drop Vivi at Arabasta he will give them 1 billion Berries.

Zoro went to save Vivi but then Luffy appears and attacks him because he mistakenly believes Zoro destroyed the townspeople and THEIR food instead of his own.

They fight for a long time until Mr. 5 and his partner are defeated unintentionally. Then Nami arrives punches both of them and they stop fighting finally

Vivi And The Straw hat Crew

Vivi in Whisky Peak

Vivi in Whisky Peak

According to Vivi, her kingdom is in danger of being destroyed because of the Civil War. The war has been caused by Baroque Works and if she can get all the information back to her town, the war will end.

Vivi explains that the leader of Baroque Works wants to take control over Alabasta and turn it into a nation that he can easily rule. Vivi later discovers that Crocodile is the leader of Baroque Works.

Upon this revelation, Mr. 13 puts Luffy, Zoro, and Nami on a hit list. Some time after Igaram arrives dressed as Vivi.

Robin In Whisky Peak

Subsequently, Igaram arrives dressed as Vivi and reveals that he will be a decoy. He leaves from Whisky Peak quickly, but only to have his ship explode immediately after he goes, possibly killing him.

The Straw Hats and Vivi reach the Going Merry to find none other than Miss All Sunday waiting for them. As it turns out, she was the one who let Vivi discover their boss’s identity–yet she was also the one who blew up their ship.

The crew doesn’t know whether or not to trust her. Ms. All Sunday gives them an Eternal Pose (a permanent Log Pose) to Nanimonai Island, which is supposedly very close to Arabasta.

However, Luffy destroys it claiming that she does not get a say in their course. As Ms. All Sunday leaves, the crew sets sail for Little Garden–the next island of the Grand Line.

Facts And Questions

  • Given that they’re asleep during the Whisky Peak battle, Usopp and Sanji are not put on Baroque Works’ hit list. This provides them with an upper hand in future encounters against Baroque Works–especially for Sanji who, unlike Usopp, is not added to the hit list at a later stage.

What is the Whiskey Peak arc?

The Whiskey Peak Arc is the third arc in the One Piece manga and anime series. It features protagonist Monkey D. Luffy and his crew setting sail for Little Garden, but stopping at Whiskey Peak first.

The arc focuses on Miss Wednesday and her subordinates Mr. 8, Mr. 9, and Mr. 5 of Baroque Works attempting to capture Nefertari Vivi, the princess of Arabasta. However, the Straw Hats arrive at Whiskey Peak and disrupt the Baroque Works’ plan.

The arc ultimately ends with Luffy defeating Mr. 8, Mr. 9, and Mr. 5 as well as Miss Wednesday being revealed to be working against crocodile the lead of Baroque works.

How many episodes is the Whisky Peak Arc?

The Whisky Peak Arc is 4 episodes long from episode 64 to 67.